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GUYANA: Moray House Trust Presents: Shifting power: Guyana’s Energy Mix – ZOOM – October 2. 2021

Moray House Trust warmly invites to you to attend a panel discussion on Zoom: Saturday 2nd October. Time: 5PM Guyana/NY, 10PM UK

YouTube Clip: https://youtu.be/NGBP6IKGcCQ

Title:      Shifting power: Guyana’s energy mix
Panel:    Alfred Bhulai, Simone Mangal-Joly and the Hon. David Patterson (MP)
Date:      Saturday 2nd October
Time:     5PM Guyana/NY, 10PM UK

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GUYANA: Tribute To Michael Gilkes: YouTube Recording Available – Sunday 26th September 2021

Paying tribute to Michael Gilkes: So Many Skins


Michael Gilkes flyer.png
Paying tribute to the late Michael Gilkes, Ken Corsbie hailed ‘the volume and range of his work [and] his accumulated productivity over a lifetime as a poet, scholar, playwright, theatre practitioner and actor.’ To meet Michael was to sense immediately that he was a man of ‘many skins’, able to shed light effortlessly on Guyanese poetry, literature, art, plays and music and to add a regional and/or an international perspective. Other scholars might acquire a similar depth of knowledge about Wilson Harris or Edgar Mittelholzer or Denis Williams or some other local luminary. Few could corral them into a cast to populate the canvas of our complex culture with Michael’s facility.

Guyanese poet: Mahadai Das – Poetess of My People – Presentation – 15th July 2021 11.00AM -YouTube

Mahadai Part One Cover.png

Mahadai Das [1954-2003] was a gifted Guyanese poet. This recording draws on writing by Denise de Caires Narain Gurnah and Jeremy Poynting to discuss Mahadai’s early life, her voluntary stint in the Guyana National Service and her first collection of poetry, I Want to Be a Poetess of My People. The recording includes a recital of her most famous poem, They Came in Ships, by Professor Paloma Mohammed.
This clip is about 20 minutes long and premieres on YouTube on Thursday 15th July at 11AM (Guyana, Toronto, NY)/ 4PM (UK). It is a recording so it will be available at any point after that.
A second short film discussing some of Mahadai’s later poems will follow shortly.
Please share with any of your acquaintance who may enjoy this.
Moray House Trust

VIDEO: Martin Carter: “You Are Involved” – Premiers on YouTube from June 7. 2021

Martin Carter was born on 7th June 1927. To mark his memory, we explore one of his poems, You are Involved, in a series of readings, meditations and commentary. Readers include Pauline Melville and Lloyd Marshall.
The clip is half an hour long and premieres today on YouTube at 11AM (Guyana, Toronto, NY)/ 4PM (UK).
It is a recording so it will beavailable at any point after that.

Moray House Trust: Georgetown: The 1945 Fire and the Phoenix City – By Wayne Mc Watt- 5th June. 2021- 5PM Guy; NY; Toronto 10PM UK  

The 1945 Fire.png
This is the third in a series of illustrated talks about Georgetown by Wayne Mc Watt, who curates the Wooden Architecture (Guyana) Heritage Group on Facebook. The theme for the series is Re-imagining Georgetown: a reflection on the past built environment in the city.
Title:         The 1945 Fire & the Phoenix City
 Wayne Mc Watt
Date:         Saturday 5th June, 2021
Time:        5PM Guy, NY, Toronto 10PM UK

Moray House Trust: Guyana’s Oil: Priorities for 2021 – Virtual Event – January 16, 2021

Moray House Trust warmly invites to you to attend our fourth virtual event:

TitleGuyana’s Oil: Priorities for 2021

Panel: Dr. Vincent Adams, Dr. Janette Bulkan, Christopher Ram

Date: Saturday 16th January 2021
Time: 4.00 pm Guyana time [3.00 pm Toronto & New York, 8.00 pm UK].

