GUYANA SPEAKS: Sunday 26th March 2023 – presentation by Cecil Gutzmore                   

Flyer.pngThis is a reminder to register via eventbrite for the next Guyana SPEAKS on Sunday, 26th March at 3.30pm UK time [11.30 New York, Toronto & Guyana]:

This month’s GS aims celebrates the birth of Walter Rodney on 23rd March 1942 with a presentation by distinguished academic and activist, -presentationby Cecil Gutzmore.                    

Cecil’s talk will consist of a summary appraisal of Walter’s rich Praxis up to 1974, and a critical account of the importance of Walter’s contribution – as historian, political-economist and revolutionary activist – to Guyana and the Caribbean.

This, Cecil will argue, is second only to Fidel Castro’s and that, because the latter, made an enduring revolution. Emphasis will be placed on Walter’s unique analysis – counter to and in the teeth of overwhelming historiographic approach – of inter Afrikan and Asian Guyanese relations.

Rod and I thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming

All the best,

Juanita Cox

Co-Founder, Guyana SPEAKS
GS on Twitter @JCWestmaas
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