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GUYANA: Linden: Purchase a copy of the Best of Linden Magazine!

You are invited to enjoy the inaugural edition of our ‘Best of Linden Magazine’.  Take your time, it unfolds with each reading.  The Best of Linden Magazine is a celebration of the best of us, our institutions, ideations, and those of us who are transcendent in style and actions.

“Nice stories, Beautiful photos,  Celebrating Strengths…… Really good read”  – Gordon Moseley

 “Thanks for the magazine, I was last in Linden in 2006, so it’s been a long time.  My parents are enjoying it too.”  – N. Small

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GUYANA: Extraordinary People – Rohan Kanhai and Jock Campbell – By Ian McDonald

Such men as these walk onto a field of play, or enter a room, and their life-force brings everyone to silence and attention – these were two men who in their very different ways set my mind alight.


● The cover driving came from the same place as a Carter poem or an Aubrey Williams vision of an ancient land. His batting represented for me a very good reason why sport is as important as art. I remember my first sight of Rohan Kanhai batting at Bourda in 1956. I wrote that night to my father in Trinidad that I had just been witness to a wonder, the best batsman in the world.    Continue reading

TRIBUTE TO ROBERT JOHN (BOBBY) FERNANDES (1947-2021) – By Major General Joseph G Singh



Monday, March 1st, 2021 – By Major General Joseph G Singh

Monsignor Terrence Montrose, CCH, Mrs Luana Fernandes, beloved wife of Bobby, and children Christina, Robert, Dominic, Damian, Shad, Nicolette and Chantelle, Chairman Chris the Elder, other siblings, in-laws and grandchildren of Bobby and Luana, extended family members, friends of the Fernandes family here and those overseas, good morning.

I extend on behalf of myself and my family and all those from the hinterland, the rural areas of Guyana and those from overseas – scientists and explorers, who knew and interacted with Bobby, sincere condolences to your family on his transitioning and pray that you be comforted in his physical absence by the happy and treasured memories of the love and the personal and private experiences you shared with him.      Continue reading

BOOK: Fields on Fire: A West Indian story – by Lloyd Beharry

BOOK: Fields on Fire: A West Indian story – by Lloyd Beharry

FIELDS ON FIRE is set against the brutal and inhuman conditions of the sugar cane Plantations of the British West Indies in the 19th Century, where Africans, Indians and a sprinkling of Irish, Portuguese and Chinese, were brought to labour, often against their will.

It is a story of how two of them found happiness against all odds. John, an African, chastised, brutalised, and disabled by a field accident, falls in love with a horse, and Valmiki, a low-caste Indian who, through deceit, becomes a leader of men and marries the beautiful Brahmin, Shanta.    Continue reading

Short Stories: Tacuba – By Geoff Burrowes

 – By Geoff Burrowes

There is a word in the Guyanese lexicon: Tacuba

     I’m not sure where the word originates but my understanding is that it refers to a tree or branch that has fallen into a creek or river and over a period of time the bark and the softwood have been worn away by the action of the water, leaving a piece of almost indestructible hardwood.

In our camping days when we came cross a tacuba we would burn it in the fire overnight and it would burn right into the early hours of the morning.      Continue reading

Book Review: The Life and Works of Bill (Bhagee) Rogers and the Origin of Shanto Music in Guyana + Videos

The cover of the Bill Rogers autobiography
The cover of the Bill Rogers autobiography

Bill Rogers is still a household name here so many decades after he was active in show business, musical recordings and popular entertainment in Guyana, the Caribbean, the USA and the UK. This speaks very eloquently to the impact and immortality of his songs, which are still played on the public airwaves. They are still remembered and even mouthed by many, some of whom were not even born yet when Rogers was performing. He remains a legend in Guyanese culture.

Dave Martins’ “Not A Blade of Grass” is the Guyanese nation’s unofficial second national anthem. If we assert that Rogers’ “West Indian Weed Woman” or “The Weed Song” is not far behind in that category, it confirms that either of these songs is not only the work of a genius, but has earned its place in history and possesses the quality that make it stand out memorably above other popular songs that are characteristically ephemeral. ( See Music videos below)              Continue reading

Short Stories: Rex’s Waterloo! – By Geoff Burrowes

– By Geoff Burrowes

Her name had to be Chunkie. She was too scrawny to be anything else! She was grey with stripes of black running through her sparse fur. The other kittens in the litter were furry and their fur was glossy black or shiny white. They loved to be picked up and stroked and purred contentedly when they sat in someone’s arms.  Chunkie was not so obliging and was likely to claw and spit at whoever was trying to pick her up!

Eventually she was the only one of the litter that was not taken in by another family and so she became ours. Chunkie never put on weight and grew to be a lean unlovely animal with the same sour personality. Some tomcat must have found her attractive however as after she was grown she produced her own litter of kittens.    Continue reading

BOOK: Big Ole Home By De Sea – By Neena Maiya

Slices of daily life in a sunny home by the sea. For good measure, the goings-on of the locals around the home are thrown in. The book is liberally sprinkled with madcap…at times, philosophical…conversations between mother and daughter, visitors, tradesmen. Food is plentiful. Tall tales add to the sauce. A ghost seeks help. Stones grow. A snake dances.

Around the home, the wind and the birds whistle. Sunbeams, filtered by trees, limbo across the lacquered wooden floor.

Some nights, danger lurks. Bandits. Gunshots in the wee hours of the morning. A thief sneaks into a neighbour’s home.

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BOOK: My Guyana Jungle Adventures – By Lisbeth Cameron

This book is about my daily life in the Guyana bush during the early 1970’s. My husband worked for the Guyana Geological Surveys and Mines Department and at that time there were regular expeditions, made possible by the director Dr. Sobraham Singh, to the interior to map the geology and explore for minerals, and wives were allowed to accompany their husbands.

In my case I was joined by my cats and parrots. Most expeditions were by boat from Bartica to the Essequibo, Cuyuni and Mazaruni rivers. Each was fully equipped with everything that could be needed and food supplies could be supplemented by fishing and hunting. And there was pickled pork in big barrels.    Continue reading


HANSIB: Celebrating Fifty Years of Publishing 1970 – 2020

At its inception in 1970, Hansib Publications was the dream of Arif Ali, a Guyanese immigrant, who had no formal experience in publishing. He had settled in England and recognised among his fellow travellers and contemporaries a grandiloquence and epic sensibility which the mainstream media either deliberately ignored or simply failed to recognise at the time.

The titles are mainly by Guyanese and West Indian writers.  They include titles under the following headings:          Continue reading