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EUROPE: Western powers have realised Russia is largely immune to sanctions – Analysis

Analysis: Only the financial equivalent of unleashing a nuclear arsenal will dent Russia’s foreign assets war chest

A branch of VTB bank in Moscow
PHOTO: A VTB bank in Moscow. Economists have said sanctioning banks is largely ineffective. Photograph: Evgenia Novozhenina/Reuters
Economics editor –THE GUARDIANSat 26 Feb 2022 01.57 GMT

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, despite its long gestation and planning by Vladimir Putin and his supporters in the Kremlin, was supposed to end quickly once financial retaliation began. Yes, there would be military skirmishes on the ground, but little more than a few casualties were expected once a range of penalties began to bite.

The western powers have quickly realised that unless they are willing to fire the financial equivalent of a nuclear arsenal, Putin has made sure Russia is largely immune, at least in the short term.          Continue reading

TRINIDAD: Here are the top ten finalists of the Senior Kings of Carnival 2022

Here are the top ten finalists of the Senior Kings of Carnival 2022! These contestants will vie for the crown at the Dimanche Gras show on Sunday 27th February 2022.
Photos by Maria Nunes

USA: How Ketanji Brown Jackson Could Change The Supreme Court

After several weeks of mild suspense, President Biden announced that he’s nominating Ketanji Brown Jackson, who currently sits on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Now, the Senate is hurtling toward its fourth Supreme Court confirmation hearing in five years. Jackson, who is the first Black woman ever to be nominated to the court, has support from several progressive groups. If she’s confirmed, she’ll probably move the court’s Democratic-appointed bloc even further to the left – although it’s not clear from the data we have just how liberal she’ll be.          Continue reading

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