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Award of Kaieteur, Canje Oil Blocks… Former Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud explains

Award of Kaieteur, Canje Oil Blocks…I only operated as a bridge between GGMC and Ramotar –  says Former Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud 

Robert Persaud

By Kiana Wilburg  – Nov 18, 2019  News    

When it comes to the award of oil blocks pre- oil discovery, former Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud contends that he never had a central role to play.

In fact, Persaud described himself to this news agency as being a mere bridge between former President, Donald Ramotar (who was also the Minister of Energy) and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).

During a guest appearance on Kaieteur Radio’s Programme, Guyana’s Oil and You, Persaud made this comment as he explained the thinking behind the award of two oil blocks, Kaieteur and Canje, just months before the 2015 elections were held.          Continue reading

Did Hollywood use the bounty hunter in Harriet to propagate the Black male myth ? – By Yvonne Sam

 – By Yvonne Sam

In the movie Harriet the first feature length film to capture the most quintessential female abolitionist, suffragist and activist in American history, may have been succinctly used by Hollywood to propagate longstanding myths playing out in our culture.

One such example is the fictional bounty hunter named Bigger Long played by Omar Dorsey.  Although the character is fictional, the name nevertheless alludes to male sexuality, the fear of which in particular has been a core reason for the subjugation of Black American males. One would not be surprised if “dong’ was replaced by “long” to throw viewers off the track, a clear plan of subterfuge.        Continue reading

Guyana: Bolting the Stable: Rusal and Troy Resources – By Adam Harris

The attention is on two failing companies operating in Guyana. One of them is in the bauxite industry, the other in the gold sector. Rusal has been in the Berbice operations of the bauxite industry after the company operating at Bermine pulled up its roots.

Generally, when a foreign company comes to work in a local industry that is outside the scope of the locals, the authorities would grant concessions. To the casual observer these concessions seem exorbitant.

There are concessions for fuel, for machinery, and even for tax payment. In turn the company would offer to provide employment, pay royalty on production, and keep the industry going.          Continue reading

Guyana: Travel from Georgetown to the Pomeroon River in Essequibo- 2016 Video


Guyana: Travel from Georgetown to the Pomeroon River in Essequibo- 2016 Video … See map below

Continue reading

“Silent Warrior” by Indigenous Brazilian Poet Márcia Wayna Kambeba – By Rosaliene Bacchus

New post on Three Worlds One Vision  –  by Rosaliene Bacchus

Márcia Wayna Kambeba – Indigenous Poet – Belém – Pará – Brazil
Photo Credit: Brazilian Women’s Magazine Seja Extraordinária

My Poetry Corner November 2019 features the poem “Silent Warrior” (Silêncio Guerreiro) by Márcia Wayna Kambeba, the artistic name of Márcia Vieira da Silva, an indigenous Brazilian poet, geographer, performer, and activist for indigenous rights. Born in 1979 in the village of Belém do Solimões in the northern Brazilian state of Pará, she is of Omágua Kambeba ethnicity. At eight years, she moved with her family to São Paulo de Olivença—once the largest settlement of the Kambeba people—in Amazonas. Today, she lives in the city of Belém, capital of Pará.


Why being kind could help you live longer – By Lauren Turner – BBC News

An illustration of hands holding hearts

mage copyright GETTY IMAGES

What can kindness do for you? Give you a warm glow perhaps, or a feeling of well-being? While that may be true, scientists and academics at a new research centre say it can do much more – it can extend your life.

The staff at UCLA’s Bedari Kindness institute are ready for the jokes.

“We look at the scientific point of view. We aren’t sitting around in circles, holding hands. We’re talking about the psychology, the biology, of positive social interactions,” says Daniel Fessler, the institute’s inaugural director.

The notion of kindness has made headlines recently.  It was a key part of former president Barack Obama’s eulogy of veteran US Democrat Elijah Cummings, following his death last month.


Environment: Plastic Pollution: Coca-Cola Nasty Plastic Problem + Video

  – Sandrine Rigaud | DW

 By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the sea. Ten tons of plastic are produced every second.

Sooner or later, a tenth of that will end up in the oceans. Coca-Cola says it wants to do something about it – but does it really?

In January 2018, Coca-Cola made an ambitious announcement:

The brand, which sells 120 billion plastic bottles every year, promised a “world without waste” by 2030.

Filmmaker Sandrine Rigaud was skeptical about this ostensibly noble resolution. In Tanzania, for example, far from the company’s American headquarters, a different picture emerges.  Continue reading

Guyana’s First Village: Victorious Victoria now 180 Years – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

The “First Village’ Arch, which has been designed by the villagers in 2016

There have been some occasions when I wished that I was born in VICTORIA, a village which is known as “The First Village”. As a matter of fact, when I was a young and up-coming journalist back in the 1970s and working at the Films Division of the Ministry of Information which was located on Brickdam in Georgetown in the building now occupied by IICA, I produced a Film Documentary entitled, “THE FIRST VILLAGE”. 

That film documentary is about VICTORIA and its history, with some scenes which are no longer in existence.    Continue reading

New UG Chancellor calls for dismantling of racial polarisation, coarseness

Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Professor Edward Greene.

Fresh from his installation at Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Professor Edward Greene on Saturday appealed to graduates to help transform the country’s political culture and improve race relations.

Addressing the Convocation at the Turkeyen Campus, he called on the graduates as they leave the campus to use their investment and accomplishments to dismantle decades-old divisiveness in their communities and the wider world.    Continue reading

Video: Pictures Of Guyana – By Mike Charles


This video is the product of years of photography across Guyana by Mike Charles, a Guyanese helicopter pilot for over 25 years.

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