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ENTERTAINMENT: MOVIE STARS DANCING:  “I’m So Excited” – Video using over 80 movie clips


The guy who created this video used over 80 movies and still managed to synchronize the timing!

Films used…          Continue reading

Book Review: The Life and Works of Bill (Bhagee) Rogers and the Origin of Shanto Music in Guyana + Videos

The cover of the Bill Rogers autobiography
The cover of the Bill Rogers autobiography

Bill Rogers is still a household name here so many decades after he was active in show business, musical recordings and popular entertainment in Guyana, the Caribbean, the USA and the UK. This speaks very eloquently to the impact and immortality of his songs, which are still played on the public airwaves. They are still remembered and even mouthed by many, some of whom were not even born yet when Rogers was performing. He remains a legend in Guyanese culture.

Dave Martins’ “Not A Blade of Grass” is the Guyanese nation’s unofficial second national anthem. If we assert that Rogers’ “West Indian Weed Woman” or “The Weed Song” is not far behind in that category, it confirms that either of these songs is not only the work of a genius, but has earned its place in history and possesses the quality that make it stand out memorably above other popular songs that are characteristically ephemeral. ( See Music videos below)              Continue reading

MUSIC DOLDRUMS – By Dave Martins + Soca 2021 Video by Machel Montano

Stabroek News – By Dave Martins- January 17, 2021    

In the midst of all the continuing malaise triggered by the COVID pandemic here, one of the lesser noted consequences is the effect on the music industry.  Going in, one has to note that well prior to the epidemic, there has been a decline here, as well as in the Caribbean generally, for those whose income derives from the playing or selling of music in its various forms.

Overall, the music forms indigenous to us – soca, reggae, cadence, calypso, etc. –  have been hit hard in the past few decades both in the number of outlets selling that material on CDs and tapes, as well as in the significant decline of bands playing live in our various hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.        Continue reading

US POLITICS: Tribute to Vice President Kamala Harris – Video

Sung by Carol Panton “Sweet C”

Opinion: Old Year’s Night Celebrations and Auld Lang Syne music – By Dave Martins

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Like most people in their growing up years, I discovered early the influence music can have in our lives, ranging from birthday parties to wedding receptions to special days in the year, and in celebrations big and small in venues ranging from simple to elaborate. Also in my 50-plus years as a musician, I have seen that influence being played out in a range of occasions in a range of countries, with joy and exhilaration so frequently the result.

Along the way, however, I must confess that the singular exception to that euphoria for me has been the Auld Lang Syne music that is a fixture in New Year’s Eve celebrations in most countries. From the first time I heard it as a young man in West Dem, that particular piece of music struck me as an odd choice because there is a definite message of sadness, I would even say regret, conveyed by the music; it makes us tearful.            Continue reading

MUSIC VIDEO: Reggae EverLasting Love Songs – Mixtape Mix by djeasy

100% Reggae EverLasting Love Songs Mixtape – mix by djeasy

Two Hours of Non-stop Reggae Love Songs…. ENJOY THE MEMORIES

MUSIC VIDEO: Auld Lang Syne with Sing Along Lyrics | Happy New Year Song


Auld Lang Syne with Sing Along Lyrics | Happy New Year Song

Music Video: Steel Band playing Christmas/ New Year’s Greetings – from Grenada

Music Video: Steel Band playing Christmas/ New Year’s Greetings – from Grenada

♫♫SOCA PARANG MIX (DJ SWEETMAN – the Caribbean at Christmas season♫♫

♫♫SOCA PARANG MIX (DJ SWEETMAN presents We Paranging Night and Day Mix ) ♫♫

Caribbean Christmas Classics 2020 and New Year 2021 Collection

Caribbean Christmas Classics 2021 || Best Caribbean Classic Christmas Songs 2021 Collection