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GUYANA ECONOMY: Not one Guyanese should be without, not with so much – By GHK Lall

GHK Lall

Dec 30, 2022 Features / Columnists, News, The GHK Lall Column

Kaieteur News – Happy holidays to all Guyanese, no exceptions.  Happy holidays also to those who have made Guyana their home, some temporarily due to commerce, others because of the necessity of circumstances.  Having been there and lived with my own circumstances for an eternity, I know what it is like to be away from the land of one’s birth.

Every Guyanese should have plenty, enough to enjoy a hearty holiday season; enough leftover to share a little good cheer.  This is the size of the endowment that has been given, the inheritance that is ours.  The wish and prayer are that what is in mind is accurate.  All have something, none is without.  In a land as filled to overflowing as it is with riches, we are the ones that should be sharing joy to the world because we have such joy in our times, and also resonating in our hearts.  Look at our numbers and how they gleam. Listen to how we feature in the conversations of countless others.  When we were always on the move to elsewhere, others are tumbling over themselves to get here.      Continue reading

Guyana: Striving to build a united country – Commentary

Striving to build a united country

Sluice construction at Hope Canal project

Sluice construction at Hope Canal project


At this time of the year we make resolutions because we all decide that we would be better than we were last year. At midnight, many of us would have made wishes with or without those whom we consider our life partners, or with close family members and friends. And of course, those resolutions and wishes are often not too extravagant.

Given the challenges we encountered at different times of the past year, not least among them the garbage crisis and being blacklisted by the international financial regulators, we also hope for better times. Some of us would simply hope that we live through the year.

The economic prospects are still relatively uncertain, given the modest levels of foreign investment and the apparent cutbacks by the international donor community. But the New Year offers something for each of us. One of the things the country can look forward to much-touted canal at Hope/Dochfour [read more], something that has been on the cards for longer than the authorities would have anticipated.    Continue reading

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