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Guyana: ‘Sharing’ Mt. Roraima’s unique geology and allure + Music video

To whom does Mount Roraima belong?

During my school days, we sang with unquestionable zeal, “Born in the land of the mighty Roraima…” It was ours! It came as a shock to later discover that we shared this ‘national’ icon with Venezuela and Brazil. And even later, the knowledge that our touted Pakaraimas were likewise communal, and our rainforest inseparable from the Amazon’s.

Mount Roraima (Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk)

Nations and governments claim, quarrel and fight over land as if they have made and shaped it. Historically, people settled and developed unclaimed lands, and in doing so, made use of natural phenomena like rivers, lakes, and mountains; even oceans and deserts, to establish boundaries.

It seemed the proper and practical thing to do. But since nature cares nothing for human deliberations, landforms in their own esteem remain the property and patrimony of Mother Earth.    Continue reading

Guyana Immigration: Almost 40,000 Venezuela migrants here by next year

– Health Ministry’s resources feel the squeeze

The projections are placing the number of Venezuela migrants in Guyana by next year at almost 40,000.

Minister Volda Lawrence and host, Leonard Gildarie, during ‘The Political Show’

The situation is creating challenges to the Ministry of Public Health and other state resources.

Minister Volda Lawrence has since described the situation as a ticking “time bomb”.

Minister Lawrence made the disclosures, Wednesday, while a guest on ‘The Political Show’ on Kaieteur Radio.        Continue reading

Tribute paid to Rev John Smith as his church celebrates 176 years

Smith Memorial Congregational Church Brickdam, Georgetown

Duty free to foreigners…RUSAL is Guyana’s largest private fuel retailer

Some of the fuel storage tanks used by RUSAL.

This means that the tax normally paid to the government on the importation or purchase of the fuel is not being paid by RUSAL.          Continue reading

Queens Book Fair: Immigrant Stories That Inspire – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

  – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

It is important for immigrants to tell their stories. These stories nourish and provide inspiration to the community. They act as signals that guide and remind us about the old values that are sometimes forgotten in the one-line responses on social media. But more important, the stories become lessons for the young that must navigate their way in an environment that is far removed from that of their parents.

The young constantly hear of what life was like in Guyana, Trinidad, Suriname, Jamaica, and other places. They hear of the struggles of their parents and of their will to succeed. But these stories are not only confined to the Caribbean, and other faraway places. They are to be found in New York as well.

READ MORE: Queens Book Fair- Immigrant Stories That Inspire

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