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OPINION: Avoiding media scrutiny; flaying Walton-Desir but comforting deliberately lazy leaders

Kaieteur News – I am of two minds about this matter of public officials using the pandemic to avoid media scrutiny (KN May 4). They definitely have much to evade, plus a scarcity of truths to offer. So, they find any excuse to hide, with the pandemic being the best thing around as all-purpose bedsheet to wraparound their embarrassing nakedness.

Speaking for myself, I prefer silence than to hear more subtle deceptions and outright falsehoods from this leader and that one; I have little patience with leadership evasions and obvious leadership omissions, one of which is their necessary press presences to face the people and tell them the facts and all of them, not just what is helpful to their tomfooleries.        Continue reading

SPORTS: Harris puts Aguilera to sleep with Anaconda choke in UFC debut

May 9, 2021 – Kaieteur News – Guyanese-born Carlston Harris beat American Christian Aguilera in vicious fashion via the anaconda choke route less than halfway through the opening round of their three-round fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Las Vegas last night.

Fighting on the undercard of the event Harris made his debut in the UFC a most memorable one.

PHOTO: Carlston Harris is proudly draped in the Guyana and Brazilian flags during his post fight interview     Continue reading

TORONTO: TTC worries work-from-home trend will keep ridership way down… for good

BLOGTO – 09 May 2021

It’s not all that surprising that TTC ridership has been abysmally low as a result of ongoing pandemic lockdowns, but the transit agency is noting that numbers are down even more than expected by this point, and that they may be down permanently.

Working from home has gone from something temporary amid stay-at-home orders to something permanent for the foreseeable future as companies forfeit their office spaces, residents move out of the city and we all get used to the comfort (and safety from viruses) that home can offer.        Continue reading

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