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SEAN HINDS – by Ralph Ramkarran – Commentary

SEAN HINDS – Posted on July 25, 2015  – by Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Sean Hinds comes out of the dark and dangerous recesses of our recent history. In the relating of events of that era, he cleverly ensures that the confessions that he makes stop short of implicating him in any criminal activity, save that his admission that he was contracted to kill Ronald Waddell may point to involvement in a conspiracy to commit a crime. That admission is a matter for the Police.

Sean Hinds emerged against a background of seething political convulsions, which started immediately after the 1992 general elections, subsided, resumed after the 1997 general elections, subsided, then resumed again after the 2001 general elections. Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Updates – 19 Dec 2013

Capitol News – TV News Updates – 19 Dec 2013

  • CGX donates 5 million dollars to educational institutions
  • Comprehensive approach to garbage disposal needed says GCCI
  • Company spreads holiday cheers in Buxton
  • Sports
  • Chamber of Commerce head condemns town clerk appointment process
  • Govt. seeks operator for Solid Waste Plan
  • Fly Jamaica adds direct Toronto to GEO destination
  • Sports
CGX donates 5 million dollars to educational institutionsPosted: 19 Dec 2013 03:55 AM PST

Comprehensive approach to garbage disposal needed says GCCIPosted: 19 Dec 2013 03:49 AM PST

While the garbage continues to pile up in and out of the city the president of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Clinton Urling is calling for urgent integrated, holistic solid waste management plan for the entire country.  Urling also see the holding of local government elections as critical to fix the many problems facing various […]   Continue reading

Farewell to Mervin Edwards – By Eusi Kwayana

Farewell to Mervin Edwards

By Eusi Kwayana

The gathering today is to say farewell to the spirit of a younger villager,  Brother Mervin Edwards, well known as Murro.

You will get the details of his birth and his marriage, and his places of residence; his various occupations between schooldays and maturity and this tragic event of his passing.

His Mother was a hard-working, extremely dignified Woman of Brush Dam.

He had a large supply from birth of natural intelligence which he used as he grew and developed, It is always satisfying to be able to see this kind of sharpness of mind and intelligence coming from the homes of ordinary, poor Guyanese people. There have been times when people, of African descent in particular, were dismissed as being below human capacity.    Continue reading

Public will push Rohee out of office- Granger as Memorial Monument erected in Buxton – video

Memorial Monument erected in Buxton – video

Public will push Rohee out of office- Granger at Buxton police killings monument

Friday August 3, 2012 – Demerara Waves

Buxton Monument

Opposition Leader, David Granger on Friday August 3,  said he was banking on Guyanese to help push Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee out of office if President Donald Ramotar ignores a majority-opposition approved no-confidence motion.

Addressing the unveiling of a monument in Buxton honour of 400 people allegedly killed at the hands of police and death squads in recent years, Granger cautioned that the no-confidence motion was not the end of the matter.

“Clement Rohee will be pushed out of office not only by the motion in the National Assembly but public opinion. If he doesn’t go, he’ll be pushed,” said Granger, a retired Brigadier of the Guyana Defence Force.  Continue reading

Philip Moore: The soulful, yet tragic journey of African-Guyanese

Philip Moore: The soulful, yet tragic journey of African-Guyanese


This column was typed on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. On that date in the edition of the Stabroek News, there was this letter; “The PPP/C has failed to ethnically balance Guyana’s armed forces,” written by an Indian man who supports PPP domination in Guyana by the name of Sultan Mohamed.

I don’t agree with any of the paragraphs of Sultan’s rage. But why should one deny Mohamed his right to express his opinion that there is a predominance of African Guyanese in the State’s security forces?

It is for African Guyanese to write, and write incessantly, that there should be ethnic balance in the ownership of Guyana’s resources; ethnic balance in the ownership of lands; ethnic balance in the ownership of properties; ethnic balance in the award of tenders; ethnic balance in state scholarships; ethnic balance in the business community that imports goods; ethnic balance in the sharing of executive political power.    Continue reading

THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT – by Waltie Ainsworth


A-SO-ME-LIKE-AM (That’s the way I like it)      01 05 2012

By  Ewalt Waltie Ainsworth

There are no cures, no cues, no causes, no cranking, no cushions or no calls to stop the perennial fraud and corruption that is growing like a cancer in Guyana.  In every sector of the society, every region, every institution, every religion, every race, every age, gender or sexual preference; every consumer item or service, has a big ‘corruption’ stamp on it.

