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GUYANA: Politics: Harmon says PNCR elections do not justify him being removed as Opposition Leader

Demerara Waves: Denis Chabrol — Tuesday, 28 December 2021,

Joseph Harmon

Guyana’s Opposition Leader, Mr. Joseph Harmon on Tuesday sought to justify why he should remain in that post, saying that represents a larger block of more than 200,000 Guyanese voters instead of just over 1,000 delegates who voted at the party’s recent internal elections.

“The Leader of the Opposition is representative of over 218,000 persons who went to the electorate and voted and so that is my mandate. The mandate of Leader of the PNC is a separate mandate altogether,” he told reporters. Mr. Harmon said the Opposition Leader and the PNCR Leader should “work together very closely” but they are two separate positions. Reminded that he had campaigned for the leadership of his party and the Opposition Leader to be one office holder, he said he had done so to get the strength of the party behind his existing office of Opposition Leader.          Continue reading

GUYANA: Politics: PNCR’s Leader Elections: 967 (Norton); Harmon (245); Vanwest Charles (64)

The People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) Chief Election Officer, Vincent Alexander on Sunday afternoon officially announced that Aubrey Norton is “poised to be installed” as the next elected leader of that party and that three other persons from Team Norton have been elected to top executive positions.

He rejected suggestions that the prolonged delay in announcing the results had anything to do with internal negotiations. “I want to disabuse the public of any such thought and to distance myself from any such kind of involvement. The results I bring tp you are the results of the election after the count and do not in any way involve any intervention with anyone for any purpose,” said Mr. Alexander before disclosing the results for the top four positions.          Continue reading

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