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Guyana SPEAKS – Under The Influence of a Guyanese Heritage – 30th May 2021 – Virtual Event

GUYANA SPEAKS: Sunday, 30th May 2021 at 2pm BST / 9am ET / 9am GYT. 

Please register for the next Guyana SPEAKS event by clicking on the link below:
Our distinguished speakers – Dr Jim Thakoordin (UK), Dudley Charles (USA) and Jane Thakoordin (UK) – will be talking about how their art and/or activism has been influenced by their Guyanese heritage.

GUYANA: Gold Mining: Secret contract exposed… Chinese company pays US$5 rent per acre + Duty-Free Imports

— Chinese company pays US$5 rent per acre for Guyana’s largest gold claim

Aurora Mine – Guyana

The generous concession comes as a result of a contract that was inked (by the PPP government) in November 2011 with Aurora Gold Mines, then owned by Canadian Guyana Goldfields, and since sold to the Chinese mining group.  Continue reading

BUSINESS: Toronto loses almost120,000 jobs and 3480 businesses in 2020 – by BlogTO

  • This is how many businesses closed down in Toronto last year – by BlogTO

Toronto Skyline at night taken from Center Island.

With a staggering 119,890 jobs lost, Toronto just saw its largest single-year employment decline in recorded history — and that was before the current eight-week-long (and countingshutdown of all non-essential businesses and services.

We have the city’s 2020 Toronto Employment Survey to thank for this information, plus a whole bunch of other unsettling economic facts.          Continue reading

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