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Magazine: Guyanese of Portuguese Ancestry Magazine – Published in 2012

Magazine: Guyanese of Portuguese Ancestry Magazine – Published in 2012

Read it / Download: A VOZ Magazine -2012

The persons on the cover of this magazine are:

1st row: Peter D’Aguiar, Sister Noel Moniz, Jerry Goveia of Roraima Airways, June Mendez who is the owner of Farfan & Mendez, Chris Fernandes.
2nd row: Dave Martins, Mark Vieira of Houston (son of Paula Vieira married to young Joe), Old Francis Dias of JP Santos, Gail Teixeira an MP.
3rd row: Reds Perreira, Alfro Alphonso, Nicolette Fernandes (Bobby’s daughter), Fr Malcolm Rodrigues, Kit Nascimento. 
Front row: Mike Correia the CEO of the Correia group, Kirk Jardine, Amanda St Aubyn.



Published on Jan 10, 2013 by Ken Corsbie

Sports offer a wealth of material for the storyteller and comedian  and cricket is no exception. A conversation with legendary commentator Reds Perreira offers an evening of bizarre cricket stories.

For this video I borrowed shamelessly from four of my friends – Ian McDonald, Johnny Agard (he received the prestigious Queen’s Gold Award for his poetry just a couple of weeks ago), Reds Perreira and Dave Martins.

As is obvious in the video, the main showmen for the evening were the incredible long thriving 3-brothers, Bing Serrao and the Ramblers. Bill “Crooner” Newman was emcee and calypsonian.

Newsletter – June 2010

Newsletter – June 2010

(click above or below to view 16-page newsletter)

Guyanese Online Newsletter -June 2010< download

In This Issue

Parliament Building - Georgetown. Guyana

Parliament Building - Georgetown. Guyana

Page 1– Masthead Picture: Parliament Buildings in Georgetown; President Jagdeo’s Independence Speech for 44th Anniversary.

Page 2-  EditorialVideos on Life and Education.

Page 3– Guest Editorial – New Models of Governance

Page 4-  Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago Elections

Page 5– Guyana Tourism – Guyana Jamboree 2010.

Page 6—Guyana News with Headline News links

Amaila Falls Hydro Project;  RUSAL Hydro  Project Talks;   Governance links; Agriculture;  Gold and Diamond Mining Issues.

Page 7—Guyana News with Headline News Links; Golden Grove Community Centre Opens; St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Fire—News links

Page 8– Business Page with GO-Invest links

Page 9– Last Lap Lime – 15th Anniversary

Page 10- Associations: Guyanese Association of Georgia; Guyanese Association of  Barbados;

Page 11-  Associations: Guyanese association of Manitoba;Q.C. Alumni—”Fireworks in Queens”;“A Taste of Guyana” in Toronto; Friends of  Victoria Village “Creole Breakfast”; Buxton-  170th Anniversary Celebrations; The Arts Journal;  Ameena Gafoor’s column

Page 12- Arts and Culture: Tony Phillips—artist –  Website; Olga Lopes-Seale  – “Fun Run”  in Barbados;  Godfrey Chin: “The Forties in British Guiana.”

Page 13- Arts and Culture: “Reds” Perreira launches book on his life;“Come Walk With Me”  A book of  Poems by Francis Yvonne Jackson living in Chicago.

Page 14– 15- Historical:  “Glimpses of Kingston”  1948. Written by Joy W. Small in Kyk-Over-Al

Page 16– Advertising- Guyana Telephone Calling Cards;  Caribbean Cargo and Packaging Services.

‘Reds’ Launches Book on Life

‘Reds’ Launches Book on Life

Thursday, 20 May 2010 06:55 Guy Ellis –  Caribarena – Antigua & Barbuda


The Best of Books is pleased to be launching “Living My Dreams” written by well known cricket commentator Reds Perreira. Reds is inviting cricketing fans and well wishers to join him for a short Lunch Time reading and signing at the Royal Palm branch of the Best of Books on Friars Hill Road on Friday 21st May at 1PM.

Joseph “Reds” Perreira is often short changed by being referred to merely as a cricket commentator.  His autobiography LIVING MY DREAMS, just published, challenges that appellation.

There are no records of any outstanding feats on the part of this Guyanese on a field of sports or even of him making any national team of his country, but there possibly is no one in the West Indies now or in the recent past who has contributed to so many disciplines of sport as Perreira has, and most of them at  the very same  time.

