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Strongmen Have the Edge with Trump. Why Not Maduro? – Commentary

Strongmen Have the Edge with Trump. Why Not Maduro?

Michael Shifter and David Toppelberg | The New York Times

Nicolás Maduro

WASHINGTON — Since President Trump took office almost 18 months ago, commentators have remarked on his apparent affinity for strongmen. As The Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman commented, “Trump […] seems to prefer dictators to our democratic allies everywhere.”

To be sure, this doesn’t mean that Mr. Trump can’t have acceptable working relations with democratic leaders, such as President Emmanuel Macron of France. But, in general terms, he seems more at ease with — and respectful of — authoritarian leaders such as the presidents Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt and, of course, Vladimir Putin of Russia. In short, strongmen have the edge.                          Continue reading

Is Multi-Destination Tourism About To Become A Reality? – By David Jessop

Is Multi-Destination Tourism About To Become A Reality?

There are, however, signs that a product which has been talked about for many years is at last emerging: the multi-destination Caribbean vacation.     Continue reading

Guyana-Venezuela: The “controversy” over the arbitration award of 1899 – By Dr. Odeen Ishmael

  • Several Weeks ago, COHA published an analysis of the Venezuela-Guyana boundary dispute by guest scholar Eva Golinger, who is a New York-based attorney and the author of the best-selling book The Chavez Code. In her article, Golinger presents a distinctively pro-Venezuela perspective. In an effort to create a constructive forum between two longtime friends of the organization, COHA is re-publishing the following piece by Dr. Odeen Ishmael. Mr. Ishmael served as Guyana’s ambassador to Washington and now serves as a COHA Senior Research Fellow. His piece presents a strongly pro-Guyana perspective and, as such, will serve to add balance to this issue.

By: Dr. Odeen Ishmael, Senior Research Fellow at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs        Continue reading

Did Mexico’s win over Germany cause minor earthquake in Mexico City?

Mexico’s win over Germany appears to have caused seismic activity in Mexico City

ByBlake Schuster   FC Yahoo   

Fans crowd the streets of Mexico City for a watch party ahead of Mexico’s World Cup opener against Germany.

All throughout the World Cup there are numerous commercials aired showing how the entire planet seems to come to a halt once the tournament starts. Even better, those commercials show the pure, insane joy that floods a country when it scores a goal. It almost looks like the entire nation is jumping up and down at once.

It’s certainly a fun dramatization. Unless you live in Mexico, of course, where those scenes might feel more like a documentary.


Mexico fans set off earthquake sensors celebrating seismic World Cup win

Supporters in Mexico City watching Germany game cause two ‘artificial’ quakes during their team’s surprise win

The Guardian. UK.     READ MORE

News Americas – Caribbean And Latin America News – June 15. 2018

Continue reading

Sports: Who the experts think will be the World Cup winner and top scorer

Who the experts think will be the World Cup winner and top scorer

ByJun. 13, 2018 – Business Insider

  • Neymar of Brazil

    Brazil, which lost in devastating fashion at home in the last World Cup, is a strong favorite to win the tournament this year. 

  • And Neymar is a popular pick to be the top scorer at the World Cup. 
  • Read more on Neymar on Wikipedia here:

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, and members of the winning team become heroes of an entire country, and earn sporting immorality. But which team will earn its place among soccer legends this year?       Continue reading

Opinion: Humanitarian Achievements of Venezuela’s Maduro Government

A Close Look at the Humanitarian Achievements of Venezuela’s Maduro Government

The Most Revolutionary Act

Dayron Rodríguez Rosales |

Economic war, sabotage, low oil prices, international sanctions, and political violence. Any president prior to the arrival of Hugo Chávez to the Miraflores Presidential Palace would have succumbed in just a few days faced with an attack such as that experienced by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

However, the Venezuelan people are still standing and supporting the leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution. How can this heroic resistance be explained?


The Bolivarian Comandante changed the history of his country forever. Chavista forces now have his legacy and the strategic project he designed for Venezuela as one of their main tools to plan the nation’s present and future.

Even some of those who oppose the current government share the ideals of inclusion, justice, and equality that Chávez brought to the political table.

The cultural shift and the means of understanding how government works were perhaps…

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Opinion: Why Nicolás Maduro Clings to Power

Opinion: Why Nicolás Maduro Clings to Power

Even as crisis consumes him, the president of Venezuela knows he has no alternative but to remain entrenched in Caracas.

Nicolás Maduro

Moisés Naím and Francisco Toro | The Atlantic

It’s difficult to describe the state of Venezuela today without coming across as a little hysterical. Phrases like “zombie movie set” and “post-apocalyptic hellscape” keep turning up in the accounts of recent visitors, who are staggered to see a society reach the levels of decay normally associated with wartime, but without a war.

In an engrossing recent account, The Wall Street Journal’s Anatoly Kurmanaev — who reported out of Caracas from 2013 until a few weeks ago — compared the nation’s state unfavorably with the Siberia of his youth in the 1990s:      Continue reading

The View from Europe: China’s rapidly advancing Caribbean role – by David Jessop

The View from Europe: China’s rapidly advancing Caribbean role

David Jessop

For some years now, China has sought to deepen its relations with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It has done so as a part of a long-term geo-political strategy that is accompanying its rise to super power status.

Its objective in every nation in South and Central America and the Caribbean is to support development through investment and trade, and then over time to enlarge its economic, political and security role.   Continue reading

VENEZUELA: Running out of Options – Opinion

VENEZUELA: Running out of Options

May 14, 201 –  Editorial – Kaieteur News

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”—Sir Winston Churchill. These words could apply to Venezuela which is a socialist country that is today sharing its miseries.

Venezuela is one of the most blessed countries. It is endowed with more oil deposits than any other country in the world and the quality of the crude is very good, requiring less refining operations than other countries. Venezuela has eight times the oil reserves of Nigeria, which is beset with myriad problems.   Continue reading

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