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My Cricket Heroes: Part 1 – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

I am glued to the Indian Premier League (IPL). I never thought that I would be fascinated by the shortest version of cricket but I can’t move away from the television. My conversion to the IPL, and later the CPL and the Big Bash, started a year ago. It was then that I watched the T20’s seriously.

The glitz and glamor and the thrilling finishes left me spellbound. The four hour entertainment also filled stadiums and brought in much needed cash to the game. But the T20’s have had its critics, and from the senior ranks of the game. Clive Lloyd thinks that it erodes the skills that are needed for Test cricket while Michael Holding wouldn’t be seen near a T20 game. He says that it’s not cricket. Viv Richards, on the other hand, is on the staff of the Pakistan League and retired players from Australia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa can be found in the IPL.

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Guyana’s 53rd Independence Anniversary: Flag Raising Ceremony – Toronto – May 24, 2019

Queens Literary Festival 2019: Poetry Slam & Spoken Word – NY – June 29, 2019

Alliance of Guyanese Canadian Organizations – Interfaith Church Service – Toronto – May 26, 2019

Download: AGCO – Interfaith Church Service – Torono – 26 May 2019

The Protectors of the Rights of the Indians under Indentureship in British Guiana

By Harry Hergash  –  May 6, 2019 – In In The Diaspora

Harry Hergash, a graduate of the University of Guyana, taught at the Annandale Government Secondary from 1964 to 1969. He immigrated to Canada in 1974.

Between 1838 and 1917, Indians were recruited and brought to Guyana, then a British colony called British Guiana, under the Indentureship system to provide manual labour on the sugar plantations, almost all in the hands of British and Scottish owners. Under this system, an overseas worker was hired under contract which bound the worker to a specific plantation for a fixed period of time under stated terms and conditions, including a fixed wage rate and paid return passage.

Indians were not the first or only group of labourers recruited under this arrangement. However, most of the non-Indian immigrants withdrew from the plantations soon after their introduction, and by the early 1850s, India became the primary source. According to one report from the 1924 British Empire Wembley Exhibition, of the 343,019 immigrants recruited between 1835 and 1921, India provided 239,979.          Continue reading

Linden Fund USA: 20th Anniversary Dinner Dance – Queen’s Village. NY – August 10, 2019

Dear members and friends,                        
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U.S. must cultivate Central America or lose out to China – Panama president-elect

Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo

PANAMA CITY,  (Reuters) – Panama’s president-elect, Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo, said the United States should pay more attention to Central America or risk losing ground to China, which has won diplomatic support and increased its investment in the region in recent years.

Cortizo, of the center-left Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), won Sunday’s unexpectedly close presidential election with 33 percent of the vote and a 2 point gap over his nearest rival, the electoral tribunal said.

The U.S.-educated former agriculture minister and businessman said that if the United States neglected a region it has long considered its backyard, it was inviting China to fill the gap.          Continue reading

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