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“Historic”: Monsanto to Pay Record $2 Billion to Couple in Roundup Cancer Trial

“We’ve been fighting cancer for nine years. It was caused by Roundup. We can’t do the things we used to do and we really resent Monsanto for that.”

A California jury ruled Monday that Monsanto must pay a record $2 billion in damages to a couple that was diagnosed with cancer after using the company’s weedkiller Roundup.

“We were finally allowed to show a jury the mountain of evidence showing Monsanto’s manipulation of science, the media, and regulatory agencies to forward their own agenda despite Roundup’s severe harm to the animal kingdom and humankind,” said Michael Miller, an attorney for Alva and Alberta Pilliod.        Continue reading

What Can Be Made from One Barrel of Oil? – Infographic

VIEW: What can we make from a barrel of OIL

Technology: Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs + Video

SAN FRANCISCO,  (Reuters) – Inc is rolling out machines to automate a job held by thousands of its workers: boxing up customer orders.

The company started adding technology to a handful of warehouses in recent years, which scans goods coming down a conveyor belt and envelopes them seconds later in boxes custom-built for each item, two people who worked on the project told Reuters.

Amazon has considered installing two machines at dozens more warehouses, removing at least 24 roles at each one, these people said. These facilities typically employ more than 2,000 people.

That would amount to more than 1,300 cuts across 55 U.S. fulfillment centers for standard-sized inventory. Amazon would expect to recover the costs in under two years, at $1 million per machine plus operational expenses, they said.        Continue reading

Guyana: CJIA expansion project – Editorial by Stabroek News – 06 May 2019

– Stabroek News  – Editorial

Given its inauspicious beginnings in Jamaica and numerous questions over the scope of its works, it is meet that both the government and the opposition have agreed that the US$150m expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri be audited.

There has been a great deal of grandstanding and excuses by both the former PPP/C government and the current one over its progress and what was intended to be delivered. So febrile has the disputation been that the Office of the Auditor General has since signalled that it will undertake a special audit of the project. Underpinning this will be a value for money audit. 

Cheddi Jagan International Airport – Guyana

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What Makes a Good Life…. From the Longest Study on Happiness – Robert Waldinger

TED TALK: What Makes a Good Life.  Lessons on the Longest Study on Happiness 

TED TALK – 26.7 Million Views – By – Robert Waldinger

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it’s fame and money, you’re not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken.

As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.    THE SPEAKER – Robert Waldinger · Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, Zen priest


First, Rebel Against Yourself – By Rosaliene Bacchus

via First, Rebel Against Yourself.

Reblogged from A.C. Stark:

Click to visit the original postIn Owen Jones’ recent interview video with Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam criticises the political ‘left’ as having been perpetually dishonest about what economic action is required to mitigate the climate breakdown and what cultural changes this will necessitate. He contends that the ‘left’ have become so embroiled, so entrenched in the (conceptually politically right-wing) neoliberal ideal they are unable to conceive of human life “in anything other than cost-benefit, materialistic terms”.

Read more… 974 more words

An excellent post by A.C. Stark in the U.K.
Are we ready and willing to give up our material comforts and high standard of living to allow our children to l

Canadian Firms Want To Invest In Medical Marijuana In Barbados: PM Mia Mottley

Canadian Firms “Lining Up” To Invest In Medical Marijuana Industry In Barbados, Says Prime Minister, Mia Mottley

Barbados PM – Mia Mottley

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, April 19, 2019 (CMC) – Barbados Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, says she is encouraged by discussions she held with Canadian firms, interested in establishing a presence on the island, as Bridgetown seeks to take advantage of a growing, global, medical marijuana industry.

The Prime Minister said she met with individuals and company officials, in Toronto and Montreal, recently, where the issue of medical marijuana was the main topic.

Canada has fully decriminalised cannabis use, leading to a mushrooming of pharmaceutical industries, tied to the herb.                Continue reading

USA: Boeing’s Will Give Way to Safety Reforms if Flyers Organize – By Ralph Nader

USA: Boeing’s Will Give Way to Safety Reforms if Flyers Organize

  By Ralph Nader | April 4, 2019 – Aletho News

To understand the enormity of the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes (Lion Air 610 and Ethiopian Airlines 302) that took a combined total of 346 lives, it is useful to look at past events and anticipate future possible problems.

In 2011, Boeing executives wanted to start a “clean sheet” new narrow body air passenger plane to replace its old 737 design from the nineteen sixties. Shortly thereafter, Boeing’s bosses panicked when American Airlines put in a large order for the competitive Airbus A320neo.  Boeing shelved the new design and rushed to put out the 737 Max that, in Business Week’s words, was “pushing an ageing design past its limits.” The company raised the 737 Max landing gear and attached larger, slightly more fuel efficient engines angled higher and more forward on the wings. Such a configuration changed the aerodynamics and made the plane more prone to stall (see attached article:        Continue reading

The Guyana Economic Development Trust and Guyana Innovation Prize – NYC – June 2. 2019

The Guyana Economic Development Trust and Guyana Innovation Prize – NYC – June 2. 2019
June is National Caribbean Heritage Month in the U.S. Celebrate Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Guyana: Introducing the 2019 Guyana Innovation Prize. The Guyana Economic Development Trust (GEDT) ( believes in the transformative impact of investing in research ideas with commercial promise coming from Guyana.
The Guyana Innovation Prize, a project of GEDT, in collaboration with the University of Guyana (UG), awards pre-seed grant funding to commercially viable ideas in agro-processing and tech from students, alumni, and faculty of the University of Guyana.

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Sexual Orientation: Pedophilia—The next normal – By Yvonne Sam

Pedophilia—The next normal – By Yvonne Sam

Every sane thinking human should truly understand that we are in a monumental “spiritual-moral-crisis”, whereby too many humans  are attempting to make wrong, right and make it work.

Initially it was a matter of appearance, whether a person looked like a male or looked like a female. In the event of appearance producing some uncertainties, then sex could be determined and established by examining a person’s birth certificate. Furthermore, if appearance and a birth certificate produced uncertainties, then  the ultimate, absolute proof of sex was a person’s chromosomes; XX marked a female, and XY marked a male. Case closed. Point finale!

Regrettably, those old-fashioned simple methods of identifying sex have changed. In fact, relying on those old tried-and-true methods of sex identification qualifies one for opprobrium, with the charge of being labelled homophobic. Today — independent of appearance, genitalia, birth certificate and chromosomes — one is a male or female based on how one labels oneself.        Continue reading

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