GUYANA: Gov’t in talks with Air Canada for direct flights to Guyana –

Newsroom- Guyana – February 17, 2022

Air Canada – the largest Canadian airline – has signalled keen interest to enter Guyana’s market with the executives engaging President Irfaan Ali, the Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill and the Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry Oneidge Walrond on Wednesday.

Though the meeting was held behind closed doors, Minister Edghill shared with the News Room on Thursday that the engagement was a “continuation of talks” with the airline that could possibly see direct flights being offered to Canada from Guyana.

“We want service out of Toronto direct to Guyana so we continuing talks to see that be realised,” the Public Works Minister said during a telephone interview.

President Irfaan Ali (third from right), Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill (second left) and Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry Oneidge Walrond (third from left) with the executives of Air Canada

He also said that engagements are ongoing between other Air Canada executives and government representatives who are currently in Canada for the Canada Roots Exchange Conference.

Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada by fleet size and passengers; its headquarters is based in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. The airline, founded in 1937, provides scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 207 destinations worldwide.

But it is not the only airline that is keen on entering Guyana’s market; last year, a total of six airline applications were under review by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA).

And according to GCCA Director-General, Egbert Field, it shows just how lucrative Guyana’s investment potential is – a direct result of the massive oil and gas discoveries in the Stabroek Block.

This will auger well for Guyanese because as more airlines ply the Guyana route, fares will become affordable in wake of looming competition.

For an airline to be approved to fly the Guyana route, it must be subject to a strict review process and includes a thorough financial analysis to determine how viable, stable, solvent, and profitable the business is, accompanied by an economic analysis along with a review to satisfy airline safety requirements.

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  • Nadia C S  On 04/30/2022 at 9:57 pm

    Is there a confirmed date when they will start operating? Cause many are anxiously awaiting Air Canada to fly to Guyana.

    • Brother Man  On 04/30/2022 at 11:45 pm

      “Is there a confirmed date when they will start operating?” Nadia.

      Please read before asking unnecessary questions.

      The answer to your question is in the article above. It’s clearly stated that they (Air Canada and the Government of Guyana) are currently at the discussional stage.

      In other words, they are talking and thus nothing is as yet confirmed. If or when the parties have reached a firm agreement, it will be so mentioned.

      In addition to Air Canada, six other airlines have expressed interest in flying to and from Guyana. It’s all in the article.

      • Brother Man  On 05/01/2022 at 1:16 am

        In the above photo, Ali is third from left and Walrond is also third from left. Okay, go ahead and keep us confounded!

  • Dennis Albert  On 05/02/2022 at 8:47 am

    Is sheer people like Alison Redford who gonna pack up those Air Canada flights to rob us of our oil.

    The Air Canada prices will be higher than the Caribbean Airline flights at first, because the corrupt politicians and elite in Canada want that one way flight to Guyana to get rich off the backs of the Guyanese people.

    What Caribbean Airlines should do is to end the 1 hour transfer from Piarco; Guyanese have no use landing there, especially when Trinis are coming to our shores to profit from our oil. Our 11 billion plus barrels of oil reserves.

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