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MUSIC: All about the writing – the lyrics are the key – By Dave Martins + 3 Videos

It’s not obvious – in fact it’s often completely overlooked – but the truth is that in every high quality performance in the arts, the writing is the key.  You can have great singers, great musicians, great actors and directors, and great editors, but the foundation of it all – the one unswerving essential – is the writing, and it is so across the board.        Continue reading

OPINION: The Dumbing Down of America- Anti-Intellectualism and Common Core – By: Dhanpaul Narine

– By: Dhanpaul Narine       

  The revolution is in our living rooms and it is digitized! We are surfers and face-bookers that sit for hours becoming dumb on smart gadgets. We live in a culture of low expectations. We laugh at ourselves when we fail to grasp the most basic of concepts and what is worse is that we shrug it off and simply refuse to revisit the problem and correct our mistakes. Who is using education for a voyage of self-discovery or to seize the technological moment?

    President Donald Trump accuses the media of fake news. But he produces a fake claim by saying that his administration received the most votes in the 2020 election. Trump has told the world for years that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake. He was forced to recant it publicly.      Continue reading

OPINION: Surviving COVID-19 – By Mosa Telford


Surviving COVID-19 is not just about being able to breathe. For what is living when it appears that our souls have departed our bodies and have left us listless and cold. Many people are silently suffering. They see themselves trapped in cages within their minds, screaming for help, but no one hears them.

They are either too frightened or proud to seek help; too worried about being judged; too afraid that he or she who was once thought to be strong and resilient is now timid because COVID-19 has taken their peace of mind.      Continue reading

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