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Book: “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” – By Carmen Barclay Subryan


Congratulations to renowned Guyanese author Carmen Barclay Subryan who recently launched her new website showcasing her new book, “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” You can purchase a copy on the website. –


After almost five decades away, Doreen, a retired senior citizen, returns to her birth country to discover whether she could spend the last days of her life in a place that had nurtured her and contributed to the woman she had become. Indeed, she had departed just two years after British Guiana had received its independence from Great Britain, lowered the Union Jack, raised the Golden Arrowhead, renamed itself Guyana, and set out to chart its path as a cooperative republic.      Continue reading

Guyana: Indigenous Heritage Month for 2018 begins

Indigenous Heritage Month 2018 begins with religious ceremony

Photo: Minister within the Ministry, Valerie Garrido-Lowe greets some group members

A religious ceremony, led by the Jawalla Hallelujah Group, was held on Saturday to usher in Indigenous Heritage Month activities for 2018, at the Heritage Village, Sophia Exhibition Centre, Georgetown.     Continue reading

One in five vanilla ice-creams has no vanilla, cream or fresh milk – UK Survey reports

One in five vanilla ice-creams has no vanilla, cream or fresh milk

Survey reveals how new rules mean cheaper ingredients are usurping traditional elements

Britain’s longest heatwave since 1976 has seen ice-cream sales soar, but a survey has revealed that some brands are sold without vanilla, cream or fresh milk.

Vanilla has traditionally been Britain’s favourite flavour but a Which? investigation of supermarket and branded vanilla ice-creams found a number of them were lacking some key ingredients.

One in five of the ice-creams examined by the consumer watchdog had none of the three ingredients shoppers might reasonably expect to find in vanilla ice-cream. Only half of the 24 surveyed contained all three traditional ingredients.


BOOK: Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force – by Compton Liverpool and Khalilah Campbell

BOOK: Foundation of the Guyana Defence Force – A Soldier Of Valour Story

This publication documents how the Guyana Defence Force emerged out of the earlier forms of law enforcement entities that British Guiana inherited after Britain relinquished governmental control of the only English-speaking country in South America.

Have a LOOK INSIDE at the Table of Contents, Foreword and Introduction on -HERE.- Also ORDER


2018/2019 Local Authors Showcase at Brampton Library. Ontario. Canada

To Khalilah Campbell – co-author of Book

Congratulations! Your work Foundation Of The Guyana Defence Force – A Soldier Of Valour Story has been selected for the 2018/2019 Local Authors Showcase at Brampton Library     Continue reading

Guyana: “MEMORIES” – A Short Story By Royden V Chan

Download: “MEMORIES”- A Short Story By Royden V Chan

PROFILE: Queens Book Fair promotes Youth Literacy – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Download:  Queens Book Fair promotes Youth Literacy

PROFILE: Dr Sonia Noel: Living with Intention! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr Sonia Noel: Living with Intention! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Sonia Noel is a dynamic, hardworking and selfless motivator. She is prepared to traverse many a mile to bring comfort and cheer and to lift the spirits of others. For Sonia, no mountain is too high, and no challenge is too difficult to overcome; all it takes is belief in oneself. She is a prime example of self-confidence and the ability to triumph over the odds.

Sonia Noel was born in Bartica in Guyana. Bartica is a mining town that is at the confluence of the Cuyuni and Mazaruni Rivers. Sonia’s mom is Claudia and her dad is Patrick Noel. Although Sonia’s formative years were spent in Bartica the family lived in Robb Street, in Georgetown, for a brief period.

PROFILE – Dr. Sonia Noel – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

SEE also her:



JAMES WITTROY Mc RAE – A  Short  Story by  Royden  V  Chan – 2005


A  Short  Story by  Royden  V  Chan – 2005

Allan Agard was diagnosed with a terminal illness almost two years ago and had now passed away. The viewing was being held today at Osgood Funeral Home on Sheppard. Allan and his wife Gladys both came from a family background of teachers and professional civil servants, which traditionally influenced their preference for academic vocations.

They both graduated from the University of the West Indies and worked in the Caribbean for several years until 1970 when they responded to the “back to home” call from Guyana’s Prime Minister, Forbes Burnham.  Allan was appointed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Guyana and Gladys was attached to the Ministry of Education.            Continue reading

BOOK: Wah Dih Story Seh? – By Buxtonian, Dr. Pauline Baird

BOOK: Wah Dih Story Seh?

Buxtonian, Dr. Pauline Baird is a cultural rhetorician whose work includes her 2016 dissertation project, “Towards a Cultural Rrhetorics Approach to Caribbean Rhetoric: African- Guyanese Women from the Village of Buxton Transforming Oral Histories.”

In 9 letters to Young Buxtonians and members of Composition and Rhetorics scholarly community, she explores the lived experiences of 5 African Buxton women drawn from Buxton, New York, Bahamas, in their own words and on their own terms. Dr. Baird employs linguistic practices of the village including Dem Seh and Wah Dih Story Seh as land-based frameworks useful for exploring community, land, and practices.       Continue reading

Queens Book Fair – The Story of a Great Festival – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

DOWNLOAD: Queens Book Fair – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

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