U.K.: The American beauty and the British prince are right to want their own fairy tale – By Mohamed Hamaludin


A beautiful American actress falls in love with a British prince and he with her. They marry and she becomes a duchess. They have a son and live happily ever after.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex


That is how the story is supposed to end but this is not the typical fairy tale couple. Meghan Markle is part African American and part white and her relationship with Prince Harry has been beset by racism from the beginning. The duchess and her prince have now decided to find their own happily ever after.

Friends introduced Markle, a divorcee and star of the hit television show “Suits,” to Harry, Duke of Sussex and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, in London, in July 2016. They dated in secret for three months, then became engaged and a statement said the queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh “wish them every happiness.”        Continue reading

USA: We need a massive national program to counter hate – By Mohamed Hamaludin


The soul-searching taking place over the Aug. 3, 2019 El Paso mass shooting in which a 21-year-old white racist killed 22 people and wounded 24 others is likely to get nowhere as far as dealing with violent white supremacy and gun control are concerned. If the slaughter of 20  six- and seven-year-old children and six adult staff members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, in Newtown. Conn., could not produce meaningful action, very little else can.

But there was ample warning about such tragedies. Analysts at the Department of Homeland Security said in 2009 that white extremism posed a threat to national security because of the election of the first African American president, the financial crisis (2008-2012) and wider use of social media.          Continue reading

US Poverty: “A National Call For Moral Revival.” – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S. — Successor to Martin Luther King’s anti-poverty campaign seeks space in presidential campaign – By Mohamed Hamaludin

The Rev. William J. Barber II and the Rev. Liz Theoharis want you to know that 140 million Americans or 43 percent of the population are poor or earn a low income; 74 million are women and 39 million are children. In addition, 66 million are whites, a third of them living in the South, and 26 million are African Americans.

The reality, the two pastors say, is “a moral crisis” and a year ago they launched a campaign to awaken the nation to the real problems which the country faces. Almost exactly 50 years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. launched his Poor People’s Campaign, Barber and Theoharis revived the initiative as “A National Call For Moral Revival.”            Continue reading

U.S. — Cynicism is driving force behind the political race to the bottom — By Mohamed Hamaludin

— By Mohamed Hamaludin

A recent effort to eliminate federal funding for the Special Olympics that helps special needs children reflects the cynicism behind policies proposed or implemented during Donald Trump’s presidency. Billionaire education secretary Betsy Devos wanted to eliminate the $17.6 million allocation.

Congress when controlled by Republicans voted more than 60 times to repeal Obamacare and take health insurance away from 20 million people. A federal judge declared the measure unconstitutional in a lawsuit filed by 20 states with Republican governors, including then Florida governor Rick Scott. Trump has backed away from wanting the law repealed, saying he will wait until after the 2020 presidential election. Then he put Rick Scott in charge.        Continue reading

U.S – Democrats should take on health care to lay groundwork for the Green New Deal  —  By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S – Democrats should take on health care to lay groundwork for the Green New Deal  —  By Mohamed Hamaludin

You want Congress to take quick action to move the country forward and you have to choose between the “Green New Deal” and, for example, reducing the price of drugs. Which would you choose?

Before you answer, consider a CNN report on Feb. 21 that the cost of a drug which enables a 67-year-old woman with a rare neuromuscular disease to walk has skyrocketed to $375,000, with a monthly copayment of $3,800. And consider another CNN report June 29 that a drug needed to treat a boy suffering from infantile spasms shot up from $1,600 to more than $23,000 a vial.    Continue reading

US: Progressives must assert their power after Democrats’ mid-term victories


Democrats have much to celebrate after the US mid-term elections. Their party needed to pick up 23 seats to take over the House and they will end up with probably 40. But they can also celebrate their greater diversity, expanding the rainbow coalition which Martin Luther King Jr. died for and John Lewis, Jesse Jackson and others have dedicated their lives to.

Non-white representation in Congress dates back nearly 150 years, with 11 African Americans serving in the Senate, starting with Hiram Rhodes Revels of Mississippi in 1870. More than 120 have served in the House, starting with Joseph Rainey of South Carolina in 1870 and including the first Floridian, Josiah T. Walls, in 1873, and the first woman, Shirley Chisholm of New York in 1969. Now, more than 20 African American women will serve in the House.         Continue reading

Politicians who deal with techno-mercenaries are playing with fire – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Politicians who deal with techno-mercenaries are playing with fire


In their heyday, Cambridge Analytica and its parent company Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) became notorious for using Facebook data to influence the outcome of elections until the notoriety forced them to shut down in May.

Add racism to the sins of their CEO Alexander Nix.  The Guardian reported earlier this month that email exchanges in 2010 showed Nix used the “n-word” to refer to now Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Senator Lucille Moe. The racist slur came after their Barbados Labour Party rejected an offer to manage their election campaign.  “We were not comfortable working with them so we took a decision not to engage their services,” Moe later told the Guardian.     Continue reading

Moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is major victory for Trump-loving white evangelicals – opinion

Moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is major victory for Trump-loving white evangelicals


The relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday, May 14, will mark a major triumph for white evangelicals, who gave President Donald Trump 81 percent of their votes.

Trump signaled his intention on Dec. 6, 2017, when he defied the wishes of 128 countries who, despite a blackmail threat by the president, voted for a United Nations resolution declaring as “null and void” the Israelis’ decision to make Jerusalem their capital.       Continue reading

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