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VENEZUELA: US lawmakers blast change in policy towards Venezuela; oil projects could increase

Nicolás Maduro

By OilNOW –

(S&P Global Platts) Details remained scant May 18 on a US policy shift that could chart a path for US companies to again invest in and operate Venezuelan oil projects as the Biden administration has reportedly begun to ease oil sanctions on the country.

While the administration has yet to officially announce any changes to US policy towards the regime of President Nicolás Maduro, several lawmakers put out statements criticizing a policy shift they contend was aimed at restarting dialogue between Maduro’s ruling government and the US-backed, opposition Venezuelan Unitary Platform.              Continue reading

CARIBBEAN | The destabilising impact of a distant conflict – By David Jessop

— David Jessop – May 1, 2022

Earlier this month at a conference on Caribbean security, Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Motley spoke about the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the now unavoidable impact it will have on the cost of food, energy, fertiliser and transport.

The region’s leaders, she said, must explain to their citizens the need to prepare for what may lie ahead. Warning that over time a “culture of contentment” had beset the Caribbean people, PM Mottley said the region’s citizens must now be “better prepared for the present” and that the countries of the Caribbean must brace for the impact the conflict will have on prices and access to commodities.

Behind her carefully chosen words is the awareness that a seemingly distant war may have a socially destabilising dimension.          Continue reading

BRAZIL: RIO DE JANEIRO CARNIVAL — April 20th 2022 — [Full Tour] – Video


OIL: High energy prices could lead to ‘stagflation’ in Latin America – Arthur Deakin

April 8, 2022 – OilNOW

Stagflation, or recession-inflation, occurs in economies where the inflation rate is high, the economic growth rate slows, and unemployment remains steadily high as well.

Arthur Deakin

And Arthur Deakin, who is energy co-director at Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), believes that with the hike in global oil prices, plenty of nations run the risk of heading down this path.

The economic sting of the Russia-Ukraine tragedy has been felt by the fingertips of many across the world as fuel prices shot up, sending a ripple effect that saw hikes in commodity prices impacting small, developing states.          Continue reading

GUYANA: APA calls on Govt. to give more support to Venezuelan migrants

Venezuelan refugees at a landing in Charity, Region #2 Guyana

The APA said its call follows the recent influx of migrants experienced by the Region 2 community of Kabakaburi and their forced relocation that followed just days after, even though the indigenous community began to support and have since indicated their willingness to support them.  Continue reading

VENEZUELA: OIL: USA and Venezuela and Russia – Ukraine war and its effects – Opinion

Stabroek News

By March 13, 2022 – EDITORIAL

Although the US imports relatively little Russian oil which it has now banned, like the rest of the West it is still affected by substantial increases in the price of petrol at the pump. As of last week the price of crude had reached $130 a barrel in the US, the highest it has been since 2008. In circumstances where midterm elections are due this year, the Biden administration now finds itself under considerable political pressure.          Continue reading

U.S., Venezuela discuss easing of sanctions, make little progress – sources

By Stabroek News – March 7, 2022

Flag of Venezuela

CARACAS/WASHINGTON,  (Reuters) – U.S. and Venezuelan officials discussed the possibility of easing oil sanctions on Venezuela but made scant progress toward a deal in their first high-level bilateral talks in years, five sources familiar with the matter said, as Washington seeks to separate Russia from one of its key allies.

Both sides used Saturday’s meeting in Caracas to present what one of the sources described as “maximalist” demands, reflecting longtime tensions between the Western Hemisphere’s main power and one of its biggest ideological foes.

A U.S. delegation led by Juan Gonzalez – the top White House Latin America adviser – and Ambassador James Story held talks at the Miraflores palace with socialist President Nicolas Maduro and his Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez, the sources said.          Continue reading

VENEZUELA: Russia sends nuclear bombers to Venezuela – CNN video + Putin’s reasons video – Sky News

CNN Report – 26 February, 2022

Putin Makes Military Moves in America’s Backyard. – CNN

Sends supersonic bombers to Venezuela, that carry nuclear weapons

Also view video below…  IS THIS… TIT FOR TAT BY RUSSIA

Russia’s Putin: The US is parking missiles “on the porch of our house”  – Video

(SKY NEWS – 23 December 2021) Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Sky News that the US and NATO are expanding onto Russia’s borders – and not the other way around. At his traditional end of year news conference, Mr Putin answered questions from the world’s media. And he told Sky News’ Russia Correspondent Diana Magnay that his country wasn’t threatening anybody and that he didn’t want conflict in Ukraine. But he said the ball “is in the West’s court”.

Watch their exchange here in full. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos:

COVID: Dominican Republic first Caribbean country to drop COVID restrictions

The masks are off! Dominican Republic becomes first country in Latin America to drop ALL of its COVID restrictions

  • Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader announced the cancellation of all coronavirus restrictions Wednesday
  • No other country in the Latin America region has eliminated all of its preventive measures  
  • Abinader said it will no longer be a requirement to present COVID-19 passports for public places
  • Face mask use is no longer obligatory and social distancing measures have been eliminated
  • The Caribbean island has reported 4,352 deaths and 570,636 total cases 
Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader announced Wednesday the end of COVID-19 restrictions. The country is the first in the Latin America region to do away with the mandatory use of face masks, COVID-19 passports and social distancing measures

President Luis Abinader

The Dominican Republic became the first country in the Latin America region to scrap all of its COVID-19 restrictions – as infections dwindle despite barely half the nation being vaccinated.

President Luis Abinader announced the suspension of the preventive measures while addressing the Caribbean nation Wednesday evening- February 16, 2022.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Large-scale oil reserves put Guyana in position to be major player in regional affairs – Opinion


The United States should provide more aid to the countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to avoid an influx of refugees from the region. That warning has come from the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne. The U.S.  must “pay more attention to the Caribbean region in helping us to maintain our standard of living to avoid any mass movement of people,” he said. The alternative would be that “they’ll end up on the shores of the United States as refugees,” Browne told the Reuters news agency in a Jan. 25 interview.

Caribbean countries are saddled with debts sometimes equivalent to 100 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and are having to rely on loans offered on favorable terms by Chinese banks, Browne told Reuters reporter Brian Ellsworth. Such loans have totaled more than $4 billion in the past 10 years, with much of the funds going to infrastructure development, Ellsworth reported, citing figures from the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue. Browne said that the Chinese loans are provided on more favorable terms than those from agencies such as the International Monetary Fund but that should not be interpreted as a political statement.      Continue reading

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