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Can Guyana’s youth bridge the racial divide? – an Afro-Guyanese Perspective

Can Guyana’s youth bridge the racial divide? Part One: Race Relations from an Afro-Guyanese Perspective

I’m an American, but I’m head over heels in love with Canada

Dear Canada,

You need to know that my husband and I weren’t looking for love, but there you were. I was born in Virginia, and my husband is from western New York. We love our own precious country but, being what we consider true patriots, we are not blind to its faults – particularly at the present time.

Our love for you crept up on us slowly and, before we even knew what was happening, we were head over heels.


Guyana files documents with International Court of Justice re Venezuelan claims

Guyana on Monday filed documents at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) outlining why it believes that Netherlands-based body has a right to hear its case to settle the controversy with Venezuela over the 1899 Arbitration Tribunal Award.

“Guyana has no doubt that the Court has jurisdiction to resolve the controversy that has plagued its relations with Venezuela and undermined its ability to develop its sovereign territory and natural resources,” the Foreign Ministry added. Over the decades, Venezuela has scared off an oil exploration ship from an offshore concession granted by Guyana and has written to gold and oil production companies as well as the World Bank that had planned to partly finance the construction of a hydro-power station several decades ago.        Continue reading

Guyana: Thieving and Corruption Now Part of National Culture – By Ralph Ramkarran

– By Ralph Ramkarran – Conversation Tree Blog

(On behalf of this blog and its readers, I extend to President Granger best wishes for a speedy recovery).

Ralph Ramkarran

Firemen are first responders who are required to help and protect victims and their property. While purporting to do so, many fireman seize the opportunity to steal from victims. The stealing of property by firemen from the Fly Jamaica aircraft which had mechanical problems and landed with some difficulty at the CJIA, is a shameless and sickening disgrace. It was far more extensive than has been reported.    Continue reading

Faith leaders in Queens hold Vigil for Pittsburgh – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Faith leaders in Queens hold Vigil for Pittsburgh

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

– By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine – The West Indian . NOV 03, 2018 .

In the beginning it was the word. Then came other words that went to a good place. But there were those for whom the words meant nothing. They heard but did not listen and the consequences were severe. The major religions of the world have emphasized the hallowed place of words. This was the theme of a Vigil that was held to pay respects to the eleven Jews that were murdered in a synagogue last weekend. The atrocity took place in Pittsburgh by someone that harbored hate.         Continue reading

Bill Gates talks toilets

Make Wealth History

One of the development projects that I keep an eye on is the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation challenge to reinvent the toilet. It launched in 2011 and while I don’t think all the inventions that have come out of it are practical for the poorest who need them most, there’s no doubt that it’s kicked off a wave of new ideas. With each passing year new toilets have been developed, and the most promising are now testing in South Africa.

This week saw the first Reinventing the Toilet Expo in Beijing, and Gates has been talking about what the project has generated so far. It’s an inspiring story, and a necessary one. It isn’t going to be possible to deliver traditional flushing toilets to everyone in the world – they’re just too wasteful of clean water. But what if there are better ways of creating a toilet, ways that…

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Household Income Distribution in the U.S. Visualized as 100 Homes – Infographic

Household Income Distribution in the U.S. Visualized as 100 Homes – Infographic

Inequality in America has become a major talking point in recent years. For many people though, the concept of inequality – the idea that wealth is spread very thinly at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder – is still an abstract concept.

There are over 125 million households in the United States, each with their own unique structure and financial situation, so understanding such a complex issue requires reducing it to proportions we can understand.

View article and Infographic

CANGO: Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – 2018 Itinerary

CANGO: Canada-Guyana Outreach Mission – 2018 Itinerary

Medical Outreach in the Pomeroon and Moruca Rivers in Region 1 and Region 2 of Guyana