Book: THE RESURRECTION – by Peter Halder

The Resurrection - Peter HalderBook: THE RESURRECTION by Peter Halder

THE RESURRECTION by Peter Halder will be launched in Georgetown, Guyana, on May 27, 2016, at Moray House Trust at Camp and Quamina Streets, flyer attached. The 365-page nerve tingling, breathtaking and pulsating supernatural fiction thriller, set in Guyana, is a tapestry of macabre and black magic episodes that portray vividly the supernatural folklore of the country. It is also about love, greed, betrayal and murder.

The Novel is on sale at Austin’s Bookstore on Church Street, Georgetown.

  • It will be launched in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, June 19, 2016 at the:
  • Guyana Arts and Cultural Association (GACA) Center
  • Stephen’s Church Extension,
  • Second Floor
  • 2806 Newkirk Avenue (between E28th and 29th Streets)
  • NY.
  • Copies are on sale at ENG Caribbean Vision Center
  • 1012 Flatbush Avenue,11226 NY
  • To purchase call 718-469-8131
  • Or e-mail: ehenry7255@aol.com

Other books by the author include The Cat of Muritaro and 13 e-books on sale at amazon.com

Guyana: Moray House Trust Report: Nov-Dec 2014

Moray House Trust Report: Nov-Dec 2014

  • Photographic slideshow by Karran Sahadeo and Roshana Mahadeo
  • Conversation between Stanley Greaves and Rupert Roopnarine  
  • Overview of the work of Wilson Harris
  • Christmas Concert at Moray House Trust
  • Moray House Trust Magazine Ku’wai launched
  • Photographic slideshow by Ryan Dos Santos
  • Edgar Mittelholzer – lecture by Dr Juanita Cox Westmaas

Photographic slideshow by Karran Sahadeo and Roshana Mahadeo

Moray House

Photo of house, Photographer: Roshana Mahadeo

Our programme for November began with another photographic slideshow. The two local photographers whose work was featured this occasion were Karran Sahadeo and Roshana Mahadeo.

Roshana’s presentation, “Journey through the Lens,” described how her love of photography inspired her to develop from, in her words, “just a person with a camera” to photo hobbyist to professional photographer. Continue reading

Update from Moray House Trust- November 2014- for Guyanese Online

Update from Moray House Trust- November 2014 for Guyanese Online

Figure 1- Waldyke Prince

Waldyke Prince

In October 2014, two presentations at Moray House Trust highlighted the raw and unspoilt beauty of much of Guyana. First, veteran local bird-guide and wildlife biologist, Waldyke (Wally) Prince outlined the possibilities for birding tourism in Guyana. With close to 900 species of birds in Guyana, including 284 in Georgetown, this is more of a realistic prospect than some might imagine. Prince has led expeditions of professional birders, documentary teams and scientific research for many years.

Coastal birding hot spots

Shell Beach, Lake Mainstay, Hope Beach and the Abary River are just some of the coastal birding hot spots identified.

You Tube Clip:http://youtu.be/-ye8JIfz_J0

You Tube Clip:

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Update from Moray House Trust: July 2014 – for Guyanese Online

Update from Moray House Trust: July 2014 –

for Guyanese Online

Website: http://www.morayhousetrust.com/

YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6sdaywVZ80fX5QV2-F3E7w

Andrew Snyder, biologist and photographer

Andrew Snyder, biologist and photographer

On Thursday 3rd July, Moray House Trust hosted a slideshow by biologist and photographer, Andrew Snyder. Andrew’s areas of expertise include neotropical herpetology, biogeography and taxonomy and his main field of research is patterns of evolution across Guiana Shield reptiles and amphibians. He is studying for a doctorate in Biological Sciences and has worked in several parts of the hinterland in the last three years for Operation Wallacea and the World Wildlife Fund.

Andrew used a series of photos to illustrate the enormous diversity of plant and animal species in Guyana. This is partly due to the varied nature of Guyana’s landscape.  Continue reading

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