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GUYANA: Vice Media’s Interview with Vice President Jagdeo – Stabroek News Editorial

By February 12, 2022

Stabroek News

To see our Vice President fumbling for words the other evening in his interview with VICE Media was not pretty.

His typical press conference begins with a two-hour monologue touching on every issue, many of which are outside his chief cook and bottle washer portfolio. Local media operators tolerate these because most of them are genuinely intimidated by Mr Jagdeo who has described them as vultures, barred one senior reporter from his press conferences and pulled state advertisements from this newspaper.

So one might not feel too sorry for him when he  was led to believe for over an hour that the award winning journalist, Isobel Yeung, was genuinely interested in his opinions on oil, the environment and his grand vision for Guyana with a mandatory sprinkling of attacks on opposition individuals she had likely never heard of.          Continue reading

GUYANA: AFC says termination of talks with top Demerara bridge bidder raises serious questions

An artist’s rendition of the path of the new bridge

An artist’s rendition of the path of the new bridge

In a press release, AFC General Secretary and former Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson says that the announcement on Tuesday that the government had terminated talks with the Chinese contractor and moved to the next bidder on the replacement of the Demerara Bridge was suspicious and requires a proper, detailed and coherent explanation.    Continue reading

VENEZUELA: The Tragic Tales of Three Venezuelan Migrant Children – Caracas Chronicles

These tragedies in Trinidad, Chile and the U.S. sadden us, but should also motivate us to continue demanding safe, orderly and regular pathways for Venezuelan migrants 

Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian | Caracas Chronicles

On February 5th, 2022, an awful tragedy happened. A Venezuelan baby was killed in his mother’s arms when the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard fired at the boat carrying a group of Venezuelan migrants.

We know that at least three Venezuelan kids have died migrating to another country so far this year.            Continue reading

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