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Magazine: Guyanese of Portuguese Ancestry Magazine – Published in 2012

Magazine: Guyanese of Portuguese Ancestry Magazine – Published in 2012

Read it / Download: A VOZ Magazine -2012

The persons on the cover of this magazine are:

1st row: Peter D’Aguiar, Sister Noel Moniz, Jerry Goveia of Roraima Airways, June Mendez who is the owner of Farfan & Mendez, Chris Fernandes.
2nd row: Dave Martins, Mark Vieira of Houston (son of Paula Vieira married to young Joe), Old Francis Dias of JP Santos, Gail Teixeira an MP.
3rd row: Reds Perreira, Alfro Alphonso, Nicolette Fernandes (Bobby’s daughter), Fr Malcolm Rodrigues, Kit Nascimento. 
Front row: Mike Correia the CEO of the Correia group, Kirk Jardine, Amanda St Aubyn.

NYC: Dave Martins Heads GCA Awardees for 2019- By Francis Quamina Farrier

Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc- GCA Awardees for 2019

  • By Francis Quamina Farrier in New York

Musician, Composer and Columnist Dave Martins, AA, was the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award, from the Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc. last Wednesday. The ceremony which was held at the Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York City, was attended by a host of dignitaries, including Guyana’s Consul General in New York, Hon. Barbara Atherly, and other Guyanese associated with the performing and Visual Arts and Lovers of things Cultural.

Although not present in person to receive the physical award, Dave Martins was present in a larger than life image on a jumbo screen.    Continue reading

Guyana Memories: “I’ll always Remember” and “I’ll never Forget” – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Dave Martins with Farrier

Like so many Guyanese and many other nationals around the world, I am a Dave Martins fan. I love his music with that rich bouncy Caribbean beat. I love his lyrics, always with something to learn and think about. And during the past decade or so, I have come to enjoy reading his weekly column in the Sunday Stabroek News.

In a more recent article entitled “Lessons I never forgot”, in which he was reflecting on his learning experiences while an up-and-coming musical entertainer, I couldn’t help observing his use of the term, “I never forgot”,  which was in the Headline.  It got me to thinking of something I was doing unwittingly for many decades, with the use of that term,  “I’ll never forget”, and it’s twin, “I’ll always remember”, and realised that somehow I was using both terms, which I suppose means the same thing, very selectively.    Continue reading

Demolition of Astor cinema: End of an era in Georgetown. Guyana – By Freddie Kissoon + video

Demolition of Astor cinema: End of an era –  By Freddie Kissoon

The Astor Cinema Georgetown. Guyana

The remains of the Astor Cinema crumbled just before midday today after weeks of haphazard dismantling of the iconic movie house, the last of its kind in the city.

The area around the cinema was blocked off to traffic for about an hour before the collapse. Around 11 am, machinery from Chung’s Global assisted with the demolition. Moments after the southern wall was torn down, the remainder of the building crumbled at 11.56 onto Waterloo Street.  Removal of the debris is underway. Moments later, persons began to scavenge the debris.

Demolition of Astor cinema: End of an era       Continue reading

Dave Martins, Triple Play Band, Aubrey Choy, George DaSilva – Toronto- June 23, 2017

Fifty years ago or now: when would you rather be living? – By Dave Martins + music video

50 years ago or now by Dave MartinsT

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

That’s right, 50 years ago or now: when would you rather be living? The next time you’re in a close social setting and the conversation lags, pose that question and brace yourself for the melee that will follow. Conceding that subjectivity will be hugely at play in that discussion, it’s a fascinating topic; prepare yourself for heated exchanges and perhaps even losing some friends.

Going out the door, one of the first points that would be raised is the conveniences of life today. Fifty years ago, we didn’t have email or cell phones; telegraphed messages to my father on his Pomeroon farm took a week between send and receive. Back then, we didn’t have electric blenders; housewives used mortar and pestle. No equipment to make ice cream at home, meant bringing the ice home on a bicycle followed by the long tiring churning of the milk by hand – a job I used to run from.   Continue reading

JOIN THE LINE, GT&T BRASS – by Dave Martins.

JOIN THE LINE, GT&T BRASS  – by Dave Martins.

Dave Martins

Dave Martins

Following the election, the press has understandably seen numerous suggestions from citizens concerning things in the government that are in need of urgent attention. The words in this space today, however, while squarely in the “urgent attention” category are aimed not at the government but at a private sector entity, namely GT&T. For the background to this, I take you with me to an experience this past week attempting to pay my telephone bill at the GT&T office on Church Street.

With the appropriate “amount due” documents in hand, I entered the area on the ground floor to make the payment. The place was truly a mob scene. There were approximately 30 GT&T costumers in one long snaking line inside, another 11 in a separate “senior citizens” line, and more customers waiting outside. To cater to these persons, the company had 5 cashier positions; one of these is usually not manned. Continue reading

Guyana: Sea turtle conservation – Shell Beach- videos & article

A Hero for the Planet – Dr. Peter Pritchard

Published on May 14, 2012 —  Dr. Peter Pritchard, one of the world’s leading turtle experts, is also the co-patron of the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society and actually started turtle conservation on Shell Beach, Guyana. Please also visit our website at http://www.gmtcs.org

Mabaruma Sojourn – featuring Shell Beach – videos <Click

This is a short documentary by Annette Arjoon with music by Dave Martins about Mabaruma and the wider North West area of Region 1, Guyana, South America.        Continue reading



Published on Jan 10, 2013 by Ken Corsbie

Sports offer a wealth of material for the storyteller and comedian  and cricket is no exception. A conversation with legendary commentator Reds Perreira offers an evening of bizarre cricket stories.

For this video I borrowed shamelessly from four of my friends – Ian McDonald, Johnny Agard (he received the prestigious Queen’s Gold Award for his poetry just a couple of weeks ago), Reds Perreira and Dave Martins.

As is obvious in the video, the main showmen for the evening were the incredible long thriving 3-brothers, Bing Serrao and the Ramblers. Bill “Crooner” Newman was emcee and calypsonian.

Dave Martins event – Orlando.FL – Oct 20, 2012 – pictures

Link below to pictures from Dave Martin & The Tradewinds concert event at The Majestic Ballroom in Orlando, Florida held on October 20, 2012.

Dave Martins & The Tradewinds – Orlando, FL

Dave Martins event – Orlando.FL – Oct 20, 2012 – picture album


Play slide show – 239 pictures – http://share.shutterfly.com/view/flashShareSlideshow.jsp?sid=8AbOGbNizaNlFAQ

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