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UK: From British Guiana to Bristol – 90-year-old reflects on life after Windrush

Eileen (sitting at centre) now has four children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Credit: ITV West Country

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Eileen (sitting at centre) now has four children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Credit: ITV West Country
Eileen Polis arrived from then British Guiana with very little – but she became an influential and respected member of several Bristol communities as well as one of the first Caribbean nurses at Southmead Hospital.      Continue reading

Guyana SPEAKS: ZOOM event on Guyanese Entrepreneurs – Sunday 25th July – 2pm BST


Please join us for a Guyana SPEAKS event on Guyanese Entrepreneurs this coming Sunday, 25th July at 2pm BST.  
Our speakers are Gem Eytle, Owner and General Manager of Frandec Travel Services, Mark Dalgety of Dalgety Teas and Patrice Hinds of Pat & Pinkys.
For their bios and to register please go to-

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FOOTBALL: The black Scotland captain from British Guiana, whose team trounced England – BBC News

By Reevel Alderson – BBC Scotland – Published18 June 2021

130 Andrew Watson Footballer

 Andrew Watson played for Queen’s Park in Glasgow, one of the best sides of the era

As players “take the knee” before Friday’s European championship game at Wembley in a stance against racism, few will realise Scotland was the first international side to field a black player.

More than 140 years ago Andrew Watson captained the Scots to a 6-1 victory against England, a record away win.

Born in Guyana in 1856, Watson came to Britain with his father who was a wealthy sugar planter.    

Guyana SPEAKS – THE OTHER WINDRUSH – Plantation Indentureship – Sunday 27th June 2021 at 2pm -UK


This month’s Guyana SPEAKS is inspired by a recently published book, THE OTHER WINDRUSH.  Edited by Dr Maria Del Pilar Kaladeen and Prof David Dabydeen, it is a series of biographical essays, poems and articles on members of the Windrush Generations whose heritage links them to the system of plantation indentureship.

We are delighted to confirm that this month’s SPEAKERS include the editors as well as some of the anthology’s contributors: Elly Niland, Mr Gee, Gordon Warnecke, Lainy Malkaini, Nalini Mohabir.            Continue reading

New York City: Little Guyana / Liberty Avenue  Co-naming Ceremony – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

PHOTOS  and Article- Little Guyana / Liberty Avenue  Co-naming Ceremony By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

‘If you want the job done, hire a Guyanese,’ says NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at Co-Naming Ceremony             Continue reading

BUSINESS: Transformation of the Street Vendor: A view from the Caribbean Diaspora – By Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews

(Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month in June)

Transformation of the Street Vendor: A view from the Caribbean Diaspora – By Lear Matthews

Recognizing that the United States is a “salad bowl” of diversity and not the proverbial melting pot, Immigrant Heritage Month was created to acknowledge/celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of immigrants. Opportunities afforded them notwithstanding, despite encounters of xenophobia, immigrants have undoubtedly shaped the economic, cultural and civic engines of North America and Europe. Street vending which has existed as an occupation for a very long time is considered a cornerstone of the historical and cultural heritage of cities and towns globally, with immigrants among prominent purveyors of this tradition.

This article highlights street vending among English Speaking Caribbean immigrants, an aspect of the immigrant experience that has not received much attention. Although focused on the United States, there are implications for other countries of settlement or alleged “host societies” such as Canada and Great Britain.          Continue reading

Guyana SPEAKS – Under The Influence of a Guyanese Heritage – 30th May 2021 – Virtual Event

GUYANA SPEAKS: Sunday, 30th May 2021 at 2pm BST / 9am ET / 9am GYT. 

Please register for the next Guyana SPEAKS event by clicking on the link below:
Our distinguished speakers – Dr Jim Thakoordin (UK), Dudley Charles (USA) and Jane Thakoordin (UK) – will be talking about how their art and/or activism has been influenced by their Guyanese heritage.