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GUYANA: Oil crookedness and British contempt – By GHK Lall

I used to be encouraged by Guyana’s oil discoveries. That has disappeared. It is because those oil discoveries have been accompanied by disturbing political leadership developments. I try hard to be optimistic for Guyanese, but sense for them an impoverishing fate similar to that of Angolans, Nigerians, and Iraqis.

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This oil that was long dreamed about as ‘being there’ is now reality, bringing numerous expectations, great encouragements. And though I have no stake on how it is utilised, there was the interest that much good would accrue to all Guyana. Presently and given the deceptions of Guyana’s major political leaders (no exceptions), any projections about even a fraction of the good that can be had from the nation’s oil finds look bleak.      Continue reading

OPINION: Avoiding media scrutiny; flaying Walton-Desir but comforting deliberately lazy leaders

Kaieteur News – I am of two minds about this matter of public officials using the pandemic to avoid media scrutiny (KN May 4). They definitely have much to evade, plus a scarcity of truths to offer. So, they find any excuse to hide, with the pandemic being the best thing around as all-purpose bedsheet to wraparound their embarrassing nakedness.

Speaking for myself, I prefer silence than to hear more subtle deceptions and outright falsehoods from this leader and that one; I have little patience with leadership evasions and obvious leadership omissions, one of which is their necessary press presences to face the people and tell them the facts and all of them, not just what is helpful to their tomfooleries.        Continue reading

GUYANA: Exxon’s “enormous pressure” on government; good local content and taxi drivers – By GHK Lall


The Vice President opened his mouth and showed that he is not up to the job of dealing in the big leagues with the big boys. He laments about “enormous pressure” from Exxon to justify his government’s abject failure to seize the moment and rearrange this country’s prospects from greedy Exxon. He kowtowed embarrassingly with that limp one of getting more for Payara.

To the Hon. Vice President, I say this: it is nothing, not near what it should be. Again, I say this to the VP and Guyana, Exxon is a wounded giant, flopping around and hanging on to Guyana for dear life; it is beached on Guyana’s shores, and any swift kick to the behinds of its rapacious leaders will make them rear up in alarm.        Continue reading

OPINION: Guyana: All oil today – all disturbing – By GHK Lall

Kaieteur News – Something rare is done in this space: I focus on recent oil developments and emphasize what disturbs. Gas-to-shore project is the first, local content second, and third is, who really is for the Guyanese people. Should the latter be found, I could use the enlightenment.

A Tuesday news item in KN noted Guyana’s Natural Resources Minister sharing that ExxonMobil is readying to conduct studies on a likely gas-to-shore project here. I would have been surprised if the company was not doing so, not engaging in some preliminary undertaking as to the significance for its prospects.      Continue reading