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GUYANA: Building Expo 2022- Govt. pledges millions of dollars in free building materials for eligible applicants

Building Expo 2022… -Slashes interest rates for houses and buildings

Scenes from Friday 22 July Launch of Building Expo 2022.

By Shervin Belgrave – Kaieteur News  – Guyana’s largest and most anticipated Building Exposition officially opened on Friday afternoon at the Providence National Stadium.

The event was noticeably enveloped by grandiose decorations, state-of -the-art architectural layouts for hundreds of booths and all the pomp and ceremony, one could envision for the opening that featured presentations from President, Irfaan Ali; Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal; and Minister within his ministry; Susan Rodrigues.

READ MORE: https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2022/07/23/govt-pledges-millions-worth-of-free-building-materials-for-eligible-house-lot-applicants/#

GUYANA: Commission of Inquiry into 2020 elections to open next week – President Ali

– President to empanel commissioners Tuesday

Jun 17, 2022 —Kaieteur News

In what can be seen as an about-face decision, President Irfaan Ali announced on Thursday that next week Tuesday, he will be naming the persons to sit on an international panel to inquire into the chaotic 2020 General and Regional elections.

Ali made the announcement while wrapping up his speech at the Enmore Martyrs’ Commemoration Service. “In honour of these martyrs and all Guyanese who fought relentlessly to ensure that our country did not go down as an undemocratic state…we will have an international CoI into the last elections.

Not a review…we promise, particularly your President promise a CoI and I say to all of you before dawn on Tuesday, your President will name the members of that CoI and those who sought to subvert democracy… the COI will set the truth from the untruth…” Ali declared.              Continue reading

GUYANA: Guyanese women nervy over high cost of living – IRI Poll

Apr 22, 2022 – Kaieteur News   

Inflation – Rising Prices

Stemming from the global pandemic and more recently, the Russia/Ukraine war, the cost of living has had a huge impact on local citizens, so much so that union leaders and other concerned society members have been urging the administration to do more in cushioning the effects of this fall out.

Supporting the view that citizens have been hard hit by these constraints is the recently concluded International Republican Institute (IRI) survey which reported that women and rural communities are amongst those most concerned about the effects of the ongoing issue. The cost of living and the country’s economic situation, the report said, was the biggest concern when citizens were asked about the important problems facing the country.

The report said that of the 1500 survey participants, 26 percent of them generally saw the cost of living as a serious problem.           Continue reading

GUYANA: The untouchables- Sexual assault and harassment – By Akola Thompson

Underreporting of crimes within the realm of sexual assault and harassment, has long been an issue of concern. Reporting is often held up as the end all goal for those with experiences of abuse, as it is seen as adding a layer of believability to their reports. There is also the belief that the road to justice for the abused is one that is well paved and non-traumatic, leading them towards the justice that is deserved. These rationales however, are often the furthest thing from the truth, as reporting systems, despite a lot of progress, remain very traumatic and time consuming.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Gov’t in talks with Air Canada for direct flights to Guyana – newsroom.gy

Newsroom- Guyana – February 17, 2022

Air Canada – the largest Canadian airline – has signalled keen interest to enter Guyana’s market with the executives engaging President Irfaan Ali, the Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill and the Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry Oneidge Walrond on Wednesday.

Though the meeting was held behind closed doors, Minister Edghill shared with the News Room on Thursday that the engagement was a “continuation of talks” with the airline that could possibly see direct flights being offered to Canada from Guyana.

“We want service out of Toronto direct to Guyana so we continuing talks to see that be realised,” the Public Works Minister said during a telephone interview.

Continue reading

GUYANA: Politics: Harmon says PNCR elections do not justify him being removed as Opposition Leader

Demerara Waves: Denis Chabrol — Tuesday, 28 December 2021,

Joseph Harmon

Guyana’s Opposition Leader, Mr. Joseph Harmon on Tuesday sought to justify why he should remain in that post, saying that represents a larger block of more than 200,000 Guyanese voters instead of just over 1,000 delegates who voted at the party’s recent internal elections.

“The Leader of the Opposition is representative of over 218,000 persons who went to the electorate and voted and so that is my mandate. The mandate of Leader of the PNC is a separate mandate altogether,” he told reporters. Mr. Harmon said the Opposition Leader and the PNCR Leader should “work together very closely” but they are two separate positions. Reminded that he had campaigned for the leadership of his party and the Opposition Leader to be one office holder, he said he had done so to get the strength of the party behind his existing office of Opposition Leader.          Continue reading

Guyana: US Government calls on Guyana to ‘stamp out’ corruption’

…corruption threatens security, hinders economic growth, and siphons away public and private resources,” US Ambassador

…says private sector actors must also answer for any role in corrupt practices

USA Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch

Dec 09, 2021 – Kaieteur News – As the world today observes, International Anti-Corruption Day, the government of the United States of America, has called on governments—including Guyana—“to announce meaningful commitments and initiatives, and to engage with civil society and the private and philanthropic sectors, since they play a critical role in supporting democracy, fighting corruption, and protecting human rights.”

The sentiments were espoused in a statement by the US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, who noted that the occasion coincides with US President, Joe Biden, “hosting a virtual Summit for Democracy, at which (Guyana’s) President (Irfaan) Ali, has confirmed his attendance.”            Continue reading

Guyana: The Public servants’ 7% increase unilaterally imposed by Government – Opinion

Stabroek News

Stabroek News Editorial – November 21, 2021

It was only the week before last when President Irfaan Ali told the nation that discussions were ongoing on wages and salary increases for public servants, and that an announcement would be made very soon. Well an announcement was made not long after that by Finance Minister Ashni Singh, who said that government would be paying an across-the-board increase of 7% to public servants, teachers, members of the Disciplined Services, constitutional office-holders and government pensioners. He went on to say that it would not be tax free but that it would be retroactive to January 1, 2021. Furthermore, it would be paid with salaries for December, “and in time for the festive season.”            Continue reading

Guyana’s two-headed presidency – an obvious monstrosity, a real embarrassment – Opinion By GHK Lall

   By GHK Lall

I knew that problems lurked, a national embarrassment waited.  This was the result of the slick work of a political cardsharp that dumped a leadership arrangement on Guyana, which is now this aberration of a two-headed presidency.  Every time it raises its head, Guyana is made weaker, looks lost, and appears as a bigger global laughingstock.

This was conspicuous at the United Nations.  There was the President and Vice President of this poor little nation sitting together, and their global political contemporaries wondering why both of them are there at the same time.  It was virtually unprecedented in international forums, prompting the foreigners to ask themselves who was the real Number 1 at the UN, and who was minding the store in oil-flushed Guyana.  Since the VP is overseer for oil, then he should have more than enough on his hands pursuing the best deals for this country, and engrossed that removes him from his role as chaperone to the president.      Continue reading

Guyana, Barbados agree to cooperate in a range of businesses

Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali and Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley (backing camera) holding discussions in Barbados

Guyana and Barbados have agreed to intensify meaningful cooperation in the areas of gold jewellery, tourism marketing, hospitality training and agriculture, President Irfaan Ali announced on Friday October 29, 2021.

He said the two sister Caribbean Community (CARICOM)-member nations have agreed to establish a “gold market hub” for the sale of jewellery mainly to tourists. “Barbados is a major cruise destination and we are working on the possibility of adding value to Guyana’s gold and creating a gold marketing hub concept in Barbados,” he said.        Continue reading

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