Regular Reports are on the CANGO FaceBook Page

Sat., Oct. 27 Arrive in Guyana
Sun., Oct. 28 Travel to Warakaba
Mon., Oct. 29 Clinic at Warakaba (for Karawab & St. Monica)
Tues., Oct. 30 Clinic at Warakaba (for Karawab & St. Monica)
Wed., Oct. 31 Clinic at Warakaba (for Kabakaburi)
Thrs., Nov. 1 Clinic at Charity
Fri., Nov. 2 R & R – Lake Mainstay
Sat., Nov. 3 Dinner at Project DAWN
Sun., Nov. 4 Depart Guyana
Sat., Oct. 27 Arrive in Guyana
Sun., Oct. 28 Travel to Santa Rosa
Mon., Oct. 29 Clinic at Kumaka District Hospital, Santa Rosa
Tues., Oct. 30 Clinic at Manawarin Health Post
Wed., Oct. 31 Clinic at Karaburi Health Clinic
Thrs., Nov. 1 Clinic at Waramuri Health Clinic
Fri., Nov. 2 R & R – Lake Mainstay
Sat., Nov. 3 Appreciation Dinner at Project DAWN
Sun., Nov. 4 Depart Guyana
Sat., Nov. 3 Arrive in Guyana
Sun., Nov. 4 Travel to Santa Rosa
Mon., Nov. 5 Clinic at Kumaka District Hospital  (for Santa Rosa, Karaburi, Waramuri)
Tues., Nov. 6 Clinic at Manawarin Health Post
Wed., Nov. 7 Clinic at Charity
Thrs., Nov. 8 Clinic at Warakaba  (St. Monica, Karawab, Kabakaburi)
Fri., Nov. 9 Travel to Georgetown
Sat., Nov. 10 R & R – Kaieteur
Sun., Nov. 11 Travel to New Amsterdam
Mon., Nov. 12 Clinic at the School for Special Children
Tues., Nov. 13 Depart Guyana

Guyana’s Top Cop – Leslie James – promises improved Police Force in five months

Top Cop promises improved Police Force in five months – aviation unit, rehabilitated police stations, quicker response to crimes

Commissioner of Police Leslie James

he nation will have a vastly reformed police force within the next five months, if things go according to plan for new Commissioner of Police Leslie James.
Hosting his first press conference yesterday, Commissioner James disclosed that these improvements will include an aviation unit, an enhanced marine department, training, and the rehabilitation of several police stations countrywide.

“The Guyana Police Force is at a very important juncture, where we are in a deliberate way forging out a plan…from recommendations, and by March 2019, you will see a much reformed police force,” he told journalists.

He disclosed that the reforms will focus on three “broad categories” – human resource management, training and infrastructure.
“You are likely to see a number of police stations remodeled and recommissioned. For example, the one at Mackenzie, Linden, was commissioned two weeks ago, and a second one at Region Two, Aurora. Sixteen others will be commissioned shortly, and will be outfitted with modern-type units, such as one-way mirrors (for) forensic-type interviews, that will enable a better interaction with the citizens of the communities and will bolster our efforts to give better service.”

“Marine capabilities, too, will see better development,” the Top Cop added, noting that the Force on Wednesday had discussions with individuals regarding the marine section of the Force.

James said that two “immediate constraints” that he encountered on being appointed to the helm of the Force were the ability of ranks to patrol the various divisions and the response time to reports.

“Part of our reform will see better mobile and foot patrols and improved response time. Very soon we will have an aviation unit. If this country is a serious investment destination, it means we have to engage in best practices.”

The Force’s training institutions are also targeted for much needed reform, the Public relations arm will be upgraded, and the Traffic Advisory and other boards are being re-established.

But he also stressed that corruption “must be something of the past.”

“Let me say this… we remind the ranks of their mandate… we remind that our image is something we must be concerned with.”

Giving a comparative breakdown of crime statistics between January and October 22, James disclosed that there were 486 reported armed robberies this year in which firearms were used. In contrast, there were 525 similar robberies for the same period last year.

The Force also recorded 185 robberies this year in which instruments other than firearms were used; compared with 243 for a similar period in 2017; 202 reported rape cases this year and 189 for the first eight months of 2017.

James was sworn in as Commissioner of Police last August. The new Top Cop said that his mandate was to keep the peace in a “professional and unbiased” manner, while also stating that he had a plan to fight crime.

GUYANA LOCAL GOVT ELECTIONS 2018 – By Verian Mentis-Barker


APNU AND AFC will encourage the involvement of Guyanese to restore government of their respective neighborhoods and villages to the sequential levels:

Neighbourhood -Village- Sub –Regional -Municipal -Regional. MANIFESTO APNU-AFC page 13 Under Judicial System 

That Local Government Elections, LGE, had become a vanishing act in Guyana’s political environment that still cited a Constitution and Democracy to explain correctness in allowing LGE only thrice in 46 years is a picture of voter palsy inflicted by a succession dictators and their ideologies.


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