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Guyana: Tourism Awareness Month: Scavenger Hunt: Georgetown – November 23, 2019

The USA’s War on Chinese Advanced Technology – By Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs

November 12, 2019- By – By Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs

NEW YORK – The worst foreign-policy decision by the United States of the last generation – and perhaps longer – was the “war of choice” that it launched in Iraq in 2003 for the stated purpose of eliminating weapons of mass destruction that did not, in fact, exist. Understanding the illogic behind that disastrous decision has never been more relevant, because it is being used to justify a similarly misguided US policy today.

The decision to invade Iraq followed the illogic of then-US Vice President Richard Cheney, who declared that even if the risk of WMDs falling into terrorist hands was tiny – say, 1% – we should act as if that scenario would certainly occur.      Continue reading

Guyana Public servants getting around 9% wage hikes

– hefty increases in allowances, minimum wage rises to G$70,000

David Granger
President David Granger 

Public servants, including teachers, nurses and doctors,  and members of the defence, police and security services, will receive permanent, tax-free increases in wages – 8.5% to 9% – and hefty allowances this year all of which will be retroactive to January 1st 2019, President David Granger announced during an address to the nation on November 13, 2019.          Continue reading

University Of Guyana Names Professor Edward Greene As New Chancellor

University Of Guyana Names New Chancellor

New University of Guyana Chancellor, Professor Edward Greene.

University Of Guyana Names New Chancellor

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, November 13, 2019 (CMC) – The former United Nations Special Envoy and CARICOM Deputy-Secretary General, Professor Edward Greene, has been appointed as the new Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG).

He replaces Chancellor Emeritus, Nigel Harris, whose term ended in November, last year.

In a statement, UG said that Greene will be installed in a simple ceremony, during this year’s Convocation exercise, on Saturday November 16, 2019.          Continue reading

Caribbean: What’s going on in Haiti part II? – By Jean H Charles

By Jean H Charles

I wrote last February 2019 an essay titled: What’s going on in Haiti https://guyaneseonline.net/2019/02/19/commentary-what-is-going-on-in-haiti-by-jean-h-charles/

where I predicted the tumultuous event that is happening now in the country, except, the Haitian manifestation of revolt against its corrupt and incompetent leader is today going like a wildfire from Puerto Rico to Hong-Hong and on to Chili from there to Iraq and from there again to Lebanon, the citizens are in revolt against their corrupt governments bent on inflicting pain and suffering on most of their subjects.

My inclination is to focus on the country that I am ailing from, Haiti, but the struggle against incompetent and malevolent governments is almost so universal that it has to be seen in a larger context.      Continue reading

USA: This Presidency Has Exposed My White Christian Friends – commentary

John Pavlovitz | Stuff That Needs to be Said

This President has been many things since arriving: A national embarrassment, a global punchline, an environmental disaster, a divider of people, a prolific murderer of the English language.

But he has also been a floodlight. He has fully exposed millions of people who had kept themselves carefully concealed. I can really see them now in ways I never could previously. It’s all out in the open.

Intellectually I always knew that racism was deeply embedded into the fabric of our nation, but I had convinced myself that it had slowly but certainly begun to unravel, that we weren’t as hopelessly bound by it as our ancestors had been.      Continue reading

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