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MEDICAL: This Little Pill Camera Could Be The End Of Colonoscopies – BBC News

A tiny camera that fits inside a pill-sized capsule has revolutionised cancer screening in Scotland. Over two thousand patients have now used the PillCam rather than the more traditional invasive method of having a colonoscopy. The PillCam has reduced waiting times for bowel cancer screening and allowed faster diagnoses, an important factor in battling the disease.

The procedure itself is technically called a colon capsule endoscopy (CCE). The tiny camera is swallowed like a pill and then travels through the digestive system, recording 50,000 images along its journey. The images from the camera are stored in a recorder worn on a belt around the patient’s waist.

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SHORT STORY: GUYANA: Incident In A Jungle Path – By Ted Eric Matthews

By  Ted  Eric  Matthews

We arrived at Kurupung Creek Mouth at about 5.00 pm.

River sounds and jungle shadows, semi-dark and mottled undergrowth, shimmering leaves, all seemingly playing with the fading patterns of the late afternoon sunlight on vines, on the barks of tree trunks, on everything botanic. River and jungle sounds were all around us, enveloping, pulling us into the dark, heaviness of the unfamiliar, the spirit of the forests, and of the mountains; the spirit of the “bush,” the pull of the “interior.”      Continue reading

GUYANA: OIL: Read the latest edition of the ENERGY Magazine – Q4 2021 Edition

Read the latest edition of Guyana’s Energy Magazine –  Q4 2021 – 48 pages

 READ MAGAZINE: http://www.energyupdate.gy/books/yulq/
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