TRAVEL: Guyana and Canada in talks for visa-free travel

November 29, 2022. NEWSROOM Guyana

The Government of Guyana has expressed an interest in having visa-free travel to Canada and Canadian High Commissioner Mark Berman said that the two governments are discussing this.

Berman, at the sidelines of an event on Monday, said that High Commission raised Guyana’s interest with the Canadian government. He, however, noted that Canada’s visa policy is different from that of the United Kingdom (UK).   

For context, Guyanese tourists are now allowed to travel to the UK visa-free for up to six months. This visa-lift was announced in October and took effect from November 9.

Even with differing visa policies, Berman said, “It’s something we’re (looking) at and we’re making a determination.”

High Commission of Canada in Guyana, Mark Berman  

Aside from a potential visa-lift, the High Commissioner said that the Canadian authorities have been engaging private airlines on more direct flights between Guyana and Canada. This is viewed as particularly crucial given the heightened business relations between the two countries and the sizable Guyanese diaspora there.

Air Canada and West Jet are among the top airlines that have been engaged, Berman noted.

Currently, only the Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines serves this direct route. Public Works Minister Juan Edghill told a recent press conference that the government is in talks with other international airlines, though.

In February, Air Canada– the largest Canadian airline – reportedly signalled keen interest to enter Guyana’s market. Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada by fleet size and passengers; its headquarters is based in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec.

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  • Jim  On 11/30/2022 at 9:45 pm

    Where is the assurance that the United States of America will be protected from human trafficking, illegal immigration and false refugee claims from Guyanese nationals?

    Canada is right next door to the United States. As an American citizen, I am concerned that this visa-free policy will encourage illegal immigration and smuggling into the United States via unmanned land borders.

  • Age  On 12/01/2022 at 12:09 am

    I fear for the younger generations who are living in Canada. 500,000 newcomers a year and now giving visa free like candy.
    Like Canada forgot what happened when they gave the Roma people visa free? They were in organized begging and panhandling rings and scamming people with fake gold.
    They pretended that they were Syrian refugees and caused Muslims in Canada to become scapegoats.

  • Winston  On 12/01/2022 at 7:23 am

    They will come in on their Canadian Visa but they will not return….end of story!!!! Good example is Little Guyana in Queens, U.S.A., which is over-run with undocumented Guyanese.

    • Age  On 12/01/2022 at 8:18 pm

      Diaspora Guyanese are more aware these days, especially at a time when there is vitriol from fringe elements in Guyanese society and politics which vilify returning Guyanese. Ramps Logistics Inc does large contracts with Exxon, yet the Minister chastised Ramps as opportunists who don’t pay taxes, despite Ramps hire 400 Guyanese and is a regional logistics company.

  • wally  On 12/01/2022 at 11:44 am

    Sure as hell Guyana is high on the list to receive illegals, small population,high GNP..large open spaces, hopefully the Government asserts their authority, there is money to be made for politicians willing to comply, big bucks, remember the UN is involved.

    • Age  On 12/02/2022 at 2:27 am

      You sure talk big.

      Try that to the Sindicato gangs from Venezuela which are terrorizing the gold miners in Region One.

      These inflammatory rhetoric from Guyanese insinuating that people are rushing like refugees into Guyana come to a complete HALT when Venezuelan gangs or the Brazilian prison escapees are wrecking havoc in the interior.

    • Jim  On 12/02/2022 at 9:47 pm

      How is Canada allowing visa free permissions for Guyanese going to result in illegal immigrants in Guyana, or are you insinuating that citizens from Canada are coming into Guyana illegally?

      I find it highly offensive that people who want to invest in Guyana’s growing economy are labelled as illegals and refugees. This is evident in the way that Guyanese politicians and university professors are stigmatizing investors from Trinidad or Guyanese with American citizenship.

      • Age  On 12/03/2022 at 1:37 am

        Jim this vitriol will come back to bite the Ppp government. Before oil was discovered, the Ppp ruled Guyana for decades. So people will ask why were Guyanese suffering from potable water shortages and studying under candles after all those years under that government.

  • Dennis Albert  On 12/01/2022 at 11:37 pm

    You’re correct. Lots of American and Canadians of European descent who I doubt have work permits or have overstayed their visa-free time.

    According to Paloma Mohamed from UG, returning Guyanese “you must have to beg back” if you want to visit or return to Guyana as an investor, retiree or remigrant.

    • Age  On 12/02/2022 at 2:22 am

      A quick Google search reveals that the person who allegedly made that statement was educated at Harvard and another foreign university.
      Frederick Kissoon obtained a scholarship to study in Canada.
      Yet those are the same people who have disdain. I believe that they are a bunch of hypocrites.
      Minister of Natural Resources Vickram Bharrat went on a rant against Trinidad-born Guyanese investors, yet this same government is asking Canada for visa free rights. Total hypocrisy!

      • Dennis Albert  On 12/03/2022 at 8:57 am

        Uncle don’t stress pon dem ignorant donkeys. The more they scare away foreign investors, the more cheaper real estate will become here in Guyana for you to buy. So shhhhh don’t let the enemy know when they are making a huge mistake. We as Guyanese working class will be happy too when the politicians scare away the real estate speculators.

    • Jim  On 12/02/2022 at 9:43 pm

      Money has no race, nationality or citizenship. Guyana does not have the capital, infrastructure, or human capital to exploit the oil resources by themselves. The power grid is inefficient.

      Many places lack clean water. Water doesn’t go above the second floor in the capital city, requiring private water pumps and water storage systems.

      Many Guyanese have education equivalent to an associate’s degree. A few have an undergrad. Technical skills are extremely scarce.

      The oil investors want to make profit in Guyana, and the Guyanese Minister of Natural Resources, the Hon. Vickram Bharat should not have condemned ExxonMobil’s client because that can misconstrued as socialist populism that Venezuela did to Conoco-Philips and led to the nationalization of the oil industry.

      And a Harvard alumni repeating exclusive remarks that well-monied Guyanese with American or Canadian citizenship should have to beg to return to Guyana is insulting.

      • Age  On 12/03/2022 at 1:29 am

        Nothing “honorable” about that Ppp minister.

        He openly accused Ramps of not paying taxes. The same type of vitriol that Trump used to describe Mexican immigrants.

        Something is backward with some Guyanese people that they expect privileges like traveling visa free, yet acting more xenophobic towards the fellow Trinis who are in Guyana with their expertise in oil and gas.

        And to be fair, I see nothing wrong with Guyanese businessmen and bona fide tourists who want to reduce the hassle to visit Canada. I don’t even have a problem with Guyanese businessmen expensing their business travel on the visa free to GRA.

        It’s people like the Ppp minister, Freddie Kissoon and that UG Professor who are the problem. They want the advantages and generosity of America and Canada while shutting the door to everyone else.

  • Jim  On 12/04/2022 at 12:07 am

    Canada opens up the work permits to 200,000 a year to address a labour shortage in the northern country. This will add to the 490,000 newcomers planned to arrive next year.

    The Liberal government is using the migrant labour strategy to drive down your wages

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