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Music Videos: Real Old Guyana Shanto Calypso from the 1930’s and 1940’s – Bill Rogers

Real Old Guyana Calypso – Bill Rogers

Here are three really vintage Guyanese calypso recordings by Bill Rogers (Real name Augustus Hinds), a very popular Guyanese singer from the 1930’s and 1940’s. This type of music was called “Shanto”. Have a listen and a laugh at the lyrics as they scroll down as the music is played.   Enjoy!!


B.G.(which stood for British Guiana in Bill Rogers’ time) was probably his most popular song. It was re-made by other artistes and was also used in commercial jingles.


As one comment said: “Love this old song brings back memories of “Hunt`s Cook Up” served late night at Bourda Market green, and also Nut/Channa man at Camp Street by the jail”.


Old time Guyanese Shanto Song from the 1930’s sung by Bill Rogers. It’s about a woman selling medicinal plants

Guyana: ALONG THE WAY – by Dave Martins + Music video

Credits Sunday Stabroek News. June 14, 2020

My wife, Annette, who most people know from her dedication to environmental matters and Guyanese culture over the years, will occasionally rope me into some project she has going, and one of current ones involves her brain wave to do a video where she shows me a photograph from my life and gets me talking about it.

The photos are from a collection of various Martins family activities going back to our time growing up at Hague and Vreed-en-Hoop, and later Atkinson Field, where I had my first job at B. G. Airways; assembled over the years by my niece Allison who had migrated to Toronto and had carefully collected pictures from hither and thither.        Continue reading

Message: Guyana-born Eddy Grant – A Change Is Going To Come Monologue + Videos

Message: Eddy Grant – A Change Is Going To Come – Video

Released by Ice Records – June 10, 2020

“Now in the streets there is violence and ah lots of work to be done” (Electric Avenue – 1982)

As hundreds of thousands of Black Lives Matter demonstrators take to the streets across the world to protest the recent killing of George Floyd, international recording artist Eddy Grant strikes a very different and sombre note.

In this thought-provoking monologue, ‘A Change Is Going To Come’, Grant again puts it on the line, mindful of the possible backlash to his career as an artist from his white fans and friends alike. But as he says, ‘if not now, then when.” Grant who is the international spokesperson for the Guyana Reparations Committee says “if there is going to be a change, let there be a change of significant proportions.      Continue reading

Music Video: “A Better Place” – Be part of the Global call to action

This song brings together musicians from around the world to speak out against inequality and for social justice.

No matter who you are – what religion, race, caste or gender – no matter where you live, each one of us has a right to live in freedom, dignity and peace.

Be part of the Global call to action.  

Make your voice heard and tell us what you think would make the world a Better Place!

Video: Delightful Young Ventriloquist with an Amazing Voice

Video: Delightful Young Ventriloquist with an Amazing Voice

She’s so good.  What vocal control!!!!

Guyana: Musical extraordinaire, David Martins, is a ‘Special Person’ + Music Video

Guyanese musical icon Dave Martins is a ‘Special Person’

Dave Martins and his beloved guitar

“I learned a lot from listening to the approaches of the Trinis, particularly Sparrow, and Lord Kitchener, but I was also a big fan of Lord Blakie, the man with the ribald infectious laugh, and Andre Tanker with his clever lyrics. It was then, and remains now, a treasure trove for me.”

By Rehanna Ramsay

Almost all Guyanese are familiar with the lyrics of David Anthony Martins’ ‘Not a Blade a Grass” and “Is We Own.” These songs make up a list of hit tunes which make Guyanese everywhere reminiscent of the realities which make the land mass we call home, truly unique. Continue reading

Guyana: History: Independence Video – May 26,1966

— Hear Anthem below:

Guyana National Anthem “Dear Land of Guyana, of Rivers and Plains” with music, vocal and lyrics   

Continue reading

Video: Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up (Live at Munich, June 1. 1980)

Bob Marley – Get Up, Stand Up (Live at Munich, 1980) – 40 years ago

Bob Marley And The Wailers performing ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ live at The Open Air Festival in Munich, Germany on the 1st of June during the 1980 Uprising Tour. The audio and video have been carefully restored to ensure the best possible quality. Discover more at Subscribe to the channel:

Why Calypso and the Genius of Andrew Marcano… Lord Superior – by Dave Martins

By February 2, 2020

In the fifty-plus years since I started the Tradewinds band in Canada, I have been frequently asked about the direction of the group, which was a Caribbean band, formed in a Canadian city, but with a completely Caribbean focus. There were a number of factors in that decision – among them my own drive to succeed, a resolve that I perceive as coming mainly from my mother Zepherina Barcellos, who had a calm, low-key, but very determined streak in her that definitely rubbed off on me.  But on the purely musical side, my decision to give Tradewinds a distinct Caribbean focus, was based largely upon on my own love for this exhilarating Trinidad music I had come to know in Toronto from Trini friends living there.  

I liked music generally, but the ideas, the styles of presentation, the literary content, and, in particular, the fantastic imagination of those Trinidadian calypsonians…those things had come to captivate me completely. I had found something I wanted to turn my hand to by applying it to whatever was the composer gene existing in me.
Continue reading

Guyana Elections: Western Diplomats Hold Talks With Government And Opposition Parties

Western Diplomats Hold Talks With Guyana Government And Opposition Parties

Western diplomats seen leaving the offices of the PPP/C on Monday January 6, 2020. Photo credit: CMC.

Pride News GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Tuesday, January 7, 2019 (CMC) – Diplomats from several western countries held talks with officials from government and opposition political parties, yesterday, ahead of Friday’s Nomination Day for the March 2 regional and general election, here.

Britain’s High Commissioner to Guyana, Greg Quinn, told reporters that the meeting was in keeping with the practice the diplomats had adopted, over the last few elections in the country.        Continue reading

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