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UK-BRITAIN: What Brexit Did to Boris Johnson — And Britain – Opinion

The prime minister’s fake populism led to his undoing—and will keep haunting his country. 

By Anne Applebaum | The Atlantic

Not too long ago, I heard one of the leading Brexiteers describe his political philosophy in a room full of CEOs and senior politicians. He started by talking to this elite group about the great division between “elites” and “the people”, the victors and the victims of globalization, the haves and the have-nots of modernity. The longer he spoke, the more his words began to seem rote, remote, and stale. The energizing slogans of the Brexit campaign of 2016 sounded hollow and clich​​éd in 2022. 

PARTLY, this is because the slogans were NOT true. Boris Johnson was the standout example of this phenomenon:             Continue reading

Brexit – Is The Genie Coming Out Of The Bottle? – By David Jessop

Brexit – Is The Genie Coming Out Of The Bottle?

By David Jessop – Caribbean News Service (CNS) Contributor

David Jessop

David Jessop

LONDON, Jun 04 2016 – If the opinion polls are to be believed, the British electorate may vote by a small majority to leave the European Union (EU) in the country’s June 23 referendum.

The latest UK polls suggest that 45 per cent of those voting will chose to go, while 42 per cent will say they want to remain. At present 13 per cent say they don’t know. The concern is that if young people, who are predisposed to vote to remain, cannot be mobilised, and the leadership of the Labour Party do not do more to encourage its members to vote in the same way, the United Kingdom will be plunged into a period of economic and political turmoil with unpredictable consequences beyond it shores.    Continue reading

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