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Guyana, Barbados agree to cooperate in a range of businesses

Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali and Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley (backing camera) holding discussions in Barbados

Guyana and Barbados have agreed to intensify meaningful cooperation in the areas of gold jewellery, tourism marketing, hospitality training and agriculture, President Irfaan Ali announced on Friday October 29, 2021.

He said the two sister Caribbean Community (CARICOM)-member nations have agreed to establish a “gold market hub” for the sale of jewellery mainly to tourists. “Barbados is a major cruise destination and we are working on the possibility of adding value to Guyana’s gold and creating a gold marketing hub concept in Barbados,” he said.        Continue reading

Barbados wants to rear Blackbelly sheep in Guyana, Suriname

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Government is exploring the possibility of rearing Barbados Blackbelly sheep in CARICOM’s two largest member states, Suriname and Guyana, as top civil servants prepare for a mission to South America next week.

Paramaribo and Georgetown have offered land to Barbadian farmers for sheep rearing, said Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Indar Weir.

“We are sending out a team now to look at Suriname and then Guyana to make sure we have a suitable arrangement and type of land that we can raise the blackbelly sheep in Suriname and possibly Guyana.        Continue reading

The historic initiative of the AFC to build national unity ……. Nagamootoo letter

The historic initiative of the AFC to build national unity could pull us back from the brink

March 2, 2015 · By Stabroek News -Letter · Comments

Dear Editor,


Moses Nagamootoo

If Sri Lanka can do it, after years of fighting, so can we!

It is with some reluctance that I have decided to engage Mr. Hydar Ally after reading his letter captioned `The AFC has taken a big political gamble’ which appeared in the SN of February 27th.

Mr. Ally said that political analysts were of the view that the alliance with APNU could very well be the end of the AFC.

Well, Sir, for a political scientist you have taken too much liberty to pronounce the death sentence based on self-serving views of “political pundits”, all of whom I presume are “Chatrees”. I trust that you could find equally authoritative pronouncements by Dr. Cheddi (Joey) Jagan and Mr. Ralph Ramkarran, both of whom were PPP/C candidates in 2011, but who believe sincerely that a national coalition is the way to go.  Continue reading

Flood Control- 03: Water Management – The Delta Approach – videos

Editor’s Note:  Flood Control- 03 – videos

Guyanese Online will be featuring a number of articles and videos on flood and sea defence management.  The Dutch (Netherlands) are the most experienced in this technology, as three-quarters of their country is below sea level. They built the framework of Guyana’s drainage systems, as colonial rulers from 1581-1781. This is the third of many articles and videos that will be featured:

Water Management – The Delta Approach – video

The Netherlands could be considered the most developed delta region in the world and home to innovative solutions and sustainable thinking.

The Southwest Delta of The Netherlands – 3 videos

The Southwest Delta of The Netherlands is a series of three short films made for the congress ‘Delta in times of climate change’. In this episode the (economical) position of the Southwest Delta in Europe, the emerging of the Delta, the effects of The Deltaworks and the solutions, safety, will be discussed:- Continue reading

Guyana, Belize reduced hunger by 50% in 2010 – FAO

Saturday, 06 August 2011

Guyana, Belize reduced hunger by 50 percent in 2010

Guyana is one of two countries (Belize being the other) in the Caribbean to reduce hunger by 50 percent last year, says Lystra Fletcher-Paul, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative. Fletcher-Paul indicated that Guyana knows what it wants in terms of agriculture in the Caribbean. Though the country has a high food production rate there is an issue of accessibility and this is the case in most hinterland communities where transportation is a challenge. Other Caribbean countries have become dependent on imported food and the emphasis is not on agriculture like Guyana. Explaining further, Fletcher-Paul stated that Guyana has land space available for agricultural purposes, while other countries like Trinidad and Tobago focus on other industries like petroleum.

The Caribbean Region is confronting an ever increasing food import bill which now stands at US$4B. […] They need to have the will to increase their agricultural output. Fletcher-Paul noted that agriculture needs to be featured in the schools’ timetables as it is necessary to get children involved in agriculture. Utilizing agriculture as a school based learning tool would increase the importance placed in this field. […]

Fletcher-Paul emphasized that in Guyana, under the All ACP Agricultural Commodities Project, the Guyana Agricultural Producers’ Association (GAPA) assisted the Kuru Kuru Crop and Livestock Farmer’s Association to develop a business model and strategic action plan to improve the linkages between their farmers and buyers of eddoes.

