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USA: Travel In The Time Of Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show – Trevor Noah Video

USA: Travel In The Time Of Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show – Video

Motels and RVs make a comeback, airline travel turns into a mask brawl, and a US passport is basically worthless. Here’s how travel is looking in the time of coronavirus. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus

How Kamala Harris’s Immigrant Parents Found a Home; and Each Other; in a Black Study Group – NYT

By Ellen Barry September 13. 2020.  New York Times

Kamala Harris

Donald Harris and Shyamala Gopalan grew up under British colonial rule on different sides of the planet. They were each drawn to Berkeley, and became part of an intellectual circle that shaped the rest of their lives.

At an off-campus space at the University of California at Berkeley in the fall of 1962, a tall, thin Jamaican Ph.D. student
addressed a small crowd, drawing parallels between his native country and the United States.    Continue reading

Guyana: ‘Private sector’ budget has eroded revenue base; pumped up deficit – Jordan


Winston Jordan Former Minister of Finance Winston Jordan (see photo), says the new PPP/C government’s 2020 emergency budget has eroded the revenue base of the country, while enormously inflating the deficit and he charged that the budgetary measures are private-sector oriented rather than for the people.

Speaking during an interview with member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) Kidackie Amsterdam, Jordan lamented the emasculation of his government’s “transformational” projects and stressed that opposition parliamentarians will need to question everything as the budget presentation lacked details.          Continue reading

Berbice Murders: President visits families of murdered West Berbice teens

President Irfaan Ali (right) visiting with the family of Isaiah Henry today. (Office of the President photo)
President Irfaan Ali (right) visiting with the family of Isaiah Henry  

President Irfaan Ali today (September 11, 2020) met with the families of the three youths who were recently killed on the West Coast Berbice.

A release from the Office of the President today said that he assured the families that everything possible will be done to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The killings last weekend of Isaiah and Joel Henry triggered major unrest along the West Coast Berbice. Haresh Singh was murdered on Wednesday.    Continue reading

America’s Long History of Scapegoating its Asian Citizens – BY Nina Strochlic | National Geographic

When leaders call COVID-19 the “China virus,” it harkens back to decades of state-sanctioned discrimination against Asian Americans.

BY Nina Strochlic | National Geographic

DANNY SATOW WAS walking home from a stroll around her neighborhood in Federal Way, a suburb just south of Seattle, when a heavy object slammed into her chest. A car whizzed by and a disembodied voice yelled a racial slur against Chinese people. The car melted into the rush of traffic, and Danny leaned over to pick up the liter of water that had hit her. Her collarbone stung, but she told herself it didn’t matter, she was fine. She stood still on the sidewalk and tried to channel her grandmother.    Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Shared Governance – Stabroek News Editorial

There has been no term more tossed about in the political sphere in recent times than ‘shared governance’, by which is more properly meant ‘shared executive governance’. It has been trumpeted as the panacea for all our constitutional ills, which will reduce if not eliminate the political cum ethnic tensions which so debilitate us and inhibit the possibility of rational government.

Judging from the way it voted in March, the electorate is not necessarily persuaded of the advantages of this arrangement; it was, after all, the small parties which for the most part were promoting the idea, and they did very poorly, a joinder of three of them securing only one seat.          Continue reading

OPINION: Guyanese gone out – By Dave Martins


Last week, with Kamala Harris named to run with Joe Biden in his presidential push, there was a powerful piece online about the significant role her father, Donald Harris, played in her development.

I know they get a lot of knocks in the region for their flamboyance, but time and again Jamaicans come through as a people of substance, sometimes, as in this case, stressing the simpler and more humane side of things (and, okay, sometimes right at the same time going overboard as they are wont to do) but, generally, a culture where we find the tradition (as in the Kamala case) or history or reverence that they seem to be naturally drawn to.    Continue reading

Guyana Politics: AFC releases list of nine MPs for new Parliament

The Alliance For Change (AFC) has released its list 9 MPs for the new Parliament. APNU will have the other 22 seats won by the coalition at the March 2nd elections.

A statement from the AFC follows:

The Alliance For Change has submitted a list of Members for Parliament with a balance of experience and youth. These persons were selected through a rigorous process  undertaken by the Party’s National Executive Council who voted on the issue, ranking the top nine candidates who will  comprise the AFC’s component to the  APNU+AFC’s team of Parliamentarians.        Continue reading

Trinidad and Tobago Elections: Analysts say race voting will be a major factor

People’s National Movement (PNM) vs United National Congress (UNC)

Campaigning in Trinidad for the Aug. 10 general elections is heating up with analysts warning that voting almost strictly along racial lines could well determine, which party runs the oil and gas-rich twin-island republic with Tobago for the next five years.

Top executives from both of the major parties — the governing People’s National Movement (PNM) and the main opposition United National Congress (UNC) have publicly traded serious political, race-sensitive barbs in recent days with UNC leader and former prime minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar being accused of openly appealing to Indo Trinidadians when she referred to Prime Minister, Keith Rowley as a “blank man” on the campaign trail.     Continue reading

World Politics: China v America: who is in charge? | The Economist – VIDEO

China v America: who is in charge? | The Economist 

Global leadership has been missing during the covid-19 pandemic. While President Trump has been pulling America out of global organisations like the WHO, China is seeking to increase its international influence, creating a shift in the world order. Read more here: