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Guyana Elections 2020: High Court stops Recount – CARICOM team leaves – Updates

High Court blocks CARICOM-supervised recount of Guyana’s general election votes

Guyana Elections 2020: Whoever wins also loses… and that means all of us – GHK Lall

Mar 16, 2020  Features / ColumnistsLetters, Kaieteur News

Dear Editor…. Letter from GHK Lall 

I stand in strong support of a full national recount. At first, I thought that that represented the sum of commonsense, a deep wisdom, given what we have had, and what now rages with all the intensity (the increasing and unceasing intensity) of an unstoppable inferno. Then I came to my senses, which had deserted me for a short moment. Yes! This is what this place does to citizens.

I came to my senses that while a full recount looks like the way out of the quagmire-the grave, to be unsparingly and crudely blunt-there is a problem, a serious problem that is sure to raise and display another of its many frightening heads. It is that somebody, from some party, is sure to raise hell and run amok with claims that the ballot boxes were tampered with and, you guessed it, stuffed. Or rearranged to the detriment of the competition.        Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: Granger, Jagdeo agree to CARICOM-supervised recount of All Votes

Caricom Headquarters
Georgetown. Guyana.

CARICOM Chairman and Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, has announced that President David Granger and Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, have agreed for a CARICOM team to oversee the recount of the all ten electoral districts.

— Mottley sees it as ‘giant step’ in determining the will of the people

By Staff Editor – Stabroek News –

The deal could potentially defuse a national crisis over the Region Four count from the March 2 general elections that has deepened the political and racial divide in the country, a flare-up of unrest and seen Guyana threatened with isolation by the US, UK, EU and Canada.

The crisis has revolved around the failure of the Region Four Returning Officer, Clairmont Mingo to properly count the votes to the dismay of opposition parties and local and international observers.

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Guyana Elections 2020: Region Four Declaration Puts Coalition Ahead + Related Elections News

Category Archive: Kaieteur News

..… Late-night Region Four declaration puts coalition ahead

Returning officer, Clairmont Mingo made a declaration of the region four general and regional election results shortly before midnight last night at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM)’s…


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OPINION: Election violence shows need for power-sharing in racially divided Guyana


The dreaded oil curse seen in some small countries which became suddenly wealthy and which some commentators have been warning Guyana about has struck even before the expected billions of dollars has come on stream from newly discovered eight billion barrels of oil deposit.

The first shipment had barely left before violent unrest erupted. It was not about petro-dollar corruption, which was the fear, but the original bane of Guyana – tense race relations mixed with politics. This time it is over the purported result of the March 2 general election and the attendant turmoil is as wholly unnecessary as it is distressing.          Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: US warns Guyana of consequences

– says ‘de facto’ regimes will not receive same treatment as democratically elected ones

The US is taking a tough stance on the elections developments in Guyana. Yesterday it hinted at sanctions.

 US Assistant Secretary, Michael Kozak

“Under U.S. law and practice, those who participate and benefit from electoral fraud, undermine democratic institutions and impede a peaceful transition of power can be subject to a variety of consequences,” says Assistant Secretary (ag) for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Michael Kozak, in Twitter posts.        Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2000 — Comedy of Errors or Circus of Terrors? – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Organizing free and fair elections is more important than the result itself.

The people who cast the votes decide nothing the people who count the votes decide everything.
Count me in as one of the bona fide Guyanese who was glad to know that the elections to decide who governs Guyana would be taking place on March 2, and even happier to know that there would be a team of observers (Organization of American States) headed by former Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding. Former Barbados Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, is heading the Commonwealth Observer team. In place were all the elements to ensure that there would be
no element(s) of recurrence of the past — accusations of riggings, fraud, loud shouting and foul mouthing as was the case in the previous election of 2015.        Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: OPINION: Why Region 4 Verification was Terminated – By Ron Cheong

Why Region 4 Verification was Terminated
By Ron Cheong – March 11, 2020

To answer the question it helps to look at the verified results in the other nine Regions in conjunction with Region 4 results for 2020. First, let’s look at the three Regions other than Region 4 that APNU/AFC carried in 2015:

 In Region 10, the most unassailable APNU stronghold, their share of the verified vote is down
 In Region 8, their share declined 4.1%.
 And in Region 7, APNU/AFC share declined by a hefty 8.8%, with the smaller parties combined clawing away a significant 8.3%.

READ MORE: Why Region 4 Verification Terminated

Guyana Elections 2000: High Court Orders Recount Of Ballots In Disputed Election Region

Guyana High Court

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, March 11, 2020 (CMC) – Acting Chief Justice, Roxanne George-Wiltshire, ruled, today, that the declaration, made by the Returning Office in Region 4, in Guyana’s disputed regional and general on March 2, was “unlawful” and in breach of the Representation of the People’s Act.

In a lengthy ruling, the Acting Chief Justice acknowledged her ruling would be of national importance and would evoke widespread interest and awareness.

“I understand that whatever rulings are made today, are likely to excite emotions of different kinds from the parties involved, as well as the wider audience and community,” she told the Court.          Continue reading

Guyana Elections 2020: High Court says it can hear case against GECOM…..

— agrees elections report must be scrapped

Guyana High Court

Chief Justice, Roxane George-Wiltshire on Sunday ruled that the High Court has jurisdiction to hear related cases involving several now “absolute” orders against the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) that results for Region Four must not be declared unless they are verified using the same process as they other nine regions have.

Sunday’s decision effectively puts a brake on the possible meeting of GECOM to ratify  a report by the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield and pave the way for the possible swearing in of David Granger as President for a second consecutive term.              Continue reading

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