GUYANA: Iwokrama – Celebrating three decades of rain forests conservation + 11 videos

Iwokrama 2021 video

The video Iwokrama 2021 is one of eleven videos listed below. We will be adding on a monthly basis so enjoy – So grateful if you can share especially with our young folks.  The following is from:

  • Dr Raquel Thomas. Director, Resource Management and Training
  • Iwokrama International Centre for Rain Forest Conservation and Development
  • 49 High and Barrack Streets (Entrance Barrack St). Georgetown. Guyana.
  • Email:; +592-674-8669 (Whatsapp)

      Dear Colleagues, Friends 

This year Iwokrama celebrates 25 years since the Iwokrama Act came into being official. Establishing the Iwokrama International Centre.  It is nearly 32 years (1989) that this magnificent offer was made by the late President Hoyte to the International Community via Commonwealth for this space of 1 million acres (approx.) to be a space for research and development as it relates to Intact tropical rain forests.  An Act was Passed by National Assembly March 14, 1996.  Assented in March 1991 by Late President Jagan May 7, 1996.  

Iwokrama has come a long way through many visionaries and truly dedicated staff over these 3 decades and we thank all that have been involved in getting us to this stage so far, including the many partners over the years.  We are happy to note that more than a few persons have been affiliated with Iwokrama are positioned in several conservation related organisations/projects in the highest levels of management; as well as communities; including village leaders and councils within Guyana. In spite of the challenges, we have survived and we are aware that there is much work to be done. I may add with complete assurance, the CEO, Dane Gobin, and the team of staff are deeply committed to continuing to strive for the highest levels of excellence.

There is an extensive list of persons to acknowledge and thank. Therefore, we will not do it here as we don’t want to leave anyone off the list but will be reaching out to many persons over the year so as to help us capture a bit more of our history. Honourable mention of a few:

Thank you to our Iwokrama team of staff and volunteers that have put together this correspondence.

Thank you Daisy Payne of the UK who set up our YouTube Channel some years ago when she volunteered with us. We miss you Daisy.

Thank you NCN that helped us to launch this education series a few weeks ago,  and we will be collaborating with community groups and Ministry of Education to get these out to all schools.

Please see the historical document attached.  Thanks Anne Marie Ford for finding this and sharing.



  • Youtube Videos Links   
  1. Protected Areas of Guyana,
  2. Iwokrama 2021,
  3. Boas of Iwokrama,
  4. Venomous Snakes of Guyana,
  5. Frogs of Iwokrama,
  6. Cats of Guyana,
  7. Navigating the Rivers,
  8. Conservation and Sustainable Forestry,
  9. Bird Ecology in the Iwokrama Forest,
  10. Illegal activities in the Iwokrama Forest,
  11. Lichens,


49 Barrack and High Street

Kingston, Georgetown


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