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New Book – Sanatana Dharma and Plantation Hinduism- By Ramesh Gampat

Gampat, Ramesh. 2015. Sanatana Dharma and Plantation Hinduism.  Explorations and Reflections of on Indian Guyanese Hindu.  Xlibris: Bloomingdale, Indiana.

“The share of Hindus in Guyana’s Indian population declined from 83.5 percent in 1880 to 62.8 percent in 2012.  Yet even a casual observer would conclude that Guyanese Hindus, at home and in the Diaspora, are a very religious people.  Many of us do a jhandi or havan once annually; others do the more elaborate and costlier yajña, where everyone is welcome, once or twice in their lifetime.  Most of us do a short daily puja – prayers, offerings, reading the Śāstras and listening to bhajan – in our homes.

Christian Missionaries worked assiduously to convert immigrants. Their first order of business was to denigrate Hinduism, designate Hindus as heathen, and disparage their culture, food and even attire.  Immigrants stubbornly resisted, led by the tiny educated elite, including Brāhmaṇas whom we call Brahmins.        Continue reading

PROFILE: Child author, Anaya Lee Willabus – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Anaya Lee Willabus

She published her first book when she was only eight years old. It created history as Anaya Willabus became the first child in the United States to write and publish a chapter book at that age. She has published four books to date. They are ‘The Day Mohan found his Confidence; A Bully’s Disguise; Checo and the Homework Passes and Make it Happen-Anaya Willabus.’ Anaya believes in the magic and the beauty of turning the page, and judging from these titles, she will be writing many more books in the future.

Anaya was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her mom is Dimple and her dad is Winston Willabus. Both of her parents are from Guyana. Dimple is from Lodge while Winston is from Rosignol, in Berbice. Anaya has a brother Brandon, and a sister Chantelle, and they are both doing well. Anaya attends school in New York where her best subject is English. She thanks her teachers Ms. Caban and Ms.Chain for their help; they encouraged her to write and would spend time correcting and editing her work.

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BOOK: “Cloaked in Faith” –  By Robert G. Lawrie

BOOK: “Cloaked in Faith” –  By Robert G. Lawrie

The Book and Author

Robert G. Lawrie, is formerly of Charity, on the Essequibo Coast of Guyana, South America.
He is presently residing in the United States, and has recently published a memoir titled “Cloaked in Faith.”
His unique story chronicles his experiences as a youth while living in Guyana, as a teenager and young adult living in the United States, his return to Guyana and then back again to the US.
All along the way Rob encountered numerous challenges and obstacles which for most would have inhibited success. On the contrary, Rob propelled himself past these impediments and has not only survived but has thrived. Read about Rob’s challenges of homelessness, abuse, and attempted suicide and how they have been overcome through faith and motivation.

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Christmas gifts from the politicians – Commentary – Stabroek News

Editorial – Stabroek News – 25 December 2018

There is little peace and good will in the political arena this season. And that applies not just to Guyana, but also to some of the leading democracies such as the UK, France and, of course, the US, to name a few. There is President Donald Trump whose administration stumbled into farce a long time ago, and which has since been disintegrating into chaos. As has become customary in more recent times, lawmakers agreed a short-term spending compromise to carry the government over into the new year.

However, Mr Trump has refused to sign the bill unless the Senate attaches funding to it for a border wall fence. So far he has adhered to that position, effectively partly shutting down the government, and sending thousands of its workers home without their end-of-year salaries. Apparently he does not remember that the Republicans paid a heavy price for refusing to sign a compromise when President Clinton was in office.              Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal– Black History Month- February 24, 2019

Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal– Black History Month 2019

BOOK: Defining Moments of A Free Man from A Black Stream – By Dr. Frank L. Douglas


In August, 1963, two weeks before Martin Luther King’s March on Washington,D.C., Frank L. Douglas arrived in the USA. This book recalls the Moments in his life, when the values he learned as a young boy attending Cambridge Academy High School, Queens College, and Elim Evangelical Church, gave him the courage and fortitude to endure and overcome the challenges he faced in a racist society. Those values included: Mercy, Wisdom, Justice, Authenticity, Emotional Strength and Self-Control.

The book accounts events at Lehigh and Cornell Universities where Dr. Douglas experienced both negative as well as very supportive actions from the professors. He graduated with Honors from Lehigh University and received his Ph.D. and M.D. degrees from Cornell University. Douglas’ description of his experiences at Cornell University and Xerox Company explain the significance of ‘A Free Man from A Black Stream’ that is contained in the title of his Memoirs.    Continue reading

Guyana Toronto Consulate: Thelma Tappin Book Signing – December 6. 2018

Download flyer: Thelma Tappin Book Signing – Toronto

Book: “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” – By Carmen Barclay Subryan


Congratulations to renowned Guyanese author Carmen Barclay Subryan who recently launched her new website showcasing her new book, “Stepping on Cracks: Reflections on my Homeland.” You can purchase a copy on the website. –


After almost five decades away, Doreen, a retired senior citizen, returns to her birth country to discover whether she could spend the last days of her life in a place that had nurtured her and contributed to the woman she had become. Indeed, she had departed just two years after British Guiana had received its independence from Great Britain, lowered the Union Jack, raised the Golden Arrowhead, renamed itself Guyana, and set out to chart its path as a cooperative republic.      Continue reading

Guyana: Indigenous Heritage Month for 2018 begins

Indigenous Heritage Month 2018 begins with religious ceremony

Photo: Minister within the Ministry, Valerie Garrido-Lowe greets some group members

A religious ceremony, led by the Jawalla Hallelujah Group, was held on Saturday to usher in Indigenous Heritage Month activities for 2018, at the Heritage Village, Sophia Exhibition Centre, Georgetown.     Continue reading

One in five vanilla ice-creams has no vanilla, cream or fresh milk – UK Survey reports

One in five vanilla ice-creams has no vanilla, cream or fresh milk

Survey reveals how new rules mean cheaper ingredients are usurping traditional elements

Britain’s longest heatwave since 1976 has seen ice-cream sales soar, but a survey has revealed that some brands are sold without vanilla, cream or fresh milk.

Vanilla has traditionally been Britain’s favourite flavour but a Which? investigation of supermarket and branded vanilla ice-creams found a number of them were lacking some key ingredients.

One in five of the ice-creams examined by the consumer watchdog had none of the three ingredients shoppers might reasonably expect to find in vanilla ice-cream. Only half of the 24 surveyed contained all three traditional ingredients.


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