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GUYANA: 56th Independence Day Anniversary – 2022: Messages from PPP/C and PNC

Messages from the two main political parties in Guyana on the 56th Anniversary of Independence

PPP/C: Moving forward with an agenda for transformation

THE People’s Progressive Party/C (PPP/C) extends to all Guyanese, at home and abroad, greetings on Guyana’s 56th independence anniversary.
On June 5, 1958, founder of the PPP/C and former president, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, posed an important question to the Legislative Council – What do the people of this country want in this phase of our history?

Today, 56 years following independence, this question has contemporary applicability, particularly, given the current global challenges that impact our nation, from the global COVID-19 pandemic to climate change.              Continue reading

GUYANA seeks more diaspora involvement in advancing oil & gas economy – Opinion: OilNOW

By Dr. Terrence Blackman and Utamu Belle – OilNOW – May 8, 2022.

Guyana’s leadership wants Guyanese and its members in the diaspora to play more significant roles in the country’s developing oil and gas economy as its key players work on advancing the industry forward.

Guyana’s Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud.

Guyana’s Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud, emphasized this commitment during conversations with members of the diaspora at a seminar titled “Opportunities for the Diaspora in Guyana’s New Economy,” hosted by the Natural Resources Ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The event was conducted at the Hermandston Lodge in Georgetown and virtually.

Speaking at the event, Guyana’s Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud, stressed the need for more participation and Guyanese to take up leadership positions within the industry. He pointed out that the government is working to ensure that they can play more key, significant roles.            Continue reading

GUYANA: The untouchables- Sexual assault and harassment – By Akola Thompson

Underreporting of crimes within the realm of sexual assault and harassment, has long been an issue of concern. Reporting is often held up as the end all goal for those with experiences of abuse, as it is seen as adding a layer of believability to their reports. There is also the belief that the road to justice for the abused is one that is well paved and non-traumatic, leading them towards the justice that is deserved. These rationales however, are often the furthest thing from the truth, as reporting systems, despite a lot of progress, remain very traumatic and time consuming.        Continue reading

GERMANY prepares for a future without Russian gas – ‘Firms will go bust’ – The GUARDIAN

Germany is bracing for supplies to be cut by Moscow in retaliation for sanctions or as part of an energy embargo

Map of Germany

in Berlin – THE GUARDIAN – Sat 9 Apr 2022

“It would be a disaster – one which would have seemed almost unthinkable just two months ago, but which right now feels like a very realistic prospect,” the owner of a hi-tech mechanical engineering company in western Germany said. The firm produces everything from battery cases for electric cars to train clutch systems.            Continue reading

GUYANA: A Tiny Population Braces For A Gusher Of Petrodollars – The Economist

Other countries blessed with oil have not always made good use of it

AKAWANI | The Economist

It used to be a disused sawmill surrounded by fields of sugar cane. But since oil was discovered off Guyana’s coast in 2015 the 52-hectare site in Georgetown, the capital, has been transformed into the biggest logistics hub in the country. From this waterfront spot, Guyana Shore Base serves ExxonMobil, an American oil giant, and other foreign firms drilling for oil off the Caribbean coast. At two big berths along the Demerara River ships pull up to offload equipment for maintenance and pick up supplies for hundreds of workers toiling away on offshore rigs.

The buzz at the shore base hints at how a rush of petrodollars could transform one of South America’s poorest countries. Autarkic policies introduced under socialist rule in the 1970s left Guyana struggling with unsustainable debts and sluggish growth. Many of the country’s 800,000 people make ends meet doing the same things their grandparents did: farming rice, chopping timber or mining gold.           Continue reading

GUYANA: Chapter and Verse: Wilson Harris – Thursday 24th March 2022 – ZOOM


CV WH Flyer.png

Title:          Chapter & Verse: Wilson Harris
Readers:    Konyo Addo, Michael Mitchell, Stanley Greaves, Jacqueline de Weever and others

Date:          Thursday 24th March 2022

Time:          5PM Guyana/ New York/ Toronto, 9PM London.

Platforms:              Continue reading

SPORTS: GOLF: Tiger Woods inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame | CBC Sports

Tiger Woods inducted into World Golf Hall of Fame | CBC Sports

Tiger Woods

The greatest of his generation, Tiger Woods took his place among the best of all time Wednesday night when he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame and shared a life story of a passion to play and a work ethic that made him feel like he earned it.

Woods didn’t touch on any of his 82 victories on the PGA Tour or his 15 majors, or the eight surgeries he endured along the way.

He spoke of his parents taking out a second mortgage that allowed him to play the junior circuit in California, choking up when he mentioned his late father who told him he would have to earn everything he wanted.


New videos bring back vivid memories of ‘Lang Time’ in Guyana – By Lear Matthews

Guyanese Online


lear-matthews-logoBy Lear Matthews

Toffie balls, neverdone sweetie, bruk mout, Chinee cake, fish an’ bread at Mahaicony train station, M.V. Malali…Putagee Tunus, lass lick, Cutex, Kings ground, joiner, de madame, Dem boys fass bad!

These are some of the themes in the two culturally appealing videos focusing on parlance, people and places in Guyana released by Guyanese brothers T. Eric Matthews and Lear Matthews. The recordings bring back some vivid memories of the homeland. The videos entitled, Dis Time Nah Lang Time and Cavalcade of Sport – The Race, have received positive reviews and “likes” from a number of viewers in the Diaspora and at home.    

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U.S.A: Here is some of the history which CRT foes want to keep hidden – By Mohamed Hamaludin



Critical race theory (CRT) is a cross-disciplinary intellectual and social movement of civil-rights scholars and activists who seek to examine the intersection of race and law in the United States and to challenge mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. – Wikipedia

The first batch of around 20 enslaved Africans arrived in 1619. By the time President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on April 16, 1862, the number had risen to four million.

Their forced labor in the cotton fields made the United States a world economic power and the South the most prosperous region during their captivity justified by false science and Biblical misrepresentations.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Speech Reports: International Energy Conference and Expo – 2022 – 5 articles

Guyana welcomes investors but Guyanese must benefit -President Ali tells investors

An olive branch has been extended to companies looking to invest in the oil and gas producing nation of Guyana. However, while they are welcomed to invest, companies are being reminded that Guyanese must be able to benefit from those investments. President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali extended the invitation at the opening of the International […]
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—  Continue reading

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