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Demolition of Astor cinema: End of an era in Georgetown. Guyana – By Freddie Kissoon + video

Demolition of Astor cinema: End of an era –  By Freddie Kissoon

The Astor Cinema Georgetown. Guyana

The remains of the Astor Cinema crumbled just before midday today after weeks of haphazard dismantling of the iconic movie house, the last of its kind in the city.

The area around the cinema was blocked off to traffic for about an hour before the collapse. Around 11 am, machinery from Chung’s Global assisted with the demolition. Moments after the southern wall was torn down, the remainder of the building crumbled at 11.56 onto Waterloo Street.  Removal of the debris is underway. Moments later, persons began to scavenge the debris.

Demolition of Astor cinema: End of an era       Continue reading

Diaspora wants what locals don’t have and don’t get – By Freddie Kissoon

Diaspora wants what locals don’t have and don’t get

A young agronomist invaded a local bank a few weeks ago with his gang to rob it and was killed by security personnel. The details of his life revealed that he was earning G$180,000 monthly (app US $900). When the Council of the University of Guyana terminated my contract in January 2016, I was earning G$182,000 after twenty-six consecutive years with no break.
For the three universities I attended with 26 years of service I earned two thousand dollars more than this young man. I think if he went on to achieve 26 years of service, he certainly would have ended up earning more than G$400,000. Yesu Persaud, a larger than life Guyanese icon, is a living witness.    Continue reading

Guyana- The audits, the actions, the actors – By Freddie Kissoon

The audits, the actions, the actors

Opinion - commentary -analysisMAY 3, 2016 | BY | FREDDIE KISSOON 

Macabre is the only word to use for the contents that are pouring out of the revelations of the actions of the past administration. Incredible, unimaginable, unbelievable are hackneyed words. Even bizarre may not be the right description. Perhaps “evil” is the most compelling adjective.

With each forensic audit, the nation learns about skullduggery, illegalities, immoralities. The audits lay bare the nature of the mentality of the actors. But where are the actors?   Continue reading

The thing David Granger gave East Indians in 2015 – By Freddie Kissoon

The thing David Granger gave East Indians in 2015


On more than one occasion, the Stabroek News has referred to the razor thin victory of the APNU-AFC coalition over the PPP. The analyst reading that is bound to conclude that the PPP nearly won. There are some mistakes in that conclusion. First, I think the coalition victory had more votes than what the official results showed. I wouldn’t say a substantial number but in riverain areas and distant enclaves where opposition activities are traditionally weak, there has been a long pattern of PPP electoral skullduggery. Unfortunately, over the decades the PNC, later APNU, has not been able to prove it.   Continue reading

The iconic Clive Thomas speaks! – commentary by Freddie Kissoon

The iconic Clive Thomas speaks!

Dr. Clive Thomas

Dr. Clive Thomas


Perhaps the harshest condemnation of the Jagdeo/Ramotar era to come from a leading figure in the APNU+AFC Coalition Government emerged from the iconic Clive Thomas. Professor Thomas is head of the assets recovery project and made these pronouncements as carried in the Wednesday edition of this paper; “They were drunk, drunk with greed…it’s inhuman what they did.”

The earlier the discoveries of PPP corruptibility are submitted for perusal to the Guyanese people, the better to stem the rising tide of PPP’s hypocritical, destructive, racist activism. East Indian people that stood behind the PPP for over sixty years should know the devastation the PPP brought to this country.  Continue reading

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