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Guyanese Cuisine – “Tastes Like Home”

Guyanese Cuisine – “Tastes Like Home”

This entry by Cynthia Nelson was published in the May 2010 edition of the Guyanese Online Newsletter

Hello!!   Welcome to Tastes Like Home, my virtual din-ing table! I’m Cynthia.
I was born and raised in the only English-speaking country in South America – Guyana. Guyana is a multi-cultural society and you will see that reflected in the food I make. Guyanese trace their heritage to every corner of the world, but especially Africa, India, China, Portugal, and to the indigenous popu-lations for whom the region has always been home.
I’ve been living in Barbados now for more than a decade and so when I speak of home these days, I do not only refer to Guyana as home but also Barbados as both places contribute in different and significant ways to who I am.
I am a trained media practitioner and teach Broadcast Journalism. As a food writer, I write a weekly newspaper column, Tastes Like Home which is published in print and online at Guyana’s leading newspaper, http://www.stabroeknews.com/.
Apart from my column, I also write freelance for a variety of publica-tions regionally and internationally. I am a regular contributor to Carib-bean Belle (Trinidad) and City Style & Living (Canada). I also Contrib-ute to U Magazine (a new Health Magazine produced and published in Trinidad & Tobago.
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