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MUSIC – POLITICS: Bob Marley: Four of his most important political quotes – VIDEO

Bob Marley: Four of his most important political quotes.

SOE TV – 27 May 2021 – #bobmarley #jamaica #bobmarleyquotes

Robert Nestor Marley seems like a name that would make nearly everyone’s list of politically conscious musicians and the reasons cannot be far-fetched. He was a relentless Pan-Africanist who sang about the European colonization of the African mind and land as well as the relationships necessary for world peace. Outside Jamaica and particularly in Africa, he was Marley the pro-poor political emissary. It is in this light that we consider four of his most important political quotes on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his passing.

Bob Marley – the “Revolutionary”. See  more videos of his quotes at this link:

MUSIC: The Eagles – “Hotel California” released in 1976 – with lyrics and photos of California! – video

MUSIC: The Eagles – “Hotel California” released in 1976 – with lyrics and photos of California! – video

This specific video is an example of of this song’s popularity – 628,282,228 views since Oct 18, 2015.

  • LYRICS Hotel California – Eagles             

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MUSIC: Jamaica: “Miss Pat” – Recording and Promoting Reggae Music since the 1950’s – Video

MUSIC: Jamaica “Miss Pat” – Promoting Reggae Music since the 1950’s

Miss Pat is a Jamaican of Chinese and Indian heritage who promoted and created reggae music in Randy’s Record Mart and Randy’s Studio 17 in Jamaica. The 50’s and 60’s were exciting times she says as the new music form was born to reflect the lives of the people of Jamaica.

After about 20 years in Jamaica creating and selling reggae music, she and her husband Vincent “Randy” Chin moved to New York City, in 1977. There they opened a new store namely VP Records, in Jamaica. Queens. Adjusting to a new culture, while building a business was difficult, but they survived. VP Records is now the largest independent reggae music label in the world. VP Records now has a catalog of over 25,000 recordings from hundreds of worldwide artists.

Entertainment: Different Shades Of Indian Dance In One Video

    Entertainment: Different Shades Of Indian Dance In One Video

MUSIC VIDEO: Caribbean Oldies (Guyanese) Mix – by DJ ZirROC MuZiK

MUSIC VIDEO: Caribbean Oldies (Guyanese) Mix – by DJ ZirROC MuZiK

MUSIC: Chutney Music Mix 2021 — with DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo – Video

The Glam CHUTNEY Jam with DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo -Chutney Music Mix 2021 -Shot at Petit L’anse Beach in Toco, Trinidad and Tobago.   Video shot and edited by Digital Ziggy.  Follow DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo on Instagram – @djanamusic @ultrasimmo

Chutney music is a fusion genre of Indian folk music, specifically Bhojpuri folk music, with local Caribbean calypso and soca music, and later on Bollywood music. This genre of music that developed in Trinidad and Tobago is popular in Trinidad and TobagoGuyanaSurinameJamaica, other parts of the CaribbeanFijiMauritius, and South Africa. Chutney music emerged mid-20th century and reached a peak of popularity during the 1980s. Several sub-genres have developed. (Wikipedia)

Music in this video listed below:       

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America’s Got Talent 2021- Golden Buzzer: 9-Year-Old Victory Brinker Makes AGT HISTORY!

Golden Buzzer: 9-Year-Old Victory Brinker Makes AGT HISTORY! – America’s Got Talent 2021

America’s Got Talent —  6,423,805 views – Jul 6, 2021

For the first time EVER, the judges and host are giving a collective Golden Buzzer! Victory Brinker earns a historic Golden Buzzer after singing “Juliet’s Waltz.”

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MUSIC: The Tradewinds in the Making – By Dave Martins

  Stabroek News – July 4, 2021 – By Dave Martins

Looking back on the story of the emergence of my Tradewinds band in Caribbean music, it is interesting that I did not have any burning desire to be a professional musician when I migrated from Guyana to Toronto, Canada, in the early 1950s. There was no powerful impulse for the move, as I remember it. I was living in Vreed-en-Hoop, working at Atkinson Field (now Timehri) and my elder sister Cecelia had moved to Canada and was really excited up there and it kind of evolved that the other Martins should do the same thing, so I was the second one in the family to go.

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I was still wet behind the ears, didn’t have a clue about what I wanted to do in life, but Toronto sounded good, with all the opportunities, so I went, simple as that, with very little accoutrements other than the hand-made acoustic guitar I had bought in Timehri via a Brazilian passing through.          Continue reading

MUSIC: Thorns and Roses – Homage to my mother: Zepherina Martins – By Dave Martins + Video


In the course of doing my column recently, I was reflecting on our tendency to see Guyana only through a negative lens, and I remembered a time in 2008, when I was living in Cayman, and had an exchange with a close Guyanese friend, George Jardim, living in America, who had sent me a couple emails on some matter in Guyana.

I don’t always keep emails, but for some reason I had kept my reply to him, and I was delighted when I ran into it recently, so long after I originally sent it to my company. It’s here as my topic for today, and I preface it with a “thank you” to George for originally nudging me into this one….thanks padna; you’re a resource.

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MUSIC VIDEOS: Playlist of various Reggae and other artistes

Song Around The World | Playing For Change

This is a PLAYLIST of over 20 songs … automatically loading

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