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COVID: No Restrictions: How Denmark Decided COVID Isn’t a Critical Threat to Society – The Atlantic

The country became the first in the EU to lift all COVID restrictions despite leading the world in per capita infections.

On February 1, Denmark became the first country in the European Union to lift all pandemic restrictions. Indoor mask mandates? Gone. Vaccine passports at bars, restaurants, and stadiums? See ya. Mandatory isolation for infected individuals? Farvel.

Reading this news, you might assume that Denmark succeeded in eliminating COVID. But its infection rate is currently higher than every other country’s in the world—except one: the South Pacific archipelago nation of Palau.          Continue reading

CRICKET: CWI insulting Caribbean cricket fans and followers’ intelligence – commentary

—  with its report on a “successful” England T20 Series

By Tony (McWatt) and Reds Perreira

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