Perreira is an icon in the history of sports in these parts. He is a member of a triumvirate of really outstanding international cricket commentators produced by the West Indies, (alongside Tony Cozier and Roy Lawrence of Jamaica).  For nearly four decades, Perreira was a sports broadcaster and journalist, a sports administrator and organizer as well. It is doubtful if there will be another like him, for his sheer dedication to sports development ….all sports. He has filled many roles, including two big ones right here in St. Lucia as OECS Sports Coordinator and Sports Tourism Officer with the St Lucia Tourist Board. His work has taken him throughout the Caribbean, including living and working in Barbados as well.

Perreira confesses to a passion for cricket which he began to follow as early as the late 1940s in the days of inter territorial cricket between the four big countries of the West Indies: Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. By the time the West Indies began to emerge as a force in international cricket in the 1950s, Perreira had been completely bowled over by the game. By then he had already had glimpses of some of the “greats” of the day in the flesh: Headley, Weekes, Worrell, Walcott, the Australians who routed the West Indies at home in 1955, the Indians Mankad and Gupte, among others.


Apart from cricket, Perreira was also tall on soccer, boxing, track and field and a little basketball, but it is as a cricket commentator  that  he  is  best known and from  the role of back up to the head of the Sports Department of newly opened Guyana Broadcasting Service (GBS) in 1968, Perreira went on to carve a reputation  that made his name and voice known all over the world.

In 1984 Perreira assumed the job as the first head of a newly-created Sports Desk (which he described as “a team of one”) at the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States secretariat in Castries, with jurisdiction over nine territories in the sub region. The appointment signaled a burst of sports activities in the OECS that continues to this day, although no one has been able to quite fill Perreira’s shoes since his departure from the post.

But it was “Reds” Perreira who not only organized and administered sports in these islands, but had open to him the doors of sponsorship that had seemingly never existed before. And  then  he  marketed the various events  in all the different islands as well, creating linkages with business houses, government officials and  sports journalists that ensured  the  necessary exposure  and success for  each event.   The OECS should forever be grateful for the “magic touch” that Perreira brought to these islands, producing a long-running spectacle out of the raw talent that existed but with poor club structures  and inadequate support services.

The title LIVING MY DREAMS  is well-chosen since the book  tells the rise of a young boy from the virtual backwoods of Guyana to the international limelight, fighting off a string the odds along the way including a long standing stammering problem  that could easily have sidelined his ambitions to become a broadcaster and commentator  permanently, had he simply acknowledged the problem and given up.  The fact of the matter is that Perreira never allowed this speech impediment to hamstring his forward march to stardom and in fact, unless one knew of it, one would never have suspected that he had it. Such was nature of Perreira’s drive for excellence and to overcoming adversity.

Neither did he allow a 1995 stroke suffered while with the West Indies tour of Australia to finally curb his zest for cricket in particular and sports in general.  The Perreira voice was still be heard on-air as recently this year.

LIVING MY DREAMS is a story that is told with unusual candour.  Perreira shows remorse whatever, in  his  handling of some incidents which  should have left him quite peeved and deflated, like the resentment he encountered in some circles over his appointment as head of the OECS Sports Desk , dealing with hostile and uncooperative officials—in  sports and government–or the circumstances which led to his parting company with the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) when it sought to dilute the role that he loved best, that of a ball-by-ball cricket commentator.

The book describes his boyhood in his native Guyana where young men grew up to be fearless playing almost in company with poisonous snakes, alligators and other dangerous animals. Then it was on to Georgetown where he started to organize cricket teams before he began attending first class matches. Two trips to England in the decade of the sixties exposed Perreira to a different way of life and gave the young man the opportunity for adventure, including touring the rest of Europe. It was after his return home in 1967 after his second trip to England, that Perreira’s career took off.

The book gives examples of Perreira’s journalistic excellence like his breaking of the  sensational story of a “rebel” West Indies cricket team leaving to tour apartheid South Africa in 1983, which started with a tip off from Perreira’s own “Deep Throat” –remember Watergate?– “a gentleman whose information I trusted”. Under a barrage of fire from those who questioned the authenticity of his information, Perreira nevertheless prevailed and in the process broke a major story that clearly brought out the best in him as a journalist.

Aside from his stroke, the book delves into a lot of Perreira’s personal life, his relationships, setbacks etc.  It is at lot about cricket, the excitement and thrills of matches and tours he covered including the two West Indies World Cup triumphs in 1975 and 1979 and the manner in which he was able to convey what he was experiencing to thousands of  fans all over  the world. But the bigger story is about a man living his many dreams.

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