Source: guyanesenews.com


Iwokrama Rainforest Conservation Park – Guyana

Iwokrama Rainforest Conservation Park – Guyana

Green Leaves

Green Leaves


Click above link to view pictures

238 photos | 61 views  – items are from between 26 Dec 2010 & 27 Dec 2010.

Countrywide Flooding in Guyana – UPDATES


This entry was first started in February 2011 when the heavy raines started the flooding across the country.  The rains abated but now they are back and the flooding continues.

Please note that the March 2011 updates carried here are copies of the articles in the Blog where a separate  blog website entry was created for the flood reports for March 2011 at this link :  https://guyaneseonline.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/guyana-floods-march-2011-updates/


March 24, 2011 – Bare Roots flooded for past five weeks :  http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/24/bare-roots-flooded-for-past-five-weeks/

March 22, 2011 – poor sea defences lead to overtopping at Herstelling and Providence  (East Bank Demerara).  http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/22/poor-sea-defences-lead-to-overtopping-at-herstelling-providence/

March 20, 2011 – Spring tides affect Bartica’s power station :http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4074

March 20, 2011 – Authorities again releasing water from EDWC as water rises: http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/20/authorities-again-releasing-waters-from-edwc/

March 20, 2011 – Rain, damaged koker flood Wismar, Albouystown : http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/20/rain-damaged-koker-flood-wismar-albouystown/

March 19, 2011 – Mahaica- Mahaicony farmers appeal for more help : http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4069

March 19, 2011 – East Demerara Conservancy rising “dangerously”…  http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4067

March 19, 2011 – Editorial: “The Rains and the Floods” Kaieteur News. http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/19/the-rains-and-the-floods/

March 19, 2011 – Rice, sugar harvesting resume as weather holds:  http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/19/rice-sugar-harvesting-resume-as-weather-holds/

March 19, 2011 – West Demerara suffered tremendously from rainfall: http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/19/west-coast-demerara-suffered-tremendously-from-rainfall/

March 18, 2011 – Editorial: “Water Woes” – Kaieteur News : http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/18/water-woes/

March 17, 2011 – Floods:  1200 acres of rice lost :  http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/17/1200-acres-rice-lost/

March 16, 2011 – Conservancy stops releasing water in the Mahaica creek: http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4044

March 16, 2011 – Weather cripples sugar industry: http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4042

March 16, 2011 –  Conservancy level rises  http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/16/conservancy-level-rises-alarmingly/

March16, 2011 – City’s drainage system hampered by fishing boats. http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/03/16/city-drainage-system-being-hampered-by-fishing-boats/


MARCH 15, 2011 – Conservancy to discharge into Mahaica creek; farmers brace for flooding : http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4035

Mar 15, 2011 – Conservancy at critical level – earthen dam being shored up : http://www.demerarawaves.com/read.php?article=4037

March 15, 2011 –  Cyril Potter  College of Education under water as heavy rains continue:



Buxtonians fear water-bourne diseases from flooding  (Feb 26)


BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST : Kaieteur News – Commentary

February 25, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom  Since the Great Flood of 2005, which many still feel was due to overspill  when it appeared that Guyana may have had to brace itself for a repeat of 


Ogle Airport records highest water accumulation since 2005 floods …

Feb 24, 2011  It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011 national  Since the late 1970’s and until recently, the economy of Guyana has 


Water receding but several communities still inundated – Officials …

Feb 23, 2011  While there are no immediate fears that more flooding could result …. It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011 national  I read the status update on Monday on NCN Guyana’s Facebook page…. more 


Health Ministry, GWI issue safety tips in wake of heavy rainfall …

February 23, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under News  In light of floodingconcerns, the Ministry of Health issued an advisory urging the general Meanwhile, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) in a statement yesterday advised that 


Flooding wreaks havoc on livestock, residents in Number Two and …

Feb 22, 2011  NDC officials said that all over Guyana has been affected by the flooding and that it was an act of Mother Nature. 


NDIA responds to KN on Hope Canal comments : Kaieteur News

Feb 14, 2011  Also, assessment in the Guyana Floods Geotechnical and Hydraulic Assessment  It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011


Coomacka – a community steeped in despair : Kaieteur News

Feb 12, 2011  And this area has had its fair share of flooding over the years. …. It is the view of many political observers that as the 2011 national as I read the status update on Monday on NCN Guyana’s Facebook page…. more 


The Screw Pump is a better option for flood control : Letter

Apr 18, 2010  In order to effectively manage the flooding condition of Guyana the  is the biggest pump in the world and should be completed by 2011



Countrywide flooding as heavy rains drench Guyana

FEBRUARY 22, 2011 | BY KNEWS |

… more showers, wet Mash expected

Heavy rains drenched the country over the last 48 hours, leaving several communities under water and authorities hinting that the Mashramani celebrations tomorrow will be a wet one.
Yesterday, reports from across the country indicated that communities like Black Bush Polder, Region Six; and Kwakwani and Coomacka, in Region  Ten were among the hardest hit.
At least one water conservancy in Essequibo is said to have overtopped because of excess waters.
Residents of several communities claimed that they lost poultry and sustained millions of dollars in water damage to homes.

Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Bourda.
Montrose, East Coast Demerara.

There were several reports of vehicles mistakenly driving off the roads into ditches.
The rains yesterday, because of their intensity, were said to be among the worst since the 2005 floods.
Several streets in the city were under water as rains which started Saturday developed into a steady downpour early yesterday morning.
Government said that it dispatched a “Ministerial” team along with engineers of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) to assess the situation. President Bharrat Jagdeo also inspected several affected areas of the city and coastlands.
There were several unconfirmed claims of some kokers, especially at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara being left unattended, compounding an already bad situation.

Expect More
Warning residents of especially low-lying areas to be vigilant, the Ministry of Agriculture said that rains are part of the La Nina phenomenon which is expected to persist until next month.
The Ministry’s Hyrdometeorological Service said that at least 5.8 inches of rains fell at Land of Canaan within 24 hours, the highest in the country being recorded by stations.
“The second highest amount of rainfall over the same period was 127.1 mm (5.0 inches) which occurred at St Cuthbert’s Mission, Region Four.  St. Cuthbert’s Mission recorded 274.1 (10.8 inches) of rainfall in 48 hours.”
Radar data indicated that the East Demerara Water Conservancy and the Boeraserie Conservancy both had in excess of four inches of rainfall within a 24-hour period.
In Region Two, the Supenaam Forestry measured five inches of rain while Leguan, De Kinderen Back, and Boerasirie were not far behind, passing the four-inch mark.
It was the same thing for recordings taken on the East Demerara areas and in West Berbice. In Region Six, the rainfall was less but still a formidable 3.96 inches.   Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2011

Guyanese Online Newsletter – February 2011

Download here: February 2011 Newsletter

Please see attached the latest Guyanese Online Newsletter.

It features the Guyana news, regional Caribbean and International news, commentary, editorials, Guyanese Associations and their news, Arts and Culture articles, including new books, as well as historical articles.

The newsletter has 16 pages and contains over 50 articles, including video links, so there is sure to be something of interest to you.  We do hope you find it interesting.   Here are the list:- …

  • Caricom in financial trouble – report
  • Brazil-China Trade increases to $56.2 Billion
  • Top 20 – Guyanese Online Blog – most popular – January 2011
  • Editorial – Guyana and Suriname – New realities – by Cyril Bryan
  • Biggest Scam in world history exposed  – re  Wall Street
  • Blog Entries for January 2011- 39 entries
  • “The Child-driven Education”  – video by Sugata Mitra
  • Guest Editorial: “Pawning the Country” (Kaieteur News)
  • US$10 Georgetown Sewer Rehab planned
  • Le Repentir Landfill closes
  • Guyana’s 2010 Budget largest at G$1.4B. Full report.
  • Gold records highest turnover in 2010
  • Guyana General Elections likely in August 2011
  • Alliance for Change launches campaign
  • African organizations boycott UN – IYPAD meetings
  • What is the UN declaration of IYPAD
  • Black activist calls for Shared Governance
  • GuySuCo to get another $1B from Government
  • Go-Invest has a successful 2010
  • TUC demands arbitration for bauxite workers
  • REDjet Airline coming with cheaper Caribbean fares
  • Guyana visitor arrivals increase 6.5% in 2010
  • CJIA – Guyana’s airport,  has record income
  • Georgetown to New york by Caribbean Airlines – soon
  • No re-introduction of Income Tax to St. Kitts/Nevis
  • Hassle-free travel for OECS citizens
  • BBC to close its Caribbean News Service
  • Brazil to spend US$6Billion on border controls
  • 2011 will be “turnaround Year for Barbados”
  • USA Dept of Transport Blanks Caribbean Airlines
  • Egypt, Israel and a Strategic Reconsideration – Analysis
  • Wikeleaks – Saudis running out of oil
  • Al-Jazeera Live TV News from Egypt etc.
  • Weak demand at root of job crisis in the USA
  • Rising sea levels may affect Caribbean Resorts
  • 2010 – third warmest year in warmest decade ever
  • Understanding the Rise of China – Video
  • Scotiabank “Gives back” to the community in Guyana
  • Dame Olga Lopes-Seale passes at 92 – in Barbados
  • Food for the poor donates machines and computers
  • The Yakkers Corner – John Hope Bryant’s Podcast
  • Hinterland Student’s dorm gets a donation
  • Queen’s College Alumni Toronto – “Scribbler” magazine
  • The “Bronze Woman” Statue unveiled in London (2009)
  • Article on Cecile Nobrega – creator of the “Bronze Woman”
  • Publication on African slaves to be launched
  • “The Four Pillars” book by Kenneth Joyce Robinson + video
  • Digicel “Gets Together” with Bob Marley
  • Stamps of  British Guiana and Guyana -book by Lal Balkaran
  • The Arts Forum and The Arts Journal
  • “Caribbean Erotica” book by Opal Palmer Adisa
  • “Sudden Departure Syndrome” book by Muriel Glasgow
  • Humans may have left Africa earlier than  thought – scientists
  • History of the Jews in the Caribbean – Ralph G. Bennett

