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GUYANA: PNCR Leader Aubrey Norton promises to scrap income tax

Aubrey Norton

“The PNCR wishes to make it clear that as your government-in-waiting, as part of the coalition, we will remove the burden of personal income tax from our people,” he said. Mr. Norton said the scrapping of the income tax was an “enduring obligation” to Guyanese “given the current favourable economic circumstances from oil and gas.”

In the 2022 National Budget, the government increased the income tax threshold to GY$75,000. (app $375US/month).      Continue reading

GUYANA: GPL’s customers must pay or all electricity from Amaila – even if unused — Winston Brassington

Winston Brassington

…to also meet shortfall if revenues not enough to pay Chinese Co.

Feb 24, 2022- Kaieteur News – The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Incorporated and its customers, will, in the event of the power being supplied by the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Plant (AFHEP) not be utilized by its customers, stand that risk.

Additionally, if for whatever reason the revenue garnered by GPL is insufficient to meet payment obligations under a Power Purchase Agreement—currently being negotiated—then again the power company and its customers are the parties that bear the risk and would have to meet any shortfall in payments to the Chinese contractor sponsor of AFHEP, China Railway First Group.

This much was made pellucid—for those paying attention—during the recently concluded International Energy Conference and Expo 2022, when Winston Brassington, the de facto head of the AFHEP Project, provided delegates with an update.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Wha Mo Yo Want?!! – By Eric Matthews

GUYANA: Wha Mo Yo Want?!! – By Eric Matthews

Just  sun,  an’  more  sun,  an’  rain,  an’  more  rain,

An’ mud  an’ slush,  an’ sandy  beaches,  an’  northeast  trades,

An’  a  hundred  waterfalls,  an’  rapids,  an’  rivers,  an’  creeks,

Black,  fresh,  muddy,  slow,  swift- flowing,

All heading  fo’  de  Atlantic.

Cool  mountains,  dark  starry  night  skies,  an’  wide  open  savannahs,

Rich  earth,  virgin,  pristine  forests.

Wha’  mo’yo’  want?  Everytingyo’  want  deh  hay!

Continue reading

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