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“Venezuela’s Aggression Towards Guyana” – By Joseph G Singh, Major General (retd)

“Venezuela’s Aggression Towards Guyana” – By Joseph G Singh, Major General (retd)

This is a Power Point presentation titled: “Venezuela’s Aggression Towards Guyana”, first presented in January 2019 at the Critchlow Labour College in Georgetown, Guyana.

Download/ View: venezuela’s aggression towards guyana

Venezuela to remap offshore oil, escalating tension with Guyana

Venezuela to remap offshore oil, escalating tension with Guyana

BLOOMBERG – Venezuela will remap its Caribbean oil and gas prospects in a move that could further stoke a century-long border dispute with Guyana and collide with Exxon Mobil Corp.’s venture in the region, people with knowledge of the plan said.              Continue reading

President Trump addresses the nation on border security – January 8, 2019 – Video

LIVE: President Trump addresses the nation on border security – Jan. 8, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday  January 8, 2019 addressed the nation on the continuing government shutdown and the standoff with Democrats over funding for a border wall.

Brazil farm lobby wins as Bolsonaro grabs control over indigenous lands – Reuters

Jair Bolsonaro

RIO DE JANEIRO/BRASILIA,  (Reuters) – New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro issued an executive order yesterday making the Agriculture Ministry responsible for deciding on lands claimed by indigenous peoples, in a victory for agribusiness that will likely enrage environmentalists.

The temporary decree, which will expire unless it is ratified within 120 days by Congress, strips power over land claim decisions from indigenous affairs agency FUNAI. It says the Agriculture Ministry will now be responsible for “identification, delimitation, demarcation and registration of lands traditionally occupied by indigenous people.”       Continue reading

Guyana at Risk: Ethnic Politics, Oil, Venezuelan Opportunism – by Evan Ellis | Global Americans

Guyana at Risk: Ethnic Politics, Oil, Venezuelan Opportunism and Why it Should Matter to Washington

Evan Ellis | Global Americans

On Friday, December 21st, as attention in Washington, D.C. shifted from the fight over the border wall and impending government shutdown to last-minute Christmas shopping, the government of Guyana, one of Latin America’s most overlooked strategically important countries, imploded.

Charrandas Persaud, a member of parliament (MP) with the Alliance for Change (AFC), the small centrist partner in the governing coalition, voted against his own party’s leadership in a no-confidence motion. This broke the government’s fragile 33-32 majority in the 65 seat National Assembly, setting the clock running for new national elections within 90 days.

Persaud’s defection set in motion far more than fresh elections and a likely change in government.                Continue reading

News Americas – Caribbean & Latin America News – December 07. 2018

News Americas – Caribbean & Latin America Daily News | 8201 Peters RoadSuite 1000Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324

Caribbean Travel News
How To Make Caribbean Curry Shrimp

News Americas Headlines – 30 November 2018

News Americas Headlines – 30 November 2018

Continue reading

Strongmen Have the Edge with Trump. Why Not Maduro? – Commentary

Strongmen Have the Edge with Trump. Why Not Maduro?

Michael Shifter and David Toppelberg | The New York Times

Nicolás Maduro

WASHINGTON — Since President Trump took office almost 18 months ago, commentators have remarked on his apparent affinity for strongmen. As The Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman commented, “Trump […] seems to prefer dictators to our democratic allies everywhere.”

To be sure, this doesn’t mean that Mr. Trump can’t have acceptable working relations with democratic leaders, such as President Emmanuel Macron of France. But, in general terms, he seems more at ease with — and respectful of — authoritarian leaders such as the presidents Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt and, of course, Vladimir Putin of Russia. In short, strongmen have the edge.                          Continue reading

Is Multi-Destination Tourism About To Become A Reality? – By David Jessop

Is Multi-Destination Tourism About To Become A Reality?

There are, however, signs that a product which has been talked about for many years is at last emerging: the multi-destination Caribbean vacation.     Continue reading

Guyana-Venezuela: The “controversy” over the arbitration award of 1899 – By Dr. Odeen Ishmael

  • Several Weeks ago, COHA published an analysis of the Venezuela-Guyana boundary dispute by guest scholar Eva Golinger, who is a New York-based attorney and the author of the best-selling book The Chavez Code. In her article, Golinger presents a distinctively pro-Venezuela perspective. In an effort to create a constructive forum between two longtime friends of the organization, COHA is re-publishing the following piece by Dr. Odeen Ishmael. Mr. Ishmael served as Guyana’s ambassador to Washington and now serves as a COHA Senior Research Fellow. His piece presents a strongly pro-Guyana perspective and, as such, will serve to add balance to this issue.

By: Dr. Odeen Ishmael, Senior Research Fellow at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs        Continue reading

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