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Queen’s College Alumni Association NY (QCAANY) volunteers at ‘Day of Giving’

Consul General of Guyana to New York, handing out potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner to residents that joined a line at the Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, in Richmond Hill

It is the simple things that count at Thanksgiving time, like enjoying a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and a family to share it with. But for many, it takes volunteers, and a food pantry to make these moments special.

Thanks to Guyanese-American, Tony Singh, founder of Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry, at 102-26 89th Ave, Richmond Hill, Saturday, Nov. 23, was a wonderful occasion for the needy.          Continue reading

Update: Bolivia Coup Regime Agrees to Nine of Ten Peasant Demands

….  Coup Leaders will Withdraw Military from the Streets

https://images.pagina12.com.ar/styles/focal_3_2_960x640/public/media/articles/32154/documento.jpg?itok=dH8hlvF0Yesterday, the Minister of the Presidency of the Bolivian coup regime accepted eight of the nine demands presented by the peasant and social organizations of La Paz.

The agreement, signed by Minister Jerjes Justiniano, removes the military from the streets of the country, frees those arrested in the protests, promises economic reparations to the victims of the repression and the continuity of certain policies of the government of Evo Morales.    Continue reading

Morales loyalists block Bolivia’s roads to pile on pressure – The Guardian UK

Followers of the exiled ex-president hope their blockade of food and fuel will bring concessions from the new rightwing government

‘Bring Evo Back’ graffiti at a barricade to Alto Lipari manned by Morales supporters.
 ‘Bring Evo Back’ graffiti at a barricade to Alto Lipari manned by Morales supporters. Photograph: Tom Phillips/The Observer

The barricades blocking the road to Alto Lipari are fashioned from every conceivable object: telegraph poles and tree trunks, wheelie bins and wooden crates, a bed frame and even a shipping container daubed with insults aimed at Bolivia’s “sell-out” police. Their message is unambiguous. “Evo de nuevo” reads a demand written on to the ground at the blockaded entrance to this rural farming community an hour’s drive south of La Paz. “Bring Evo back.”      Continue reading

MEDICAL: The Human Body: The Liver

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