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AFC reminds that Guyanese ‘are a people born of great sacrifice’  

The Alliance For Change extends greetings to all Guyanese on the occasion of Guyana’s 52nd Anniversary as a Cooperative Republic. Republic Day or Mashramani as it is more commonly known has become for our nation a time of celebration and taking pride in nationhood.

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GUYANA: The Bright Century Beckons: But What’s In It For Me, And When? – By Ralph Ramkarran

– By Ralph Ramkarran – February 19, 2022 Conversation Tree Blog

The spectacular possibilities that await Guyana were revealed at the recently concluded Oil & Gas conference. Government spokespersons, led by President Irfaan Ali, Prime Minister Mark Phillips and Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, and other officials, revealed plans, set out priorities and declared objectives. The head of Exxon talked about the possibilities of the oil industry and its growing potential. Not only will production increase but discoveries will multiply. The official estimate of reserves is 10 billion barrels, the unofficial 13. Guyanese can begin to think realistically of a potential of 20 billion and hope for 30 billion.

This was a conference to encourage investment and investors were represented. But the Heads of Government who attended – from Barbados, Suriname and Ghana – spoke about the interests of the Guyanese people. Even though Guyanese leaders did so as well, it was clear that uppermost in the minds of conference participants was investment opportunities, and not wages and working conditions for the jobs that would be created.           Continue reading

GUYANA: Use LNG ISO tank containers. Exxon’s gas-to-shore pipeline is the costlier option – PNCR

PNCR’s Gary Best

“Another PPP white elephant like the Skeldon Sugar factory, the fibre optic cable project, and more recently, Enmore Packaging Plant”.

Citing reckless usage of taxpayers’ dollars by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government in the past, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) is calling for an urgent review of the proposed pipeline, to transport natural gas discovered off the coast of Guyana to the Wales Development Zone, West Bank Demerara (WBD) in the administration’s highly touted Gas to Energy Project.

During a press conference hosted by the Party on Tuesday, PNCR member Gary Best said, it has become clear that the government intends to stubbornly forge ahead, ignoring the several red flags raised by independent analysts and technical experts with regard to the project’s costs, design, and viability.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Natural Gas from Exxon barely enough for new power plant — Brassington

Feb 22, 2022 Kaieteur News — By Gary Eleazar

Winston Brassington

…  fertilizer, ammonia, other value added gas products now unlikely

Government last year, as part of plans to generate electricity in Guyana, using natural gas coming from the Stabroek Block invited Request for Proposals inviting joint participation in a Public Private Partnership arrangement for the construction of a new 300 megawatt power plant along with other factories, aimed at fully utilising the resource to be had through the development of fertilisers and other hydrocarbon byproducts.

The gas to be had from the Stabroek Block however, is barely enough to be used at the gas fired power plant with the remainder being able to go towards the production of about 3,700 barrels of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) used for cooking.

Stark revelation at Energy Conference and Expo                Continue reading

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