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Guyana: OIL: EPA’s response to suspected ‘oil spill’ exposes lack of capacity – Opinion

Dr. Troy Thomas

Dec 07, 2021 News – Kaieteur News

 “…If the EPA is taking one week to find the location and determine whether the substance found floating in the water is really crude oil, in the meantime, we can be facing consequences that are colossal…The EPA definitely needs to do better.”

—people have the right to be worried– Dr. Troy Thomas

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) response to the recent reports of ‘oily substance’ found floating offshore in Guyana’s waters, not only exposes the agency’s lack of capacity with regard to monitoring the country’s oil operations, but points to a need for proper surveillance in this regard.

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Guyana: Georgetown among 9 cities forecast to be under water by 2030 – Climate Central

It was reported that the area that is projected to be under water by 2030 is where 90 percent of Guyana’s population resides. It was also stated that for centuries Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, has relied on sea walls – or, more accurately, one gigantic, 280-mile long sea wall, for protection.

Climate Central map illustrating land projected to be below tideline by 2030.

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CNN: ” A lot of us that are going to be affected before Shanghai and Miami” – Barbados’ PM Mia Mottley

CNN: Mottley to Amanpour: ” A lot of us that are going to be affected before Shanghai and Miami”

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley – CNN interview with Christine Amanpour:  // sidelines of #COP26 // Glasgow

Guyana: Mabaruma – Region1 – Welcome to Spice Country – Video

Guyana: Mabaruma – Region1 – Welcome to Spice Country – Video

News Room Guyana with Neil Marks

GUYANA: MABARUMA. In this third episode of the series GUYANA, the News Room’s Neil Marks travels to the fertile Hosororo Hills at Mabaruma, at the top of Guyana, to meet the farmers who grow Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Ginger and Turmeric. The focus is on Organic Farming with no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals…. real “Natural Farming”.

Guyana: Rupununi Music and Arts Festival – Sunday 17th October 2021

Sunday 17th October 2021. – 4.00PM GY/NY time – 9.00PM UK Time

Streaming on Facebook and YouTube @rupununifestival

VIDEO: Living Off-Grid for 17 Years on a Self-Built Island Homestead – Built with Salvaged Materials

Living Off-Grid for 17 Years on a Self-Built Island Homestead – Built with Salvaged Materials

Shadow built this incredible floating island with salvaged and reclaimed materials. The island comprises a 2-story float home, a floating chicken coop, floating gardens, and even a floating compost shed! He’s been living on the water for 17 years and working hard to protect the Widgeon Slough area in BC, Canada.

He gathers wood from the river to use as firewood, he grows some of his own fresh food in barrel gardens, and he collects fresh water from a nearby spring. He filters his greywater on a floating raft with multiple plant and husk filtration layers, and he composts his food and human waste to ensure that nothing goes overboard.          Continue reading

TRINIDAD: Corruption, Pollution and Economic Crisis: The Cautionary Tale of The Oil Industry

By August 23, 2021

By Alexander Ramdass (Legal Officer), Lisa Premchand (Programme Director) and Gary Aboud (Corporate Secretary) For Fishermen and Friends of the Sea.

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), once proud, hopeful, and wealthy, is today left with nothing but a beleaguered Treasury and toxic crude poisoning our waters and food system.

From Sir Walter Raleigh stumbling upon the Pitch Lake in La Brea in 1595, to businessmen Randolph Rust and John Lee Lum successfully establishing the first commercial oil well in T&T in 1902, we have built a legacy that has transformed the once richest biodiverse waters in the Americas to a marine desert filled with toxic waste.  The curse of coveted oil wealth has encouraged corruption, squandermania and mismanagement resulting in trade imbalances, weakened institutions, and a legacy of undervalued royalties shrouded in contract secrecy.       Continue reading

SEA DEFENCE: How The Dutch Reclaim Land and Build Sea Walls – 2 videos

The Sea Wall That Saved a Nation- Video #1

This 32-kilometre sea wall saved an entire country from flooding. Now it’s getting a super-sized upgrade. Discover how –   The project team are using 2020s technology to upgrade a 1920s sea wall – …Full story here –…

—   Video #2 Below:   

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Commentary: A beautiful part of town – By Dave Martins + Music Video

Some places on earth are stunning just as they are – Utah’s Bryce Canyon; the rock formations of the Pitons in St. Lucia; the Canadian Rocky Mountains; Kaieteur Falls in Guyana; Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman Island – but many of the beautiful places we encounter in the more affluent countries are actually landscapes converted into eye-catching scenery by development and enhancement.

 There is, for example, a valley in Toronto, that was simply bush in the early 1960s; today the six-lane Don Valley Parkway winds through the city, following a dried up river bed, in what can be an almost countryside drive (when there are no traffic jams, that is) in the middle of a huge city. That area, now a very busy roadway, is also a singular scenic experience, much admired, but it wasn’t always there; it was created.          Continue reading

VIDEO: The Amazon Rain Forest

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