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GUYANA: Oil crookedness and British contempt – By GHK Lall

I used to be encouraged by Guyana’s oil discoveries. That has disappeared. It is because those oil discoveries have been accompanied by disturbing political leadership developments. I try hard to be optimistic for Guyanese, but sense for them an impoverishing fate similar to that of Angolans, Nigerians, and Iraqis.

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This oil that was long dreamed about as ‘being there’ is now reality, bringing numerous expectations, great encouragements. And though I have no stake on how it is utilised, there was the interest that much good would accrue to all Guyana. Presently and given the deceptions of Guyana’s major political leaders (no exceptions), any projections about even a fraction of the good that can be had from the nation’s oil finds look bleak.      Continue reading

OPINION: Don’t Take the Narrow View of What’s Happening in Gaza

—  Wars and Skirmishes Don’t Occur in A Vacuum.

Shadi Hamid | The Atlantic 

As always in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, two narratives are vying for primacy. In one, Israel is simply defending itself against a fresh attack. In the other, Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is the latest example of a desire to punish and humiliate Palestinians.

These two narratives are not reconcilable, which makes reasoned discussion an exercise in futility. But any sophisticated argument must contend with the long, winding lead-up to the current crisis. Why is war in Gaza returning now, and why does it always seem to return, with stubborn, periodic insistence?          Continue reading

VIDEO: The Amazon Rain Forest

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