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Guyana Politics: Irfaan Ali refuses to give up PPP presidential candidacy after High Court ruling

 —- High Court rules he must face fraud charges

Irfaan Ali and Bharrat Jagdeo.

Opposition People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) Irfaan Ali on Friday vowed to remain in the race for the presidency, although the High Court recently ruled that he must face trial for allegedly conspiring to defraud government of a total of GYD$174 million by selling land below their valued prices.

“Not one bit! I’m not stepping aside at all. I’m here to stand up for the people of Guyana. I’m here to stand with my party in ensuring that the PPP moves on to victory for all Guyanese to ensure that all Guyanese have a better future, a stronger future,” he said when asked by Demerara Waves Online News.          Continue reading

GECOM to begin house-to-house registration on July 20. 2019

– Opposition Leader says it is illegal according to CCJ orders

There is another development now that is likely to pit the Coalition Government and the Opposition on another collision course.

GECOM, in a recent publication in the Official Gazette, announced that it will start house-to-house registrations from Saturday, July 20, 2019. The exercise is set to conclude on October 20.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Western diplomats urge actors to abide by CCJ’s rulings expeditiously

US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch

The court had been approached after a number of legal challenges starting with the High Court on the December 21 no-confidence motion (NCM) which saw the government fall and provisions of the Constitution of Guyana triggered for elections within three months.

In the order handed down last week by the Trinidad-headquartered CCJ, the court stopped short of announcing a date for early elections but pointed out that Constitution speaks to how matters should be handled.            Continue reading

New PPP GECOM list: an Ocean’s Eleven of the mostly unfavorable – by GHK Lall

   by GHK Lall –  Demerara Waves – July 8, 2019

I was hoping for a serious list, not necessarily an entirely new list, but one that offered names holding out some hope that the electoral challenges at hand were viewed through a wider lens. I suppose that, now it is on the record, the best will have to be done with it. And if this is the best that came out of the recent government-opposition consultation, then pessimism has to rule. I share what I think of this list of names.  (See list at the end of this article).

There are couple of decent folks in the mix. Literally. From that eleven, there is only one or two of any authentic caliber; and in whom I would place some degree of trust. Trust is the key word demanded, and which has to emerge from what has to be the dirtiest, most thankless, most unforgiving job in the world.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: Granger nominates eight for GECOM Chair including Justice Patterson

Stabroek News – 08 July 2019

President David Granger has nominated eight persons for position of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) including the former controversial holder of the post, Justice James Patterson.

The other nominees are  Stanley Ming, Kesaundra Alves, Dr Aubrey Armstrong, Kadim Khan, Kim Kyte-Thomas, Justice Claudette La Bennett and Justice Stanley Moore.

The President made nominations after Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said that in keeping with the CCJ ruling of June 18 he would be prepared to consider nominees though he will have the final say on the list to be submitted.          Continue reading

Guyana Elections: Jagdeo resubmits 11 names for GECOM Chairman


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday submitted to the Ministry of the Presidency 11 names of persons who were originally nominated for Chairmanship of GECOM and who have agreed to have their names resubmitted.

The submission of the names follows a meeting on Wednesday between President David Granger and Jagdeo on a new Chairman of GECOM following a ruling on June 18 by the Caribbean Court of Justice that the appointment of Justice (Retired) James Patterson was illicit.

The eleven are:   

Guyana Elections: PNCR continuing to insist on house-to-house registration

Stabroek News – 06 July 2019

The main partner in the governing APNU+AFC coalition, the PNCR today maintained that house-to-house registration is crucial for credible elections and there will be no compromise on it.

This position was restated by the party today at a press conference. Critics have said that the insistence by APNU+AFC on house-to-house registration is  a ploy to further delay elections which should have been held by the end of March this year. Political analysts say the coalition’s relatively poor showing at the November, 2018 local government elections had made it wary of early elections.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: The race drum is out in Jagdeo’s hands – By Adam Harris

Jun 30, 2019  Features / ColumnistsMy Column – Adam Harris

Guyana Politics: They do absolutely nothing for the country when they get power- By Freddie Kissoon 

The CCJ Decision Is A Potential Win For All Guyanese – By Ronald J. Daniels


  By Ronald J. Daniels – 19 June 2019

Good. So let’s talk. The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) had made its rulings on the matters which caused us to hold our breaths since December of last year. The Court has found that the Motion of No Confidence was validly passed. It found that it has no jurisdiction (no right, in simple language) to determine whether Charrandas Persaud was properly a member of parliament. The CCJ further found that the Chairman of the Elections Commission, Justice Patterson, was not validly appointed to that post.            Continue reading

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