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GUYANA: Sea defence needs G$14b in urgent repairs over next three years – Patterson

November 28, 2019- DPI Guyana.
Patterson said that the significance of the financial undertaking required must be considered in light of the fact that  ministry’s usual yearly allocation for sea defence work is G$2 billion.    Continue reading

Preparing Caribbean Tourism For The World Of Tomorrow | By David Jessop

 Published:Sunday | November 24, 2019 |  

An upper level juice and cocktail bar  in Negril, Jamaica

Although the statistics vary, reliable Caribbean and international entities suggest that tourism is now delivering, directly and indirectly, about 40.6 per cent of Caribbean GDP, earned the region US$62 billion in 2018, and employs at least one in 11 of the region’s citizens.

Despite this, little thought has been given to how to future-proof the industry as disruptive technologies take their toll, the region’s largely sun, sea, and sand high-volume offering becomes subject to multiple global pressures likely to affect traveller sentiment, and international competition increases.      Continue reading

Profile- Guyana-born Cliff Joseph Unites The Community – By Dr. Dhanpaul + Music Video

 – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

He was an ordinary man with a guitar and a cowboy hat. He was born in humble circumstances, the sixteenth of seventeen children. But he did not allow his surroundings to dictate his life. Instead, he rose above his station and brought joy and entertainment to thousands.

When he died the outpouring of emotions was unmistakable. His fans traveled from far and wide, from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens and Toronto and Grenada and Jamaica and they all had one message: Cliff Joseph was a legend. We were lucky to have him. We would not see the likes of him anytime soon again.            Continue reading

Guyana’s Sugar: We should not be building a white sugar plant – By Tony Vieira

We should not be building a white sugar plant

 Letter to Editor: By Tony Vieira

Anthony “Tony” Vieira

Why is our sugar industry a huge problem in Guyana? Well, labe with countries which have mechanised.

Our drainage is poor, because we are below sea level, which meanour is too expensive.  Labour is also short.  We receive too much rainfall to mechanise effectively and have become uncompetitivs that it only drains about 12 hours per day according to the low tides, and to make matters even worse our soils are too clayey to drain freely, and our fields are laid out as cambered beds which are impossible to mechanise without conversion.

Just one inch of rain during the cropping season, can stop all mechanised harvesting operations for as much as two to three days and is the reason why all attempts to mechanise since the 70’s have failed.        Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

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