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BOOK: Under the Tamarind Tree – a Review by Trev Sue-A-Quan

Under the Tamarind Tree is a story of outsider influences. Richard Cheong, the main character, finds himself influenced by attitudes and events beyond his control. There is an outside child in the family – a boy whose very existence causes a divide between family members. Some are filled with resentment that this male child could be receiving financial benefits and privileges that are traditionally retained within a nuclear family.

The animosity among some siblings leads to actions of a life-threatening nature. Richard himself perpetuates some of the conflicts by tenuously holding on to the glorious tradition of fathering a son of his own. With this objective entrenched in his mind, his wife Gloria gives birth to a fourth child but he dies at childbirth and this results in considerable friction within his family.


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BOOK: Excerpt: Under the Tamarind Tree – Stabroek News- The Writers’ Room

The Writers’ RoomBy Rosaliene Bacchus

Georgetown, British Guiana, June 16, 1950

Richard Cheong cradled his first-born in his arms. He had hoped for a boy-child but would have to wait until next time. He was the only surviving son of seven children. Two boys had died of malaria soon after birth. Two months after his eighth birthday, Edward, the youngest, was found dead under the tamarind tree on the sugar estate road in the neighboring village.
His passing had drained their mother’s energies. Her death shortly thereafter had changed their lives forever. Richard had been thirteen.        Continue reading

BOOK: Wah Dih Story Seh? – By Pauline Felicia Baird


Wah Dih Story Seh?: An Oral Tradition in the Guyanese village, Buxton

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The book is for the entire family and it is on Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace.

Book Launch and Signing: Memoirs of Dr Frank L. Douglas: Toronto: September 21, 2019

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BOOK: “Songs Of My Soul” – By Damyantee Devi Dabydeen

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BOOK: Rosaliene Bacchus Releases Debut Novel: Under the Tamarind Tree

 Cover Art by Guyanese-Canadian Artist, Joan Bryan-Muss

Rosaliene Bacchus Releases Debut Novel: Under the Tamarind Tree

Los Angeles, California, August 12, 2019—Caribbean novelist, Rosaliene Bacchus, born in Guyana, launches her debut novel, Under the Tamarind Tree, a family saga set in then British Guiana during the tumultuous years leading up to independence from Great Britain in 1966. The novel is the mixed fruit of the author’s struggle with abandonment and her concern for persistent, divisive, racist politics in her native land.          Continue reading

Book Review: Under The Tamarind Tree by Rosaliene Bacchus — Ken Puddicombe -Writer

Book Review: Under The Tamarind Tree by Rosaliene Bacchus — Ken Puddicombe -Writer

Posted by  in Reviews – Under the Tamarind Tree: A Novel by Rosaliene Bacchus

Great news! I’ve received the first review of my debut novel, Under the Tamarind Tree, soon to be released. The reviewer, Guyana-born Ken Puddicombe, is the author of three historical novels Racing With the Rain(2012), Junta (2014), and Down Independence Boulevard & Other Stories(2017). He lives in Toronto, Canada, where he owns and runs a small press.

Do check out his review on Rosaliene’s Blog page:  CLICK HERE.

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BOOK: Mohandas K. Gandhi: Thoughts, Words, Deeds – By  Ramnarine Sahadeo (Author)

BOOK:Mohandas K. Gandhi: Thoughts, Words, Deeds: His Source of Inspiration: Bhagavad – Gita 

By: by Ramnarine Sahadeo (Author)

This book is put together in appreciation of one of the greatest souls of the 20th century. If mankind is to change its current destructive direction Gandhi’s message must remain a source of hope and inspiration if we are to survive as a species.

Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi (Mahatma) thoughts, words and deeds empowered him with unimaginable influence that he used to make an indelible mark on world history. He was a spiritual leader with no political office but exercised more power than those in positions of authority because he was a visionary with an indomitable will and a potent force dedicated to social and political reform.              Continue reading

BOOK: A Proud Product of Guyana’s Bitter-Sweet Sugar – by Nowrang Persaud (Author)

A Proud Product of Guyana’s Bitter-Sweet Sugar  – by Nowrang Persaud (Author)Paperback – July 27, 2018 

  • A Review of Nowrang Persaud’s autobiography “A Proud Product of Guyana’s Bitter-Sweet Sugar” by Harry Hergash
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Nowrang Persaud was born in 1937 at Number 47 Village, Corentyne Berbice, Guyana (then British Guiana). A year earlier, an eighteen year-old named Cheddi Jagan, from a nearby sugar plantation, left the colony to pursue studies in dentistry in the United States of America (USA). By the time Jagan returned to Guyana in late 1943, Nowrang and his siblings were living with their mother, step-father, and several step siblings in a one-bedroom logie at Blairmont Estate.

About living in a logie, Nowrang writes “In common with all other sugar estates, living conditions in the Blairmont Estate in which I grew up as a boy were dangerously unhealthy, unkempt and atrocious.        Continue reading

Book Signing: By Dr. Frank Douglas – Guyana Consulate NY – August 15, 2019

Book By Dr. Frank L Douglas: “Defining Moments of a Black Man from a Black Stream”

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