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New York City: Little Guyana / Liberty Avenue  Co-naming Ceremony – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

PHOTOS  and Article- Little Guyana / Liberty Avenue  Co-naming Ceremony By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

‘If you want the job done, hire a Guyanese,’ says NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at Co-Naming Ceremony             Continue reading

BUSINESS: Transformation of the Street Vendor: A view from the Caribbean Diaspora – By Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews

(Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month in June)

Transformation of the Street Vendor: A view from the Caribbean Diaspora – By Lear Matthews

Recognizing that the United States is a “salad bowl” of diversity and not the proverbial melting pot, Immigrant Heritage Month was created to acknowledge/celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of immigrants. Opportunities afforded them notwithstanding, despite encounters of xenophobia, immigrants have undoubtedly shaped the economic, cultural and civic engines of North America and Europe. Street vending which has existed as an occupation for a very long time is considered a cornerstone of the historical and cultural heritage of cities and towns globally, with immigrants among prominent purveyors of this tradition.

This article highlights street vending among English Speaking Caribbean immigrants, an aspect of the immigrant experience that has not received much attention. Although focused on the United States, there are implications for other countries of settlement or alleged “host societies” such as Canada and Great Britain.          Continue reading

New York City: Co-naming of Liberty Avenue gives Guyana and Guyanese recognition

-Diaspora key to Guyana’s development – -Foreign Secretary

Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York was co-named ‘Little Guyana Avenue’ at a simple, but significant ceremony on Saturday.

Foreign Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Robert Persaud, said the event gives recognition not only to Guyana, but to the contributions US citizens of Guyanese descent have made to transform the area from a depressed community into a thriving commercial and residential area.        Continue reading

New York. USA: Great pride in Queens over `Little Guyana Avenue’ – updated

A sneak peak of the co-naming sign

Stabroek News- – By

The sign, which will be unveiled on May 29, has been erected at the intersection of Lefferts Boulevard and Liberty Avenue.

Continue reading

ASSOCIATION: Sisters With A Mission: FISH FRY – Brooklyn NY. – June 19. 2021- 3.00pm – 9.00pm

NYC: The ‘Little Guyana’ Sign- Co-naming Event -Liberty Ave. Queens NY – May 29. 2021 @ 10.00am

GUYANA: “A New Era of Engagement for the Guyanese Diaspora” – May 22, 2021, at 9 AM ECT (1 PM UTC)

Dear Diaspora Organisation,

In keeping with His Excellency President Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s promise to aggressively pursue the involvement of the Diaspora in national development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation will host its first Virtual Diaspora Conference under the theme “A New Era of Engagement for the Guyanese Diaspora”, on Saturday, May 22, 2021, at 9 AM ECT (1 PM UTC).

The conference will provide a platform for the Government to reaffirm its commitment to Diaspora engagement and to garner feedback from the Diaspora on its plans to engage and involve the Diaspora in Guyana’s development.        Continue reading

USA: New York city awakens after long sleep due to the Covid-19 pandemic

NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio. AP / Mary Altaffer

New York is awakening from a year-long slumber caused by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis which quarantined residents from normal activities.

Once regarded as the epicenter of the virus, the city will be fully reopened by July 1 allowing full capacity for restaurants and bars, stores, shops and small businesses, hair salons and barbershops, gyms and fitness classes, arenas, stadiums, music halls, museums and theaters.          Continue reading

VIDEO: What Happens To NYC’s 3.2 Million Tons Of Trash | Business Insider

VIDEO: What Happens To NYC’s 3.2 Million Tons Of Trash | Big Business

Business Insider – March 21, 2121

New York City is one of the most wasteful cities in the world. But none of its trash is actually processed in NYC.

It’s sent to waste-to-energy facilities and landfills as far away as Ohio and South Carolina. It takes a vast network of sanitation workers, trucks, trains, cranes, and barges — and $429 million a year — to get it there.

International Symposium on Guyana’s Oil and Gas Economy 2021 – May 29, 2021: 3 – 5PM. ET

QCAANY is hosting the International Symposium on Guyana’s Oil and Gas Economy on Saturday, May 29th 2021,  from 3PM – 5PM  ET. We’d appreciate it if you would share this information with others.

Guyana’s recent oil discoveries unveil new possibilities for unprecedented national prosperity. Yet the question remains: will the Guyanese people truly benefit from the exploration of this additional natural resource?          Continue reading