The first baby that was born New Years day, when she saw the black nurse with arms outstretched to slap her flat behind and  welcome her to the new world, took her own hands and turned back the clock one hour to New York standard time.  Even at birth, the babies are corrupt and corruptible.  A-so-me-like-am. Continue reading

Book: MY LIFE, MY TIME – by Richard Nichols

Book: MY LIFE, MY TIME – by Richard Nichols

Review by Rura.

An arresting event has graced  the literary world of Guyana.  At the tender age of ninety-one Mr Richard Nichols, published or rather self-published and printed his autobiography, MY LIFE, MY TIME.  It was done in handwriting in a number of notebooks. As he acknowledges, his versatile offspring  with their computer skills took it from there. His locality roots are in the same part of the country as  those  of  “ The World’s Oldest Blogger” Mr Randall Butisingh. Unlike that eminence he had no previous  formal training in writing or teaching literature. The blogger is native of Buxton. The auto biographer is a native of Bachelors’ Adventure, a stone’s throw from Buxton on East  Coast Demerara.

It  is a  book of one hundred and four pages, with 10 pages of  family photographs,  a maternal and a paternal family tree, made by the author. On the front cover is a photograph of the author much as he looks at the time of publication, or at  present. On the back cover is one of him in his working days;  a confident  elder on the front cover and a curious, uncertain worker on the back cover. The book is very reader friendly, with its forty-two short chapters, each captioned with its topic. Even the chapters in which he  tells of his conversion, of meeting  his exceptional wife, Drucilla Pyle in a Pentecostal church community, and celebrates the heaven of their  marriage are kept short.   Continue reading

David Hinds discusses “Power Sharing”

“African Guyanese call for Power Sharing is an affirmation of human and birth rights.”

By Dr. David Hinds  –
Special To News Americas  – http://www.newsamericasnow.com

Born in Buxton, David Hinds is a professor of Caribbean and African Diaspora studies at Arizona State University and executive member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA). More of his writings can be found on his website at:  www.guyanacaribbeanpolitics.com
News Americas, PHOENIX, Arizona, Weds. May 4, 2011:

When I came out in support of Tacuma Ogunseye’s call for African Guyanese to take to the streets in Guyana to demand power sharing, I did so because I sensed that people were playing politics with the issue. Let me preface today’s offering with a few general observations.

First, I make a distinction between the Indian masses whose lives are as miserable as Africans and the Indian government which is as unaccountable to Indians as it is to the Africans. Second, I do not blame the Indian people for the plight of Africans; in the same way I don’t blame the African people for the suffering of Indians under the PNC. In both cases I hold the governments responsible for the excesses. Third, nobody can seriously accuse me of remaining quiet when Indian people are under attack–my record speaks for itself.

Fourth, I am not advocating violence against Indian people or the Indian government. That is the worst solution; all of us will be consumed. I am instead supporting African defiance and militancy against those who are intent on confining their role in Guyana to something called “opposition.” Fifth, I do not absolve African people from fault for our collective condition. But our problem is not simply that we like to party and spend lavishly as some Indians think. Our problem is that we have not cherished enough who we are – self-love. Finally, I am sure the cynics in our midst will say that I do not speak for African Guyanese. That is their business. I speak as an African Guyanese. When I put my life on the line to fight and help bring down an African Guyanese government, I never did so to install an Indian Guyanese government. We in the WPA fought for a Government of National unity. So I am not a “just come” to power sharing.

Despite attempts to frame it in violent and racist terms, Tacuma Ogunseye’s call has served the purpose of putting the question of race and governance back on sensible footing. From Eusi Kwayana’s call in 1961 for joint premiership to the PPP’s call for a National Patriotic Front in 1977 to the WPA’s 1979 proposal for a Government of National Unity and Reconstruction to the PNC’s call for Shared Governance in 2002, the issue of power sharing has been about how to achieve security for all races beginning at the political level. All of the proposals I referenced above started from the position that intra-racial solidarity is a given in our political culture. Kwayana captured the essence of problem in 1961 this way: “We have known all along that the Indians would not trust a Black leader and that the Africans would not trust an Indian leader.” That reading was correct in 1961 and it is even more correct fifty years later….    more

Read full article here: http://www.newsamericasnow.com/african-guyanese-call-for-power-sharing-is-an-affirmation-of-human-and-birth-rights/

Hundreds in Buxton interact with Windies cricketers

Hundreds in Buxton interact with Windies cricketers

May 7, 2011 | By KNews | Filed Under Sports

By Sean Devers

Hundreds of mostly children interacted with several members of the West Indies team which will face Pakistan at Providence from Thursday when the cricketers, former Test legend Lance Gibbs and Digicel officials visited the East Coast Demerara Village yesterday.

Vice-Captain Australian born Jamaican Brendon Nash, Trinidadian left-hander Darren Bravo, Barbadian West Indies under-19 Captain Kraigg Braithwaite andGuyanese Ramnaresh Sarwan and Davendra Bishoo were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome they received from the moment they emerged from the Bus.

The team’s Media officer Phillip Spooner described the experience as ‘a wonderful and moving’ one as the players interacted with the children who are members of the Buxton Youth Developers Club.

When the Bus, escorted by Police outriders to the historic Village, one of the first in Guyana bought by the freed slaves in 1834, a bevy of beauties who will participate in the Miss Buxton African talented teen pageant were ready to take them to the club house which is almost fully completed.

President of the Organization Robin Phillips officially welcomed the contingent to Buxton and told the cricketers that their presence was certain to inspire many of the over 300 youths present and assured that the people of Buxton was one hundred percent behind the regional team.

Phillips thanked Digicel for their financial contribution towards making the completion of the facility a reality after CIDA had provided 80% of the construction cost.

The Buxton Villager told Kaieteur Sport that the group began in 2004 with 30 members between ages 5-17 to try and bring back the glory days to the Village which is approximately 20 minutes from the Capitol and boasted that there are now 300 children on board.

There was thunderous applause when Sarwan and Bishoo were introduced to the large and raucous crowd which included several parents and other Villagers while Bravo, Nash and Braithwaite were also warmly received.

The cricketers demonstrated the art of batting to several youngsters, some of them not much taller than the bat and Sarwan in particular wasted little time in mingling with the crowd.

Gibbs told the youngsters that he represented West Indies ‘very long ago’ and said they should look up to the present players who are carrying the West Indies flag, while Digicel’s CEO Gregory Deen said the cell phone giants with the bigger better network in Guyana was delighted to assist the community project to help develop, youth, sports and culture in Buxton, adding that Digicel was also pleased to help bring the cricketers to meet them.

Patron of the Buxton Youth Developers Lenny Shuffler, the President of the Guyana Volleyball Association, said he was satisfied with the progress made since 2004 and explained that funds are still being sought to complete electrical and other internal aspects of the clubhouse and the chipping and rolling of the ground which will be used for cricket and football among other activities.

Shuffler, who thanked the Buxton NDC for its support, explained that the mission statement is ‘regaining the glory days of Buxton through Sports, Education and Culture. He added said the club’s motto is promoting friendship, influencing change and said that sports is being used to promote friendship, education to promote understanding and culture to gain recognition.

The cricketers spent over an hour playing cricket and interacting with the children and shared out Digicel West Indies T-Shirts as they were departing.
Several photographs were taken and autographs signed as the West Indies players advised the youths to never give up their dreams and stressed that regardless of where you come from anyone can become successful in life if they work hard for what they want.

Book Launch by Wayne Jones -Toronto

Book Launch by Wayne Jones -Toronto

“Great Guyanese Humour: Guyana`s History Through Jokes” by Wayne Jones… Wednesday Feb.23rd 2011 – Parkdale Library is Toronto

As part of its Black History Month author-reading series, an 88 page chap-book by Wayne Jones will be launched on Wednesday Feb.23rd 2011 from 7pm at Parkdale Library in Toronto.
The book “Great Guyanese Humour: Guyana`s History Through Jokes” is a compilation  of  Guyanese jokes/annedotes that highlights some earth-shaking moments in Guyanese life.
Retired Guyanese senior public servant, Mr Rampersaud  Tiwari will deliver a short address after the singing of  ‘The song of the Republic’ in recognition of Guyana’s Republic anniversary.
Jones will also be signing copies of his 2011 Calender entitled Buxton…lest we forget. This calender is adorned with captioned vintage pictures and illustrations of early life in Buxton village.
Jones will kick off the belly-aching session with readings of some jokes in  his collection  before turning the microphone over to the gathering for theirs.
Contact: “VICTOR MOSES” <victor.moses@rogers.com>
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