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Guyana: Chinese companies bidding for New Harbour Bridge were blacklisted by World Bank for corrupt practices

New Demerara Harbour Bridge – below the existing bridge —  looking North

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Guyana: Oil: Guyana greenlights 8 more shore base facilities – Public Works Minister

Noting a need for more shore base facilities to service the oil sector’s expansion, Guyana’s Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill said the Government has given ‘no-objections’ to eight such projects, in addition to expansion works at the Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI).

“Most of the applications for shore bases are in port Demerara,” Mr. Edghill said. “We used to have 7-9 ships… Right now, the average is about 52 per week. Now, that’s just with 1 [floating production, storage and offloading] FPSO. When the next FPSO comes onstream, the anticipation from [Maritime Administration Department] MARAD; they have told me the traffic will go up between 70% to 80%. These ships need to have places to berth.”        Continue reading

Government: Why Oil Doesn’t Corrupt Norway – Video

Government: Why Oil Doesn’t Corrupt Norway – Video

This video gives a history of Norway’s oil industry and the operation of its Sovereign Trust Fund.

GUYANA: Government to use Norway Forest Funds for solar farms

GUYANA: Shifting power: Guyana’s Energy Mix – ZOOM Recording by Moray House Trust

GUYANA: Shifting power: Guyana’s Energy Mix – Video

Moray House Trust

This is the Zoom recording of the Moray House Trust panel on Saturday 2nd October 2021 with presentations from Simone Mangal-Joly (overview), Alfred Bhulai (solar/wind), the Hon David Patterson MP (gas-to-shore) and Maurice Veecock (Amaila Falls/hydro).

Presented by Moray House Trust

GUYANA: President Irfaan Ali speaks on the fire at Brickdam Police Station – Video

GUYANA: President Irfaan Ali speaks on the fire at Brickdam Police Station

Guyana Police Force Video – October 3, 2021

Today Sunday October 03, 2021, President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali toured the temporary facilities to house the fire-destroyed Brickdam Police Station at St. Stanislaus College. He then made a statement to the media.

GUYANA: Brickdam Police Station Destroyed By Fire – Detailed Information – 2 Videos

Fire Completely Destroys Brickdam Police Complex SPECIAL REPORT

NEWS SOURCE GUYANA – October 2, 2021

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GUYANA: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Investing in Guyana Webinars – October 4-8 @ 6PM EST


OIL: ‘Most transformational project in Guyana’s history’ can deliver huge benefits- says energy expert

Roger Kranenburg

The gas-to-energy project proposed by the Government of Guyana has the potential to not only create new industries and transform the economy but also represents the most environmentally sustainable option currently available to the country.  This is according to Roger Kranenburg, an international executive who specialises in the energy, electric utility, and telecommunications industries. Kranenburg declared that the pros of the project far outweigh the cons.

The gas-to-energy project will utilise associated natural gas from ExxonMobil’s Liza field with the pipeline passing through Crane and other communities before being landed at Wales on the West Bank of Demerara where the power generation facility will be constructed.      Continue reading

Guyana government says it will reveal plan for spending oil money – VP Jagdeo

ByOilNOW – September 16, 2021
OilNOW is an online-based Information and Resource Centre

Guyana’s Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo says a comprehensive programme will be made available to the public showing how oil revenues will be spent, with focus on priority areas such as infrastructure and social upliftment, inclusive of investments in education and healthcare.

In a recent interview published on social media, the Vice President said instead of leaving all of the money to accrue for future generations, the government has to address poverty and improve access to basic services.        Continue reading

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