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RUSSIA – Ukraine conflict / crisis Explained | Everything in detail | Geopolitics – Video

RUSSIA – Ukraine conflict / crisis Explained | Everything in detail | Geopolitics

By Amit Sengupta – 2,089,915 views –Feb 7, 2022 – Some comments below

This was extremely informative. Thank you for putting this together. As “westerner” trying to figure out what the hell is going on here and why what the media is telling us makes no sense, I finally have some clarity.

There is a fundamental issue in all of this. With the expansion of the EU and NATO after the fall of the Soviet empire, Russia feels threatened, and this is a historic feeling in the face of the West for the experiences with Napoleon and Hitler. The fact of possessing a vast territory was fundamental for the final victory in both cases. The retreat and scorched earth tactics were decisive for Russia. Today war is different, distances are no longer so important, but they remain vital in Russian and Putin’s psyche.

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CRICKET: Analysis: West Indies’ England Test Series squad selections – Four Day Championships

 By: By Tony (McWatt) and Reds Perreira

Stabroek News — February 20, 2022

The first two completed rounds of the 2022 Caribbean Regional Four-Day Championships would have presented the Desmond Haynes led Selection Panel with much food for thought to chew on in terms of their choices for the West Indies 13-member squad to face England in the forthcoming three-Test series.

With Head Coach Phil Simmons still currently away in India, it was left to his fellow selectors, Chairman Desmond Haynes and his sidekick Ramnaresh Sarwan, to observe player performances during the Four-Day Championships first two rounds as they pertained to eventual choices for the forthcoming Tests against England. In some instances, they would have been very pleased by what they saw, in others overly disappointed.              Continue reading

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