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Commentary: Times of Melancholy – By Dave Martins + video


Lately I’ve been overrun with old memories, some of them going back decades, like my Mom passing away and my sister Celia, both in Toronto, and my first wife, Dorothy, who was from Scotland. And yes, the positive memories are more than the other kind, for sure. The difference, though, is the sad ones are individually more powerful, because of the awareness of “gone” that is involved.  You just have to learn to live with both and not get overwhelmed by the sad stuff to where you’re no use to anyone, even yourself.      Continue reading

GUYANA OIL: Exxon will now be producing more oil – faster than planned

GUYANA: Iwokrama – Celebrating three decades of rain forests conservation + 11 videos

Iwokrama 2021 video

The video Iwokrama 2021 is one of eleven videos listed below. We will be adding on a monthly basis so enjoy – So grateful if you can share especially with our young folks.  The following is from:

  • Dr Raquel Thomas. Director, Resource Management and Training
  • Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development
  • 49 High and Barrack Streets (Entrance Barrack St). Georgetown. Guyana.
  • Email: rthomas@iwokrama.org; +592-674-8669 (Whatsapp)

      Dear Colleagues, Friends  Continue reading

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