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CUBA Politics: Castro’s heir faces pressure to accelerate reform in Cuba – Reuters

Since succeeding his mentor Raul Castro, 89, as president in 2018, Miguel Diaz-Canel, 60, has emphasized the need for continuity over renewal.      Continue reading

USA Immigration: America NEVER Wanted the Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses – The Atlantic

The U.S. is a diverse nation of immigrants — but it was not intended to be, and its historical biases continue to haunt the present. 

Caitlin Dickerson | The Atlantic 

When David Dorado Romo was a boy growing up in El Paso, Texas, his Great-Aunt Adela told him about the day the U.S. Border Patrol melted her favorite shoes. Romo’s aunt was Mexican and had a visa that allowed her to commute into South Texas for her job as a maid. Every week she had to report to a Border Patrol station, in accordance with a program that ran from 1917 into the 1930s requiring most Mexican immigrants to bathe in government offices before entering the United States.          Continue reading

GUYANA: One year since COVID-19 struck – By Francis Quamina Farrier

Guyana condemns overflight of Eteringbang by Venezuelan fighter jets

A Russian-made Venezuelan air force Sukhoi fighter jet. (
A Russian-made Venezuelan air force Sukhoi fighter jet. (

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs today said that two Venezuelan fighter jets overflew Eteringbang in Region Seven, the latest act of aggression aimed at Guyana.

A statement from the ministry said that yesterday at approximately 13:20 hrs., two Russian-made Venezuelan army Sukhoi SU 30 fighter jets, overflew the community of Eteringbang and the airstrip at a very low altitude of 1500 feet.

The fighter jets circled the location once before proceeding in an easterly direction, the statement said.          Continue reading

OPINION: Why Venezuela Wants a Piece of Guyana – Reybert Carrillo | Caracas Chronicles 

Map of Guyana – Disputed Area being claimed by Venezuela

Maduro can try to resurrect an old claim to distract Venezuelans, but what’s the geographical reason to want the Essequibo? How would we benefit from it? 

Reybert Carrillo | Caracas Chronicles 

Since the 19th century, Venezuela has claimed a good part of what is now the Republic of Guyana. Venezuelan kids were used to seeing that “zona en reclamación” as a striped area attached to our country’s Eastern border, and imagine it like the hind legs of a cow, a rhinoceros, or even an angry elephant, whose head lies between the Guajira and the Paraguana peninsula.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Venezuela releases detained fishing boats and crews

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hugh Todd this evening confirmed that the 12 Guyanese fishermen detained in Venezuela have been released and will begin their journey home at first light.

“We have confirmed that they have been released and will return to Guyana tomorrow,” Todd told Stabroek News this evening. (February 2, 2021)    Continue reading

GUYANA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “GUYANA OUR OWN” Video + President Ali’s Address re Venezuela

GUYANA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “GUYANA OUR OWN” Video

Address to the Nation by President Ali – 30 January 2021 on the aggressive stance by Venezuela

Venezuelan military detain third Guyanese fishing vessel

The detained Guyanese fishing Vessel ‘Miss Annie.’

Kaieteur News – A third Guyanese fishing vessel, ‘Miss Annie,’ bearing registration number GR972360 and its seven-man Guyanese crew were on Monday detained by the Venezuelan Military.

Continue reading

Venezuela threatens further action if more Guyanese found in Essequibo waters

Venezuela’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza

Kaieteur News – Venezuela’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, yesterday threatened further action against Guyanese found in Essequibo waters after Guyana gave a firm rebuke to its detention of two Guyanese fishing vessels off the Essequibo Coast on Thursday last.

“Venezuela,” he said, “rejects the Communique of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana [of January 24] on the operation of the Bolivarian National Navy and reiterates that it will not allow illegal incursions of any kind into its territory, exercising the defence of its sovereignty.”    Continue reading

Guyana calls for release of fishing boats intercepted by Venezuelan navy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Georgetown

Guyana yesterday called for the release of two fishing boats intercepted by the Venezuelan Navy in this country’s waters on Thursday.

In a statement dated yesterday and released by the Department of Public Information today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that  the Lady Nayera and the Sea Wolf – operating off the coast of Waini Point within Guyana’s Exclusive Economic Zone were intercepted by a Venezuelan naval vessel and instructed to chart a course to Port Guiria in Venezuela where the boats and crew have been detained.            Continue reading