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CCUSA – Cricket Council USA – Player and Team Registrations

MAQ’s gift to American Cricketers

MARGATE/FL – Known as the Godfather of American cricket, administrator Mahammad Qureshi is giving the country’s cricketers a gift in 2019 when the USA National Championship MaqT10 tournament that is carded for April 26 to 28 at the Central Broward cricket ground is played off.

All the cricketers have to walk with his their gears as everything else is being sponsored by Qureshi for the 2019 tournament. The tournament which involves only cricketers from America will be played as a three-day affair with teams from the eight regions under the Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) banner.     Continue reading

Cricket: Alvin Kallicharran Awarded British Empire Medal – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine + video

Alvin Kallicharran is Honored With British Empire Medal

Alvin Kallicharran

It was August 2015 at Idlewild Park in New York. There were a number of greats of West Indies cricket. At the end of the game the young cricketers wanted to speak to only one of them. He willingly obliged and for the next few minutes he had them under his spell. Alvin Kallicharran spoke about the need for discipline, about keeping oneself fi t and above all to never to give up, even when a mountain is staring at you.

The youngsters listened intently and at the end of his motivational speech they gave him a warm applause. Alvin’s simplicity and his ability to mix with all have endeared him to people from all walks of life. He sees it as his mission to share his knowledge with others and to pass on information that can be of help.    Continue reading

CRICKET: CCUSA – National Championship – Registrations Open – April 26-28. 2019

West Indies Cricket – Sobers Lament – Dr Dhanpaul Narine

West Indies Cricket and the Sobers Lament – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Sir Garfield Sobers

We could talk until we turn blue. We could debate all night, and yes, since we are West Indians no one could win us in an argument. When it comes to cricket, we know the stories. As the liquids flow, we could recite the statistics from memory. West Indies beat England in 1950 at Lords, with those ‘pals of mine.’

We know about the exploits of the three ‘W’s, the majesty of Sobers, the swagger of Richards, the improvisation of Kanhai, and the matchless motions of Holding and Marshall. In the 1975 World Cup, when the wickets were tumbling at Lords it was Lloyd and Kanhai that held the side together. We need to remind Stevan Riley that his ‘Fire in Babylon’ shouldn’t only be about ‘black men winning in cricket.’ It should be about all nationalities. There were brown men too and they excelled. Kanhai, Kallicharran and Chanderpaul were once West Indies captains.

READ MORE: West Indies Cricket- Sobers Lament

CCUSA: California Bears Win 10th Annual US Open Cricket 2018


LAUDERHILL/USA: California Bears are the new champions of the US Open T20 tournament, as they defeated Somerset Caviliers in the finals of the tournament on Sunday at the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill.         Continue reading

Guyana: Reflections on growing up in a racial landscape – By Dennis Nichols

Growing up in a racial landscape… in Guyana

Kaieteur News_ -Oct 21, 2018  Countryman – By Dennis Nichols

‘Race’ has practically become a four-letter word for some Guyanese – although it’s simply a categorization of humans into groups, based on anatomical similarities and on cultural, genetic, geographical religious affiliation etc… It is perceived as a root cause of social division and antagonism, and in our ‘Land of six peoples’ this concept has often taken on strange and ominous connotations that tend to make a mockery of our ‘One People; One Nation; One Destiny’ motto.

This piece barely scratches the surface of ‘Race’ in our beloved El Dorado.    Continue reading

CCUSA – Cricket Council USA Tournament – December 12-17- Florida – Volunteers Required

Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) is seeking volunteers for the upcoming 10th Edition of the US Open T20 tournament.

The golden edition of the tournament will be massive in terms of world class stars and entertainment and hence the cricket body wants to extend an invitation to all those cricket fans who want to be part of something successful.

Those interested can contact Teasha Porter at 561-392-4800 or email When this is done, their accreditation can be done so that there is no issue with getting into the park and restricted areas on the days of the match.

This is the first time that CCUSA is seeking volunteers for the tournament because it has grown into comparison with a world event. Chairman Mahammad Qureshi welcomes those coming on board : “We are all in this for the development of the game of cricket in the US. Once you think that you can contribute in a meaningful way, then come on board and let’s make USA cricket great.”

The US Open T20 tournament gets off on December 12 and goes until December 17 at the Centre Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill.

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CRICKET: Chanderpaul receives UWI honorary doctorate

Chanderpaul receives UWI honorary doctorate

PHOTO: West Indies’ Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Here he acknowledges the crowd after scoring a double century in the first cricket test match against Bangladesh in Dhaka, Bangladesh, -Nov. 14, 2012.

West Indies cricket legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul recently received the Honorary Doctor of Laws by The University of the West Indies (UW)), St. Augustine, Trinidad.

Chanderpaul, 44, is one of the most outstanding batsmen in West Indies history. He is currently one of the Cricket West Indies (CWI) Ambassador for the ICC Women’s World Twenty20 tournament to be played in the Caribbean from Nov. 9-24.       Continue reading

West Indies Cricket History: Empire of Cricket Series – 6 videos

West Indies Cricket History: Empire of Cricket Series – video #1 of 6


Continue reading

Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of BC (GCCABC) – OLE TIME LIME – November 3. 2018

OLE TIME LIME – a fundraiser and social event hosted by Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of BC (GCCABC)
Saturday, November 3rd from 1-5pm at The Heritage Grill, 447 Columbia Street in New Westminster

In 2016 and 2017 we were able to send at least $500 each year directly to libraries in Guyana to help literacy initiatives. We have been able to partner with Guyana Book Foundation to ensure that those libraries got great value for the money; it allows us to spend in Guyana and thus help the economy; and it ensures that the materials are suitable for readers in Guyana. We all think that supporting literacy initiatives is incredibly important.               Continue reading

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