Hope of non-partisan political future is in the hands of young Guyanese – Owen Arthur

Former Barbados PM Owen Arthur

Despite the current political impasse in Guyana, former Prime Minister (PM)of Barbados Owen Arthur believes the nation‘s hope for a non- partisan political future lies in the hands of the younger generation.

“The young people in these minor parties had a view that is so refreshing that I believe that Guyana is going to get away from this hardened partisan politics. I believe some of those young people may be able to move away from the tribalism and form alliances that will allow them to build a better Guyana.

“ I saw a future for Guyana that is very different from its past when I spoke with them, because they were not carrying any political baggage,” Arthur said.

Speaking to Kaieteur Radio on the topic, the former PM noted that during the course of Guyana’s 2020 Regional and General elections, he was able to observe and interact with some of the young people in politics and was able to view the nation’s future through their eyes.

The Former PM was Head of the Commonwealth Observer Team, for the March 2, 2020 Polls.

He was outspoken against accusations of fraud and widespread rigging on Election Day.

The head of the Commonwealth Observer Team to Guyana’s elections said, claims of widespread ‘fraud’ in the process will have implications for two consultants who worked to help GECOM develop its electoral systems.

“The Commonwealth not only observed the Guyanese elections,” Arthur said, “but it had provided technical assistance to GECOM in the form of two experts, high qualified people from other countries in the Commonwealth, experts in electoral matters who helped to define and develop and perfect the electoral process that was implemented on election day. These men’s reputations now stand to be buffeted by allegations that the system that they helped to define and develop was characterized and tainted by massive fraud.”

Arthur told this paper that the two men have been working with the GECOM Secretariat for about a year leading up to the polls and that their reputations were without question in the Commonwealth. He said that all senior political stakeholders who had engaged with the consultants in the lead up to the elections had expressed satisfaction with their work.

PM Arthur says that he was privileged to lead a team of professional people and that the elections day activities were conducted without any significant hurdles. He said that he was privileged even to observe a counting activity first hand.

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  • Linda  On 06/15/2020 at 1:41 am

    Mr. Arthur, you don’t always see the forest for the trees.

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