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GUYANA: Government scraps US$12.5M Enmore Sugar Packaging Plant

— to build new one at Albion, expand another at Blairmont

Feb 27, 2022  -Kaieteur News – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Sasenarine Singh recently revealed that the government is planning to build a new packaging plant at Albion along with the expansion of one at Blairmont for 2022. 

During a recent online interview, Singh said this is all part of a design to be able to sell sugar at a higher value and to ensure the country has enough capacity to produce packaged sugar products for the international market as it opens up. Singh was pleased to announce that the government is already making headway in opening new markets while noting that GuySuCo was able to successfully open a Jamaican market. The CEO said too that last year the government was successful in opening up markets in Grenada and even secured sugar sales for the first time to Germany.        Continue reading

VENEZUELA: Russia sends nuclear bombers to Venezuela – CNN video + Putin’s reasons video – Sky News

CNN Report – 26 February, 2022

Putin Makes Military Moves in America’s Backyard. – CNN

Sends supersonic bombers to Venezuela, that carry nuclear weapons

Also view video below…  IS THIS… TIT FOR TAT BY RUSSIA

Russia’s Putin: The US is parking missiles “on the porch of our house”  – Video

(SKY NEWS – 23 December 2021) Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Sky News that the US and NATO are expanding onto Russia’s borders – and not the other way around. At his traditional end of year news conference, Mr Putin answered questions from the world’s media. And he told Sky News’ Russia Correspondent Diana Magnay that his country wasn’t threatening anybody and that he didn’t want conflict in Ukraine. But he said the ball “is in the West’s court”.

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EUROPE: Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline: The $11BN Megaproject That’s Dividing Europe -video

Nord Stream 2: The $11BN Megaproject That’s Dividing Europe

By B1M –  It’s more than just a pipe. For more by The B1M subscribe now – https://bit.ly/the-b1m

Published Jan 5, 2022. This project has been mentioned as one of the main reasons for the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Some Comments: Germany is closing down their last nuclear power plants this year so they’re utterly dependent on gas to keep homes warmed in the winter and the grid powered. Solar and wind just won’t cover the entire energy need.

What seems to be forgotten is that this pipeline was started at the behest of the German government, which needed the gas after shutting down their nuclear plants. The Russians had to be persuaded after the debacle that was the southern pipeline project which got cancelled by the EU at a great cost to them.

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