GUYANA: The Barima-Mora Passage – video

GUYANA: The Barima-Mora Passage – video

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Guyana’s most intact mangrove ecosystems are found within a very special place in Region One, known as the Barima-Mora Passage. Beyond its rich mangrove population, this area is home to a number of IUCN red listed species, rich biodiversity, and incredible indigenous culture. This documentary aims to raise awareness to the urgent need to protect such ecosystems, that are ultimately essential to ensuring that Guyana’s people and coastal biodiversity remain resilient to the threats of climate change.

Conservationists want protection for Barima-Mora Passage

The Barima-Mora Passage is one of the largest intact mangrove forests remaining in the country and recent biological surveys conducted in the area show that it is a biodiversity hotspot. On Wednesday last a presentation on Birds of the Barima-Mora Passage was held at Moray House and it was at this event that that the President of the Guyana Marine Conservation Society (GMCS), Annette Arjoon said:  “…It is really, really urgent that we consider the importance  to having this area (Barima-Mora Passage) being placed under some type of protection but  also most importantly to have a co-management system where the indigenous  communities mainly Waraus who live in the area are very much part of that protection.”


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  • Ray Johnson  On 03/02/2023 at 10:08 pm

    Hello, I have been searching the Guyanese online blog to find the name of the person or persons who manage and maintain the site and I could not find it. Is there some way to find out who manages the site?  Thank you,Ray Johns

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