Your comments are welcome.


Cyril Bryan, Editor and Publisher

Guyanese Online Blog and Newsletter

Guyanese Online Newsletter – January 2011

January 2011 Newsletter – Final1 < Download here


  1. Suriname clinches US$6B deals with Chinese companies
  2. TOP 20- Guyanese Online Blog– December 2010
  3. EDITORIAL – Decade Two – ―Rapid Change by Cyril Bryan
  4. Obsolete technologies and changes since 2000 by Cyril Bryan
  5. Planning for the Oil Boom by Ravi Dev
  6. Exploration Oil Well in Rupununi – Sagres Energy
  7. Shipping companies want deeper Demerara River draft to handle larger vessels
  8. Project Manager Required in Guyana
  9. Guyana Bank to offer ‘green loans’ – for solar and wind projects
  10. House-lots for remigrants
  11. Stabroek, Vreed-en-Hoop stellings not for sale
  12. Sugar workers refuse to heed Corporation‘s call
  13. New Surinamese rice parboiler targets Guyana / Caricom markets
  14. Rice prices rise in Guyana
  15. Hope Canal Work Halted by rains
  16. Tourism – Iwokrama National Park
  17. Huge Brazil oil field will bear Lula‘s name
  18. Barbados least corruptible – topped the list in Latin America and the Caribbean
  19. Australia to assist St. Kitts and Nevis
  20. Australia helps CARICOM
  21. Ralph Gonsalves returned for third term in St. Vincent elections
  22. Denis Hanomansingh appointed temporary judge in Belize
  23. Barbados and Dominica among top 10 ethical destinations
  24. There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education
  25. Guyanese Association of Manitoba—Children’s Xmas Party
  26. The Queen‘s College of Guyana Association (UK)
  27. Guyanese Academics Newsletter
  30. Liberty Cricket Club – NYC – 1st Annual Dinner / Dance – January 22.
  31. Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations – Annual Mashramai Dance – Feb 26, 2011
  32. A TRIBUTE TO DONALD LOCKE – By Claudius Agrippa – video
  33. Auntie Olga’s party off – she is in hospital
  34. Music’s newest centenarian – Edmundo Ros,
  35. Rihanna creates music history – three videos
  36. KEN‘S CHOICE #50 – ―Flambeau – By Ken Corsbie – video
  37. Mahadeo Shivraj – The actor most Guyanese don‘t know
  38. Tastes Like Home – Jamaican Beef Patties by Cynthia Nelson
  40. Books by Guyanese author   – Joseph S. Persaud
  41. EDGAR MITTELHOLZER: Race, Colour and Class by Ameena Gafoor
  42. Historic sites of Georgetown – By Arlene Munro

Enjoy this month’s issue.

Cyril Bryan.  Publisher and Editor.


Guyanese Online Newsletter – October 2010  released

DownloadGuyanese Online Newsletter – October 2010

This  issue is 18 pages, the largest ever published.  It features a number of pages on the Amerindians of Guyana, September being their annual Heritage Month.  The “First Peoples of Guyana” have been here for over 10.000 years.

The October Newsletter  contains positive Guyana News;  Regional News; Tourism;   and three pages of news from various Guyanese Associations.   It also has three pages featuring  Guyanese Arts and Culture  and four pages on the history and related information on the Amerindians.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of our newsletter.  Please forward it to your family, friends and anyone interested in Guyanese news and culture.

We look forward to your comments.

Cyril Bryan,  Publisher and Editor.

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