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GUYANA: Int’l study exposes worrying levels of mercury poisoning in South Rupununi Region

Gold Mining – Guyana

By Kiana Wilburg

Sep 12, 2021  Kaieteur News – In recognition of the oftentimes irreversible effects of methylmercury, the Government of Guyana, almost eight years ago, signed onto and ratified the Minamata Convention. That international treaty is designed to protect human life as well as the environment from the release of methylmercury and its compounds during gold mining activities.

In fact, the PPP/C and APNU+AFC had made pledges and implemented several initiatives since 2013 to phase out the use of methylmercury, one of the most toxic forms of mercury that is used in the gold sector particularly by artisanal and small miners. In spite of their best efforts to mitigate the effects or impacts of this chemical on human life and the environment, studies over the years have uncovered alarming levels of mercury poisoning/contamination in Indigenous people and their environs which are in proximity to mining camps that make use of the harmful chemical.            Continue reading

VIDEO: Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions and Puppets – By Abby Martin – Empire Files

Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions and Puppets – By Empire Files

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise has been assassinated. This came amidst mass protests against their US-backed dictator, Abby Martin covers how the US Empire has determined the destiny of the Haitian people for generations. This video was released on February 20, 2021.

This history is NOT in the history books or well known. Haiti is an extreme example of over-exploitation of resources (gold) and people.  The video does not mention the billions in $$$ reparations that Haiti has paid to France, for over 200 years, for the loss of their colony.            Continue reading

GUYANA: Most Regions Remain Flooded; G$10B (app $US 45M) in funding planned to address flooding

Guyana Map showing Regions


Despite a respite in some areas, floodwater remained at significant levels in most of the country’s regions yesterday as authorities continued to mobilise help for victims.

Residential and farm lands along the riverine villages in regions 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the worst affected and the respective Regional Chairs have concluded that these communities will face economic hardships in the coming months as the floods have decimated the livelihoods of many.

Continue reading

US Tracks Iranian Ships That May Be Heading For The Atlantic and Venezuela – Politico

  POLITICO: Compiled from Several Sources

At the Pentagon and other agencies, officials in the United States have been monitoring two ships from the Iran Navy for about two weeks.

Politico said it contacted the spokespersons for the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry; the Iranian Mission to the UN; and White House and Pentagon spokespersons. All of them, however, have declined to comment on the matter.

An Iranian frigate and the Makran, a former oil tanker that was converted to a floating forward staging base, have been heading south along the east coast of Africa, according to people who spoke on condition of anonymity.      Continue reading

Germany Agrees To Pay Namibia €1.1bn Over Historical Herero-Nama Genocide

Germany calls atrocities ‘genocide’ but omits the words ‘reparations’ or ‘compensation’ from a joint statement

NAMIBIA – click to enlarge

 Philip Oltermann In Berlin | The Guardian UK

Germany has agreed to pay Namibia €1.1bn (£940m) as it officially recognised the Herero-Nama genocide at the start of the 20th century, in what Angela Merkel’s government says amounts to a gesture of reconciliation but not legally binding reparations.

Tens of thousands of men, women and children were shot, tortured or driven into the Kalahari Desert to starve by German troops between 1904 and 1908 after the Herero and Nama tribes rebelled against colonial rule in what was then named German South West Africa and is now Namibia.            Continue reading

Guyana gives more than US$35M in waivers to Troy Resources in past five years

May 25, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Troy Resources, an Australian based gold mining company in Guyana, has over the past five years, saved some US$22 million in fuel imports alone and has also benefitted from another G$2.5B or U$13M in tax breaks between 2016 and 2018.

It would mean that the country gave about US$35M in waivers for fuel and tax breaks to the company during the period mentioned.
Guyana was paid on the other hand, G$17M or US$85,000 in royalties from that company during the same period, 2016 to 2018.      Continue reading

GOLD MINING: Secret contract…Govt. /Aurora tied to secrecy + Massive Concessions

An aerial view of the Aurora Gold Mines operation

GUYANA: Gold Mining: Secret contract exposed… Chinese company pays US$5 rent per acre + Duty-Free Imports

— Chinese company pays US$5 rent per acre for Guyana’s largest gold claim

Aurora Mine – Guyana

The generous concession comes as a result of a contract that was inked (by the PPP government) in November 2011 with Aurora Gold Mines, then owned by Canadian Guyana Goldfields, and since sold to the Chinese mining group.  Continue reading

GUYANA: OMAI Contract still shrouded in secrecy as company boasts of finding more gold

An Omai pit in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni)

Apr 24, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Despite it being approximately six months since Omai Gold Mines Limited (OMGL) would have returned to Guyana, the nation is still in the dark about the contract signed with the Government.

The company had closed up shop in Guyana in 2005 after operating since 1992, leaving its Wenot Pit operations located in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) dormant.

Upon departure, its holdings passed from the Canadian company, Cambior Resources, to its parent company, IAMGOLD, and then made its way into the hands of Mahdia Gold Corporation.              Continue reading

ExxonMobil slashes global spending, production to focus on Guyana’s Stabroek Block

Kaieteur News – ExxonMobil has slashed its global oil and gas production from its operations globally to 3.7 million barrels per day in stark contrast to its push to ramp up production in Guyana.
This would lead to Guyana accounting for a quarter of ExxonMobil’s total daily global production, which is being ramped up in the Stabroek Block, projected at 750,000 barrels per day in five years time.

ExxonMobil CEO, Darren Woods

These disclosures were had during its Investor Day Conference on Wednesday last, when Chief Executive Officer, Darren Woods, announced too that ExxonMobil has taken a decision to further slash its capital expenditure globally—a stark contrast to its increased expenditure in the Guyana Stabroek Block.      Continue reading